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WWE SmackDown Results: July 3 2018

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The 07/03/18 episode of WWE SmackDown Live just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results and our overall thoughts on the show for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about this episode of WWE SmackDown by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.


Team Hell No is Back


Renee Young kicked off the show by interviewing the recently reunited Team Hell No. Daniel Bryan said that together, he and Kane were unstoppable. Renee asked Kane why he came back, to which he responded that everyone’s favorite vegan always had a demon watching over him.

Daniel reminded Kane that the last time they were in the ring together, Kane was doing his best to end his career, not to mention that time the demon tried to abduct Bryan’s wife, Brie. They got into the old “no, yes” argument, at which point The Usos came out to welcome the team back to the tag division.

The Usos said that Team Hell No didn’t deserve a title shot at Extreme Rules because they weren’t nearly as good a team as Jimmy and Jey. Daniel said they were wrong, but Kane didn’t seem so sure. Paige came out to settle things by setting a match between Team Hell No and The Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules AND a match against The Usos to take place later in the evening. If The Usos won the match, the tag team title bout at the pay-per-view would become a triple threat.


United States Championship Open Challenge


Backstage, Jeff Hardy cut a promo about the majestic bald eagle, segueing into issuing an open challenge for his United States Championship (in red, white, and blue face paint, of course).

Out in the ring, The Miz answered the call and quickly went to work wearing down the champ. Jeff Hardy wasn’t going to go down without a fight, however, and didn’t allow The A-Lister to keep the upper hand for long. Some fast-paced action and a near-fall or two had the crowd going wild. After the ref caught a sneaky attempt at pinning Hardy with his feet on the ropes, The Miz lost the match to a Swanton Bomb.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


3rd of July Pancake Eating Contest


The New Day unveiled their inaugural pancake eating contest, but just as each man had put down two or three cakes, the lights went out and SAnitY appeared, breaking up the party.

An unsuspecting New Day didn’t stand a chance and were left lying in the ring with their pancakes after the brutal assault.


Asuka vs. James Ellsworth


With the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Carmella, in his corner, James Ellsworth came out to (in his words) prove that even though no women were ready for Asuka, he was no woman and therefore she would not be a problem for him.

Soon after the bell rang, however, Ellsworth took off at a run, jumping the barricade and doing his best to lose Asuka in the crowd. After the 10-count, The Empress chased him back to ringside, but Carmella was waiting and attacked her before she could lay hands on Ellsworth.

Winner: Double Count-Out


Kane Apologizes


Daniel Bryan approached Kane backstage and, with a long list of grievances in hand, demanded an apology before they could move forward as a team. Kane apologized for all the chokeslams and disemboweled squirrels, which Daniel accepted. Team Hell No is officially ready for battle.


AJ Styles vs. Aiden English


AJ Styles came to the ring and grabbed a mic, assuring the WWE Universe that although Rusev was bigger and stronger than him, he was no match for The Phenomenal One. Rusev and Aiden joined in, Rusev promising to break into, and evict AJ from, the house that he built – all on Rusev Day.

After a short bout, Styles locked in the calf crusher, tapping English out. Rusev didn’t appreciate Styles hurting his Aiden and beat him down (weakening his opponent before Extreme Rules didn’t hurt either).

Winner: AJ Styles


Paige Sets a Rematch


SmackDown GM, Paige, confronted Carmella and Ellsworth backstage; she applauded their resourcefulness but was not impressed with Ellsworth’s escape attempt. Ellsworth will have a rematch against Asuka next week, but to eliminate any chance of another count-out, it will be a lumberjack match with the entire women’s division surrounding the ring.


Becky Lynch vs. Peyton Royce


The IIconics were all business for this match, skipping their usual banter and going straight for the action. Unfortunately for Peyton, Becky Lynch overcame the no-nonsense approach and claimed the victory with the Dis-Arm-Her after a few minutes.

Winner: Becky Lynch


Team Hell No vs. The Usos


Team Hell No’s cohesiveness was tested for the first time since their reunion in this match against The Usos. A shot at the tag championships was on the line for The Usos, so they gave this one their all. Jimmy and Jey were laying the smackdown on Bryan when Kane got the hot tag, immediately putting the boots to The Usos. It could’ve gone either way, but Team Hell No pulled out the victory in the end.

As they were celebrating, The Bludgeon Brothers came to the stage to intimidate their soon-to-be opponents to close the show.

Winner: Team Hell No


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