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WWE Survivor Series 2019: Match Results, Review, and Analysis

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WWE Survivor Series 2019, out of the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about Survivor Series by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Tag Team Battle Royal

Pre-Show Match

In the midst of the opening chaos, Steve Cutler was eliminated, as well as Lince Dorado and Curt Hawkins, taking The Forgotten Sons, Lucha House Party, and Hawkins and Ryder out of the match.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler worked together to take out Imperium and Otis/Heavy Machinery were the next to go. In the “battle royal spot” of the evening, Fandango caught Tyler Breeze in mid-air, preventing their elimination momentarily, but Breezango was soon taken out by The Revival.

The Street Profits got the better of The Revival, and once The OC was eliminated, it was down to Ziggler/Roode and Ford/Dawkins. Montez Ford took a step toward victory for his team with a splash but Robert Roode eliminated him afterward, taking the win for Roode/Ziggler.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (SmackDown)

Lio Rush (c) vs. Kalisto vs. Akira Tozawa

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

To start the match, Kalisto convinced Akira Tozawa that it would be in both of their best interests to work together to take down Lio Rush, but it wasn’t long before Akira attempted a roll-up on Kalisto, putting an end to their brief alliance.

Kalisto dominated both Akira and Rush until Akira sent him straight into Lio’s boot. Lio Rush hit a handspring elbow on both of his opponents, to which Akira responded by gaining a near fall with a running kick.

A nail-biting Spanish Fly from the top rope left all three men laid out, but Lio Rush was the first to his feet, hitting Akira and Kalisto with chops that kicked off a striking exchange.

Akira Tozawa came close to victory with a bridging suplex on Lio Rush, but Kalisto used Akira as a springboard, leaping over him and taking the pin for himself. Lio powered out of the pin and caught a Solida del Sol, falling victim to another pin from Kalisto, but Akira got revenge on Kalisto, breaking the pin.

Lio was pinned by Akira Tozawa, and Kalisto broke it up, launching into a brawl with Lio before hitting another Salida del Sol, this time on Akira. Unfortunately for the Lucha House Party leader, he was too exhausted to make the pin and Lio Rush capitalized, hitting him with his Final Hour frog splash and taking the win for himself.

Winner: Lio Rush (NXT)

The New Day vs. The Undisputed Era vs. The Viking Raiders

Pre-Show Match

Big E, Kyle O’Reilly, and Ivar kicked off the action for their teams, Kyle O’Reilly being forced to make the quick tag when Ivar and Big E flattened him the moment the match began.

Bobby Fish had no better luck, so Kyle took a second shot at his titanic opponents, but it came down to a brawl between Big E and Ivar, as Kyle still couldn’t break into the action.

Kyle and Bobby allowed E and Ivar to fight for a moment or two before jumping back in, but Kyle was met with a knee to the face from Erik and Bobby was taken out when he tried to save him.

It was all New Day from here, Big E and Kofi Kingston working together to wear down both The Era and The Vikings. In Undisputed fashion, Kyle and Bobby again waited it out, looking for the perfect opportunity to get back in the ring, hoping to steal the win, but the triple threat stipulation prevented this tactic from being very effective.

A brawl broke out at ringside, which The Viking Raiders put a stop to when Erik threw Ivar onto the other two teams. Undisputed Era came back with double team maneuvers on Erik, zeroing in on the behemoth’s leg in an effort to overcome the size advantage.

Erik fought them off by suplexing Bobby into Kyle, tagging Ivar into the match to catch his breath, who beat down both members of The Era. Kofi Kingston took Erik out with a double stomp before Big E tagged in, suplexing everyone in sight.

E prepared for a double stomp from Kofi by putting Erik on his shoulders, and though the Viking was able to escape with the help of his partner, Big E was soon spearing him to the floor.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly came back into the action by zeroing in on Big E and Kofi Kingston at ringside, which The Viking Raiders watched intently from inside the ropes.

After disposing of The New Day with a High/Low, The Era put their full attention on The Raiders, but it wasn’t enough. Ivar connected with a handspring elbow before working with Erik to hit a Viking Experience on Bobby and take the win.

Winner: The Viking Raiders (Raw)

5-on-5-on-5 Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team SmackDown vs. Team Raw vs. Team NXT

Team Raw: Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Kairi Sane, Natalya, and Sarah Logan

Team SmackDown: Sasha Banks, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, and Nikki Cross

Team NXT: Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belar, Candice LeRae, Io Shirai, and Toni Storm

As expected, this match began with chaos, and after an intense showdown between the brands, NXT took a big hit when Io Shirai and Candice LeRae, two competitors in last night’s WarGames match, were escorted from ringside, apparently not well enough to continue.

This left Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm, and Bianca Belair at an obvious disadvantage, but it didn’t seem to matter, as NXT soon took the lead when Bianca Belair eliminated both Nikki Cross and Sarah Logan.

Carmella thought she would gain an elimination for her team by taking out Charlotte Flair or Bianca Belair, it didn’t matter which, but was eliminated herself with a Natural Selection from Charlotte Flair when she was unable to put either away.

Soon after, Kairi Sane lept from the top rope, slamming Toni Storm with her Insane Elbow, but it wasn’t enough and Sane herself was taken out by a Meteora from Sasha Banks.

And then the match took a turn we did not expect. Asuka turned on her partner, Charlotte, spraying green mist in the face of The Queen and forfeiting the match, leaving a disoriented Charlotte to fall victim to a Woman’s Right from Lacey Evans.

The Southern Belle was taken out by Natalya, who worked together with Sasha Banks to eliminate both Toni Storm and Bianca Belair, knowing they were the only competitors left from Raw and SmackDown, respectively.

Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Rhea Ripley now the only women left, Banks caught Natalya off guard, eliminating The Queen of Harts just when she thought she had an ally.

This left Sasha and Rhea, but it wasn’t long before Io Shirai and Candice LeRae sprinted back down to the ring, breaking a Banks Statement and bringing NXT the victory with a dropkick from Shirai and a Riptide from Rhea.

Winner: Rhea Ripley (NXT)

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Roderick Strong vs. AJ Styles

Shinsuke Nakamura came into this match guns blazing, taking out Roderick Strong before focusing on AJ Styles, who took several strikes from Shinsuke before shoving him into the corner, but Roderick Strong was right behind him, throwing strikes before dropping Styles with a backbreaker.

Shinsuke Nakamura rolled out while Roderick Strong continued to tear Styles apart, but could not escape, as Roddy hit him in the face boots first. Back in the ring, Shinsuke took control, keeping Roderick out of the ring as he rained down strikes on Styles in the corner.

Once Shinsuke had beaten Styles down to the point that he was forced to roll out of the ring, Roderick Strong lept back in, dropping Shinsuke chest-first onto his knees before trapping him in a submission hold. AJ Styles broke the submission before Shinsuke could tap, locking Roddy in a sleeper hold as he did.

Roderick Strong eventually broke free, hitting Shinsuke with another backbreaker between forearms to AJ Styles. Styles fought back with forearms of his own to both Strong and Nakamura, and though he evaded a series of attacks from Strong, he ran straight into Nakamura, who leveled him before throwing a knee strike in the face of Strong.

With Roderick Strong laid out on the edge of the ring, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura struggled one-on-one, Styles doing his best to put Nakamura away while the odds were in his favor, but Strong recovered just in time to kick Styles in the head and prevent a Styles Clash.

A powerbomb from Strong gained him a near fall, but it wasn’t enough to put Styles away. Roddy pushed Styles to the top rope looking for a superplex, which Shinsuke tried to transition into a tower of doom but failed. He soon got the attack he was looking for, however, in the form of a dropkick off the top rope into the face of Roderick Strong, who was on Styles’ shoulders.

Sami Zayn lent a hand to Shinsuke, pulling Styles away from him during a pin, which Shinsuke took advantage of by hitting Roderick with a GTS, but Styles sprang back into action just in time to prevent the pin.

With a Kinshasa to Roderick Strong, Shinsuke Nakamura came milliseconds from victory, but AJ Styles broke the pin. Strong rolled out, leaving Styles and Nakamura in a face-off that ended with a rapid strike exchange and a pele kick from Styles.

Shinsuke lept from the top rope, kicking Styles in the face before slamming the Phenomenal One to the mat. Nakamura powered up for the Kinshasa and Styles caught him, preparing for the Styles Clash, but Nakamura broke free. Styles connected with a Phenomenal Forearm, pinning Nakamura, but Roderick Strong jumped into the ring, threw Styles to the floor, and took the pin and the win for NXT.

Winner: Roderick Strong (NXT)

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Adam Cole (c) vs. Pete Dunne

NXT Championship Match

With both men worn down before the match ever began thanks to last night’s WarGames event, Pete Dunne tried to get the early advantage by using joint manipulation on Adam Cole’s already injured hand.

And before the champion could even attempt a comeback, Dunne was smashing his hand between his boot and the steel steps at ringside. Back in the ring, Cole began to pick up steam with a series of strikes, focusing on Pete’s bandaged knee before hitting a neckbreaker for good measure.

Pete Dunne fired back with an x-plex, gaining a near fall with a powerbomb before moonsaulting onto Cole on the floor. Cole kicked out of the proceeding pin and when Dunne went for a second, he got his knees up, firing off a Last Shot in hopes of taking the win but Pete powered out.

Determined to defeat the champion, Pete Dunne went for a Bitter End which Cole transitioned into a brainbuster, rolling Dunne up for a near fall shortly thereafter. A second Bitter End attempt connected but wasn’t enough to put Adam Cole away.

Another brutal exchange between the two ended with Adam Cole’s signature (and absolutely vicious) mid-air superkick to Dunne’s face, but it only gained him a near fall.

At this point, both Dunne and Cole were exhausted from the match, as well as being injured from WarGames, and began to lose strength, unable to follow through with their moves. That is until, in an act of desperation, Adam Cole sent Dunne crashing into the apron with a Panama Sunrise.

Dunne came very close to losing via countout here, but his desperation gave him the power to carry on, and he got back in the ring, setting up for a Bitter End after breaking Cole’s fingers. Adam Cole saw it coming, however, countering with a piledriver immediately followed by a Last Shot to take the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

The Fiend (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Universal Championship Match

Knowing the task ahead of him, Daniel Bryan ran at The Fiend with the opening bell, but The Fiend merely brushed it off, rag dolling Bryan both inside the ring and out.

The Fiend held complete control of the match until the action spilled to ringside, where Bryan went for a dive, but was caught in mid-air, where The Fiend prepared for a Sister Abigail. Bryan escaped, hitting The Fiend with a knee strike, a dive, and dropkick in quick succession, looking to overwhelm his opponent.

Daniel Bryan threw everything he had at The Fiend from dropkicks to Yes kicks but nothing even came close to putting him away. In fact, instead of appearing injured, The Fiend seemed to be enjoying Bryan’s efforts, challenging him to continue.

Bryan finally gained a near fall with his running knee attack, but two Mandible Claws ultimately kept the challenger down for good.

Winner: The Fiend

Men’s 5-on-5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team Raw vs. Team NXT vs. Team SmackDown

Team Raw: Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Ricochet

Team SmackDown: Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, Mustafa Ali, and Shorty G

Team NXT: Tommaso Ciampa, Damian Priest, Matt Riddle, WALTER, and Keith Lee

Seth Rollins took the initiative to start the match for Team Raw, but put against Braun Strowman, quickly gave the ring Drew McIntyre. This led to a showdown between McIntyre, WALTER, and Braun Strowman, who, of course, collided in a test of strength via the most vicious chops they could muster.

WALTER looked fantastic against McIntyre and Strowman and was gaining momentum, but an unexpected Claymore Kick took the NXT UK Champion out of action. A set of smaller guys took over from here, and after an exciting sequence, a frog splash from Kevin Owens eliminated Shorty G.

The tension between Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns rose as Baron tagged himself into the match, but Baron’s received instant karma in the form of a smackdown from Kevin Owens, who was ultimately eliminated by Tommaso Ciampa (the blackheart’s alliance with Owens at WarGames clearly only took Owens so far with the former champ).

Ciampa then turned his attention on Randy Orton, tagging Damian Priest into the match when he failed to bring The Viper down. But, to Tommaso’s dismay, Priest had even less luck than he did, catching two RKOs that took him out of the match.

To avenge his partner, Matt Riddle lept into action, taking Orton down with a roll-up, but Randy didn’t go quietly, coming back with an RKO before leaving the ring that set baron Corbin up for an easy elimination.

Braun Strowman took to the ring next, and then to ringside for his run around the ropes, which was brought to a halt via a crossbody from Keith Lee. Keith Lee got back in the ring, but Braun Strowman was hit with a Claymore from McIntyre and, therefore, did not make it back before the count and was eliminated.

Ricochet went out next thanks to an End of Days from Baron Corbin, at which point Mustafa Ali tagged into the match, but his own teammate, King Corbin, began arguing with him at ringside, leading him to fall victim to a Curb Stomp from Rollins that took him out of the match.

Incensed by what Corbin had done, Roman Reigns flew into the ring, taking Drew McIntyre down with a spear before hitting Baron Corbin (also on Team SmackDown) with one as well, inviting Tommaso Ciampa to eliminate him.

This left Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Tommaso Ciampa, and Keith Lee in the match, giving NXT the numbers advantage. That is until a Superman Punch from Roman Reigns followed by a Curb Stomp from Seth Rollins took him out (after Reigns and Rollins attempted a Shield Bomb to Ciampa on the announce table that was derailed by Keith Lee).

Seth Rollins nearly eliminated Keith with a frog splash, but it was Lee who would take Rollins down in the end with a Jackhammer.

Roman Reigns fired off two Superman Punches that didn’t quite keep Keith Lee down, and it looked as though Keith might take the win when he caught Reigns mid-spear for a Spirit Bomb, but Reigns dodged the moonsault that followed, hitting a final spear and taking the win for SmackDown.

Winner: Roman Reigns (SmackDown)

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

No Holds Barred WWE Championship Match

Rey Mysterio wasted no time rolling out of the ring, grabbing the pipe from behind the apron and preparing to beat Lesnar down with it, as promised. Brock Lesnar jumped out as well, avoiding the attack and, not bothering to take the pipe from Mysterio’s hand, rag-dolled the luchador before tossing him outside of the ring.

The Beast followed his prey, launching Rey over the announce table and into the chairs and barricade behind it before suplexing him into the piece of wood and plastic that once covered the desk.

Brock got too confident here, taking a moment to retie his shoe, which gave Rey the opening he was looking for and he shoved Brock into the ring post before jumping in the ring to grab his pipe. The Beast caught up to him, however, suplexing Rey into his own weapon.

Lesnar threw Mysterio in suplex after suplex until Rey’s son Dominik ran toward the ring, waving a white towel, seemingly begging Brock to relent. While Brock was distracted, Rey Mysterio low blow’d him from behind and Dominik followed, Dominik hit him with a chair, then father and son 619’d The Beast together before landing double frog splashes.

Both Rey and Dominik jumped on top of Lesnar, hoping their combined weight would be enough to keep him down, but it proved ineffective. Brock Lesnar powered out beneath both of them, taking Dominik down before catching Rey Mysterio mid-frog splash with an F5 and winning the match.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Becky Lynch vs. Bayley vs. Shayna Baszler

The three women took their time getting into the action, staring each other down before locking up, each planning her attack in her mind. Becky and Shayna nearly started out one-on-one, but Bayley shoved Becky into Shayna, and the opening exchange became Bayley vs. Shayna.

Bayley and Shayna brawled outside of the ring, giving Becky the perfect opportunity to dive onto both of them, throwing Bayley into the ring afterward to continue the attack.

The SmackDown champion started to pick up steam and Shayna tried to interfere but was thrown out as she jumped in, leaving Bayley to launch one more attack on Becky before Shayna came back in.

After Shayna sent Becky outside of the ring, she turned on Bayley, who feigned fright before attacking Shayna. This was not as effective as she had hoped, however, as Shayna was still the one to gain the upper hand, beating Bayley down then throwing her into the corner, just in time for Becky to return to the ring.

This time it was Shayna’s turn to be thrown from the ring, and Bayley unleashed her aggressive side on The Man, tossing her around before smashing her face into the mat repeatedly. Shayna tried to involve herself but was again thrown out without doing any damage.

Bayley toyed with Becky Lynch at this point, systematically breaking her down while grinning at the Chicago crowd. With a DDT to both Becky and Shayna, Bayley hoped to continue to hold control of the match, but Becky recovered quickly, taking the upper hand with a double DDT of her own.

Becky gained a near fall, but Shayna broke the pin. As Bayley was throwing Shayna out of the ring, Becky tried to take advantage with a Dis-Arm-Her, but Shayna was back and breaking the hold before Bayley tapped.

A Bayley to Belly Suplex from Bayley to Shayna scored a near fall for SmackDown, but Shayna powered out, firing back at Bayley with a barrage of strikes followed by a suplex. Shayna lifted Bayley into the air for an attack, but Becky Lynch came flying from the top ropes to prevent it.

Bayley rolled out of the ring, leaving Baszler and Lynch alone to punch each other in the face until Bayley came back with a crossbody. Shayna and Bayley brawled to the top rope, where Bayley shoved Shayna to the mat. Becky tried to attack Bayley from behind, but Bayley wasn’t fazed, coming back at Becky with a kick from the apron, which Shayna stopped with a Kirafuda Clutch.

Bayley broke free and it was Becky’s turn to take a Kirafuda Clutch. The Huggable One threw Shayna off the first time, but Shayna simply locked in another. Bayley broke the hold again, and this time, Shayna flattened her outside of the ring before going after Becky, flinging her into the steel steps.

With Bayley still laid out, Shayna threw Becky into the announce table, but at this point, Bayley had recovered. Shayna and Bayley fought into the ring, Shayna catching her in a Kirafuda Clutch. Bayley climbed the ropes for her elbow drop, but Shayna snatched her out of the air with another Kirafuda Clutch, this time tapping the SmackDown Champ out and winning the match.

Shayna’s win meant that NXT handily defeated Raw and SmackDown 4-1-2.

But Becky Lynch wasn’t going down that easily and attacked Shayna Baszler post-match, putting Shayna through the announce table to end the show.

Winner: Shayna Baszler (NXT)

Survivor Series 2019 Results

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