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WWE SmackDown Preview: October 4 2019

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The October 4 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown is taking place later this evening.

The following “quick hits” are advertised to be included in tonight’s show:

1. Kofi Kingston Faces a Beastly Challenge

With Friday Night SmackDown on the horizon, Brock Lesnar appeared on SmackDown Live to remind the WWE Universe, but specifically Kofi Kingston, that he was never too far away.

After challenging Kofi to a WWE Championship Match for the first episode of SmackDown on Fox, The Beast ferociously attacked Kingston, giving him a preview of what awaits him when he steps in the ring tonight.

2. The Rock Comes Home

The Rock is making his long-anticipated return to his namesake show tonight for the premiere of Friday Night SmackDown.

Whether he gets in a verbal showdown with another Superstar or fires a flamethrower at giant letters spelling his name, The Rock’s segment, or segments, are sure to be top-notch entertainment.

3. Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon Compete in a Ladder Match for Their Careers

To settle their dispute once and for all, Kevin Owens challenged Shane McMahon to a ladder match in place of the lawsuit he had previously filed. But not just any ladder match. The stakes had to be raised to not only match the intensity of their feud thus far but also to ensure that after tonight, they would never cross paths again.

Therefore, there will be a briefcase hung above the ring with a contract inside, giving the winner the right to fire his opponent from WWE.

4. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair Take On Boss ‘n’ Hug

The Four Horsewomen have been at war for weeks now and will continue their rivalry tonight on SmackDown when they face off in another tag match with Sasha Banks and Bayley against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

So far, Boss ‘n’ Hug have held the upper hand, mostly due to the fact that they are willing to do whatever’s necessary to come out on top, including cheating and trickery. The Man and The Queen will be out to put a stop to their winning streak and prove who really stands at the top of the Women’s Division mountain.

5. Roman Reigns Battles Erick Rowan

Ahead of teaming up with Daniel Bryan and Luke Harper, respectively, to clash at Hell in a Cell on Sunday, Roman Reigns and Erick Rowan will go one-on-one tonight, each man hoping to gain momentum heading into the weekend.

Erick Rowan has been wreaking havoc on SmackDown ever since turning against his former partner Daniel Bryan, but Roman Reigns was the one to stand tall in their last interaction, so anything can happen in this match.

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How are you feeling about the October 4 2019 edition of SmackDown? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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