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WWE Worlds Collide Episode 2 Results: Cruiserweights Collide

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The 04/17/19 edition of WWE Worlds Collide, out of Brooklyn Pier 12 in Brooklyn, New York, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #2 of Worlds Collide by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Tyler Bate vs. The Brian Kendrick

This one started slow, both guys were very evenly matched early on.

Things quickly got very… house showish? The fans were having fun, so these two decided to play along with it.

Tyler Bate went for an eye poke, but Brian Kendrick made a shark fin-like hand gesture, blocking the poke. Kendrick then poked Bate in the eye, which got a nice pop.

Kendrick tried to start a “USA” chant, but the fans chanted “UK” instead. Pretty funny.

Bate landed a standing Shooting Star Press, but only got a two count out of it. He followed that up with a jab and an airplane spin, which sent both guys to the floor due to dizziness.

Back in the ring, Bate landed the Tyler Driver 97 to get the win.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster vs. Ariya Daivari and Mike Kanellis

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster were rolling early… until Ariya Daivari cheap-shotted Webster to turn the match around.

Andrews got the hot tag and things sped up quickly. He nailed Mike Kanellis with a standing moonsault, which got a two count.

Both Andrews and Webster hit suicide dives to the floor. Back in the ring, Kanellis went to superkick Andrews but hit Daivari instead.

A Stundog Millionaire and Swanton Bomb ended this one soon after.

Winner: Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

Albert Hardie Jr. vs. Ligero vs. Gran Metalik

Albert Hardie Jr. was the star of the show here. Before the match began, he put on an invisible mask, which made us (and the crowd) pop huge.

This was, as expected, filled with a ton of fast-paced action. Too much to recap, in fact. Go out of your way to watch this show, or at least this match, because it’s quite good.

AHJ had a tight grip on Ligero when Gran Metalik came in and kicked his head off, which was a fun spot. Metalik then hit the Metalik Driver, but Ligero broke up the pinfall attempt.

AHJ landed a Flash Kick to take out Metalik, but Ligero quickly landed a Tornado DDT on AHJ, winning the match via pinfall.

Winner: Ligero

Jordan Devlin vs. Akira Tozawa

Things went to the floor early on, where Jordan Devlin sent Akira Tozawa into the barricade HARD. Back in the ring, he landed a backbreaker, which got a near fall.

Devlin hit his Uranage/standing moonsault, but again, only got a two count out of it. Tozawa followed that up with dropkick off the top rope, earning him a two count of his own.

A striking exchange ended with both guys on the ground. Tozawa got up first and hit a snap German Suplex on Devlin, but it wasn’t enough. He went for the top rope senton, but Devlin got his knees up, and it was over from there.

Devlin got the win via a NASTY Saito Suplex. Seriously, that move is awesome and his version of it looks incredible.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

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