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WWE Survivor Series 2018: Match Results, Review, and Analysis

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WWE Survivor Series 2018, out of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Survivor Series 2018 results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about Survivor Series 2018 by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Team SmackDown Live vs. Team Raw

Kickoff Show: Traditional Survivor Series 10-on-10 Tag Team Match


Being part of the SmackDown team, The New Day obviously had to come out first and introduce the rest of the blue squad. The Raw team then made their entrances (sans electrifying introductions), and the action started with Kalisto vs Epico.

A Shatter Machine at the hands of The Revival took care of The Colóns. Shortly after, The Club eliminated The B-Team. SAnitY went to work against Gable and Roode but were eliminated with a Roode Awakening. Konnor of Ascension tried his luck against Big E but was literally spanked and then his partner, Viktor, was taken out of the match with a splash.

Lince Dorado was nearly eliminated with a Magic Killer, but broke free and shifted the action in favor of his team, so much so that The Club were eventually eliminated by Gran Metalik (who subbed in for Kalisto after he sustained a “knee injury”). LHP attempted to continue the streak but were taken out by The Usos.

The Revival did everything they could to bring down The New Day but were unable to finish the job, so Gable and Roode picked up where they left off. The New Day eliminated Gable and Roode with the UpUpDownDown, then set their sights on the final Raw team standing, The Revival. Xavier Woods took the elimination for his team after a Shatter Machine, and we were left with The Revival vs. The Usos.

The Revival put up quite a fight against The Usos, but the Smackdown Captains took the victory in the end via an Uso Splash. Although a bit sloppy at times, this was fun to watch, especially considering it’s never easy to successfully pull off a 20-man match.

Winner: Team SmackDown Live


Team SmackDown Live vs. Team Raw

Women’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Match


During the pre-show, Ruby Riott and Natalya just couldn’t put their differences aside and were taken off the Raw team as punishment. Bayley and Sasha Banks were given their spots and the five women vowed to demolish Team SmackDown Live. Additionally, the final member of Team SmackDown Live was announced to be Mandy Rose (to R-Truth’s dismay, who volunteered for the position but was turned away).

Tamina and Naomi went first, but it was mere moments before all ten women were brawling in the ring. The referee managed to get things under control just in time for Tamina to eliminate Naomi. Carmella took advantage of Tamina’s guard being down and took her out when she wasn’t looking. After a quick dance break, Mella sent Mandy Rose in to face Nia Jax and, surprisingly, Rose was able to run Jax out of the ring.

Asuka wore Mickie James down, then tagged in Sonya Deville to finish her off, but Mandy Rose stole the elimination for herself. Bayley took Carmella out with a Bayley-to-Belly, then Sasha Banks eliminated Mandy Rose. Sonya Deville nearly eliminated Bayley but was interrupted by Nia Jax. Bayley and Sonya Deville continued to go one-on-one but were both counted out when their brawl outside the ring went a little too long.

The Empress was then left to face Sasha Banks and Nia Jax alone. With the full support of the crowd behind her, Asuka eliminated Banks with an Asuka Lock (receiving a little help from Nia Jax to get there). Fresh off of stabbing her teammate in the back, Nia Jax took the victory for Team Raw with a Samoan Drop.

Another entertaining match with WWE giving fans exactly what they didn’t want (and no doubt loving every minute of it, Nia Jax is officially the biggest heel in the company).

Winner: Team Raw


Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Champion vs. Champion Match


Nakamura and Rollins took their time getting the action started, each man trying to get a feel for the other before diving in. Rollins became comfortable fairly quickly, however, taunting Nakamura with his own moves. Nakamura made him pay for it with several blows to the head and even went for a pin, but was only able to keep Rollins down for a count of two.

Rollins eventually turned it around with a flurry of jabs followed by no less than three dives to the floor. Despite the momentum he had built, Rollins struggled to fully gain control of the match. Even after a superplex followed by a Falcon Arrow from Rollins, Nakamura continued to batter the Kingslayer. Nakamura went for the Kinshasa, but Rollins evaded the attack and won the match by the skin of his teeth with a Curbstomp.

Winner: Seth Rollins


AOP vs. The Bar

Champions vs. Champions Match


AoP ruled NXT, but haven’t had much of a chance to show off since their main roster debut, making this match against The Bar particularly exciting. The Bar did precisely what we had hoped and gave AOP more of a fight than we’ve seen them get thus far, but that didn’t stop Akam and Rezar from brutalizing Cesaro for much of the match. Sheamus got the hot tag and worked to move the needle back in the direction of The Bar and even had Akam pinned, but Drake Maverick intervened, placing his client’s foot on the rope and saving him from defeat.

The Big Show did not appreciate the interference and grabbed Maverick by his neck, causing the AoP manager to soil himself. Show clearly meant to help The Bar but instead distracted Sheamus, allowing AOP to defeat him with their powerbomb/neckbreaker combo.

Winner: AoP


Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Mustafa Ali

Cruiserweight Championship Match


These two wasted none of the time they were given, going straight for the hardest hitting action possible. Mustafa Ali crashed into Murphy with a dive to the floor and Murphy came back with a vengeance, ruthlessly pummeling Ali, including throwing him to the floor not once, but twice.

Mustafa Ali hit a vicious DDT on Murphy and got a near fall, but when he attempted to follow it up with an 054, Murphy shoved him from the ropes, onto the floor. From there, the action spilled out of the ring, where Ali continued his attempts to bring down the champ. Murphy positively brutalized Ali, but the heart of 205 Live refused to give up. With a sickening knee to the head followed by Murphy’s Law, however, Buddy Murphy finally retained his Cruiserweight Championship.

This match was everything we’ve come to expect from 205 Live; these guys put their heart and souls into their work and always leave us wanting more.

Winner: Buddy Murphy


Team SmackDown Live vs. Team Raw

5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Match


Team Raw struggled to agree who would start the match, both Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman determined to go first. Samoa Joe took advantage of the chaos and grabbed McIntyre in the Coquina Clutch, but Drew escaped and hit Joe with a Claymore, scoring the first elimination.

The dissension grew between Strowman and McIntyre until a brawl broke out between all remaining members of both teams. All four members of Team SmackDown Live went to work on Braun Strowman, leading up to an elbow drop through the announce table from Shane McMahon. This bold move didn’t actually lead anywhere, however, as both McMahon and Strowman remained in the match.

McIntyre continued to torment his teammates until Finn Bálor gave him a Pele kick to the head, momentarily taking him out of action. Knowing that he was now a one-man army, Finn Bálor tried to defeat the entire SmackDown team by himself, and even did quite a bit of damage, but was eventually taken out by a 619 from Rey Mysterio.

Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb on Ziggler but got Ziggler’s knees to his back. Luckily for Shane, this wore Ziggler down enough that when The Miz tagged him in to hit the Coast to Coast, he was able to eliminate The Show-Off. Shane went for a second Coast-to-Coast, this time on Bobby Lashley, but was swiped out of the air by Braun Strowman.

Strowman then took out Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio, and turned toward a terrified Miz, eliminating him as well. Left alone against Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, and Bobby Lashley, Shane McMahon gathered all the strength he had left and took a powerslam by Strowman like a champ. Although SmackDown got crushed, they somehow managed to give every man involved a chance to shine, and put on a fantastic 5-on-5 match.

Post-match, Baron Corbin attacked Braun Strowman, firing the first shot in the inevitable war about to take place between them.

Winner: Team Raw


Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey

Champion vs. Champion Match


Charlotte Flair set the tone for the match the moment it started by punching Rousey square in the face. These ladies destroyed each other in what was by far the most aggressive match we saw all night. Flair took the job entrusted to her by Becky Lynch very seriously, refusing to give Rousey even a second to breathe. Charlotte again hit Ronda in the face, this time with her elbow, busting Ronda’s mouth open.

With blood pouring from her lips, Ronda did her best to escape The Queen’s attacks, but it appeared that Rousey had finally met her match. Rousey thought she had Charlotte cornered at one point but was speared to hell as she celebrated.

In fact, every time Rousey seemed to think she had a leg up, Flair slung her back down to reality. Ronda fought to lock in an armbar but Charlotte rolled out of the ring. And then Charlotte snapped, causing a disqualification by repeatedly smashing a kendo stick into Ronda so hard that it shattered. Charlotte brought a chair into the ring but the referee shooed her away before any contact was made. The Queen wasn’t finished, however, and ran back in, smashed Ronda’s head into the steel chair with a Natural Selection, bulldozed through the officials that had come down to stop her, and crushed Rousey’s neck in the hinges.

Beaten black and blue, Ronda Rousey tearfully made her way back up the ramp but walked on her own two feet. If anyone previously had any doubt, it is now undeniable that we are in the middle of a history-making feud.

Winner: Ronda Rousey (via disqualification)


Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar

Champion vs. Champion Match


Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman, started the mind games early, icing Bryan for what felt like ages, taking their sweet time coming to the ring. Bryan appeared unfazed, however, and smugly waited by the announce table with his championship in hand.

The moment the bell rang, Bryan charged at Lesnar, kicking him in the shin before rolling out of the ring. He continued to mock The Beast until Lesnar suplexed him across the ring, taking the WWE Champion out of commission. He didn’t stop there, however, and suplexed Bryan several more times for good measure before holding him a bearhug while the referee asked if Bryan was ready to quit.

When Lesnar felt that he had done enough, he held Bryan down for the pin, but then lifted Bryan’s head up before the referee counted to three so he continue to beating. After an errant F5 took out the referee, Bryan hit Lesnar with a low blow, then a running knee. At this point, things really started to go downhill for Lesnar as Bryan picked up steam with blow after blow to the face of The Beast.

Enraged, Brock Lesnar threw Bryan into the ring post, then tried to hit him with the steel stairs, but hit himself in the head instead. Back in the ring, Bryan threw yet another running knee, but it wasn’t enough to keep Lesnar down. Bryan hooked a Yes Lock, which Lesnar escaped, only to be trapped in another one. Lesnar powered out again, then hit a final F5 before keeping Bryan down for good. Lesnar may have taken the victory, but Bryan grinned from the mat as he and Heyman walked away.

As WWE is apparently not counting the pre-show on the scoreboard, this means Raw obtained a clean sweep against SmackDown.

Winner: Brock Lesnar 


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