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WWE SmackDown Results: November 15 2019

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The November 15 2019 edition of SmackDown, out of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1056 of SmackDown by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

King Corbin Has a Message

Carried by a few of his loyal subjects, King Baron Corbin joined Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode in the ring to discuss the upcoming Survivor Series event. He said that, as King, he has decided that SmackDown is no longer Roman Reigns’ yard, it’s his Kingdom.

And because it’s his Kingdom, he will make any decision he sees fit, making himself the Captain of Team SmackDown. He, Ziggler, and Roode then revealed that they were less than pleased with the presence of Shorty G and Mustafa Ali, who were clearly dragging the team down and taking up two spots that should belong to Dolph and Robert.

To correct this mistake, Ziggler and Roode would be taking on Ali and Gable to determine who truly deserved to represent the blue squad at Survivor Series. But because he’s a team player, Baron Corbin invited the big dog to watch the match with them.

And a dog did appear, but it was a mascot in a Roman Reigns vest instead of the genuine article.

Mustafa Ali and Shorty G vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

Winners Join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series

Chad Gable got the early advantage for his team, besting both Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler before giving the ring to Mustafa Ali, who picked up right where his partner left off. And as soon as Ziggler thought he had found an opening, he was flattened with an X-Factor.

Realizing that he wouldn’t be able to overcome Ali alone, Ziggler forced him into the corner, allowing him and Robert Roode to double team their opponent. At this point, the real Roman Reigns made his entrance, making a beeline for Baron Corbin.

Back from commercial, Roman Reigns stood at ringside, watching Baron Corbin closely to ensure that he didn’t interfere on behalf of Ziggler and Roode, but allowing Gable and Ali to handle their challengers on their own.

Dolph Ziggler began to pick up steam with a Famouser, attempting to follow up with a superkick when this wasn’t enough to keep Ali down, but Ali saw it coming, striking Ziggler with one of his own.

Ziggler escaped to his corner just as Mustafa tagged Shorty G into the match, who leveled Ziggler with a moonsault. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler managed to connect with their spinebuster/ZigZag combo, but Ali broke the pin before they could capture the win.

Chad Gable recovered quickly, responding with an ankle lock, which Robert Roode freed his partner from before he tapped out. Baron Corbin considered involving himself in the action but was hit with a dropkick from Roman Reigns before he could assist Ziggler and Roode.

This led to a brawl at ringside, with Mustafa Ali hitting an incredible dive to the outside onto Robert Roode while Roman Reigns smashed Baron Corbin with a spear.

When the chaos subsided, Shorty G and Mustafa Ali won the match with a suplex/450 combo on Dolph Ziggler, celebrating with their future Survivor Series teammate, Roman Reigns.

Winner: Mustafa Ali and Shorty G

Bray Wyatt Unveils the New Title

As The Fiend, and therefore Bray Wyatt, is now the Universal Champion, an update to the title was needed. But Bray took it a step further, unveiling a completely new belt rather than simply changing the side plates, which can be seen in the image above.

Braun Strowman Hates Powerpoints

Flanked by The B Team, Drew Gulak provided a compelling argument as to why he should be on Team SmackDown instead of Braun Strowman in powerpoint form. The powerpoint turned out to be an image of Drew Gulak with the words, “Drew Gulak Saves Team SmackDown” above him.

Braun Strowman did not appreciate the disrespect, and despite Gulak and The B Team’s best efforts to triple-team him in the corner, he laid out all three men single-handedly, demonstrating exactly why he is representing SmackDown at Survivor Series.

Sami Zayn’s Recruiting Strategies Fail

Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura approached Daniel Bryan one last time, giving him one last chance to give them an answer as to whether or not he would be joining forces with Zayn, Nakamura, and Cesaro.

Bryan said that he thought long and hard about the opportunity, and had come to the conclusion that he couldn’t join a team that wouldn’t be there for him when he needed it most, referencing Sami Zayn leaving him to face The Fiend alone last week.

The former Planet’s Champ said that he had the perfect fourth man for their team, however – Braun Strowman! Sami said that Braun couldn’t possibly fit in with them because he was all strength and no smarts, and of course, Braun Strowman had been standing behind Sami the entire time and did not look pleased with his comments.

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The New Day (c) vs. The Revival

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Desperate to regain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships and prove themselves the top guys once again, Dawson and Dash took control of the match early, gaining a near fall over Kofi with a suplex.

The former WWE Champion came back with a dropkick, evading The Revival’s attacks, but Dash and Dawson prevented him from tagging Big E into the match, hoping to wear Kofi down.

Back from commercial, Kofi caught Dash Wilder with a suplex, who quickly tagged out. Dawson sprang into action with a neckbreaker, but Kofi Kingston the elbow that followed. Kofi finally reached his corner and Big E came into the match with a series of suplexes, but a double-team attack from The Revival put a stop to his momentum.

Kofi Kingston tagged back in, connecting with a dropkick before diving onto both Dawson and Dash on the outside. From here, however, The Revival took control, gaining a near fall with the DDT they learned from Randy Orton, then throwing Kofi Kingston into a ring post and dropping Big E on the announce table.

Kofi Kingston was able to hit a splash to break up a pin on Big E after a successful Shatter Machine, but neither team would make it any further in the match, as The Undisputed Era chose this moment to invade.

Roderick Strong and Adam Cole attacked Kofi Kingston, causing a disqualification, while Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly jumped in the ring after them. Several members of the SmackDown roster ran down to assist The New Day and The Revival, but Adam Cole and his cohorts made a run for it before suffering the consequences of their actions.

Winner: The New Day (via disqualification)

Heavy Machinery vs. Kip and Kevin

Poor Kip and Kevin didn’t stand a chance against Otis and Tucker, who put on an excellent display of their tag team abilities while wowing the audience with their unique and entertaining brand of offense.

Though Heavy Machinery are not advertised for this year’s Survivor Series event, they continue to ascend the ranks of the SmackDown Tag Division with their catastrophic Compactor.

Winner: Heavy Machinery

Bayley vs. Nikki Cross

If Nikki Cross Wins, She Joins Team SmackDown for Survivor Series

Both to gain a spot on Team SmackDown and to get revenge on Bayley, Nikki Cross took on the SmackDown Women’s Champion in singles competition.

Before Nikki had much of a chance to prove herself, however, Shayna Baszler appeared at ringside, sneering at the SmackDown women as she approached. Bayley tried to escape but was stopped by the rest of the NXT gang, who threw her back over the barricade and toward the NXT Women’s Champion. Seeing her friend in trouble, Sasha Banks attacked Shayna from behind, which caused a massive brawl, as several other SmackDown women ran down to help.

Team SmackDown vs. Team NXT

The NXT invaders, Mia Yim, Dakota Kai, Rhea Ripley, and Tegan Nox took on the team of Carmella, Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross, and Dana Brooke, each looking to get the advantage for their brand heading into Survivor Series.

Nikki Cross did her best to take the upper hand for Team SmackDown at the start of the match, but Team NXT would soon take control over Carmella, cutting the ring in half and preventing her from tagging out.

Carmella eventually escaped, giving the ring to Sasha Banks, who was caught with a roll-up via Tegan Nox before connecting with a knee strike. Rhea Ripley took over for Tegan and had much better luck against The Boss, sending her crashing to the mat with a DDT and a suplex, then taking the opportunity to taunt Banks and the rest of Team SmackDown.

Back from commercial, Nikki Cross was back in action, taking Rhea Ripley down with a crossbody. Ripley tagged Dakota into the match, who gained a near fall over Nikki but chaos ensued shortly after.

In all the confusion, Nikki Cross ended the match with her Purge neckbreaker, but her celebration was cut short by another brawl breaking out between the teams.

Winner: Team SmackDown

Miz TV: Daniel Bryan

The Miz came to the ring, inviting his guest for the evening, Daniel Bryan, to join him. He showed Bryan a clip of The Fiend attacking him, then asked Bryan why he thought he was made a target. Miz continued to verbally poke a silent Daniel until he cracked, informing Miz that Miz TV sucked, which is why he didn’t necessarily feel obligated to participate in the interview.

Daniel continued by saying that Miz and Bray Wyatt are both mentally unstable, which drew out Bray Wyatt himself, who informed Bryan that’s it’s extremely impolite to talk about someone when they aren’t present.

Bray said that the Universal Championship was his new favorite toy, but he would give Bryan a shot at it if he said that magic word. Bryan repeatedly said no while Bray slowly lost his calm demeanor, going red in the face as he screamed yes back.

Daniel Bryan left the ring, but not before a match between himself and The Fiend for the Universal Championship at Survivor Series was made official.

SmackDown (November 15 2019)

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