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WWE SmackDown Live Results: September 3 2019

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The September 3 2019 edition of SmackDown Live, out of the Norfolk Scope Arena, in Norfolk, Virginia, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown Live results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1046 of SmackDown by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Boss ‘n’ Hug is Back and Badder Than Ever

Bayley opened the show to discuss her surprising actions last night on Raw, specifically, teaming up with Sasha Banks to beat down her teammate for the evening, Becky Lynch. She was trying to rationalize her actions to the audience when Charlotte Flair interrupted.

Charlotte, in usual Flair fashion, cut a promo explaining that, though she doesn’t always take the highest road, she never stabs people in the back. She’s always clear about her intentions, and definitely doesn’t cheapen herself with something as silly as hugs.

Before Charlotte could get very far, Sasha Banks’ music hit, and The Boss sauntered down toward the ring. But before she got there, Charlotte Flair decked Bayley in the face, laying her out.

She then began whaling on Sasha Banks and was mid-punch when Bayley smashed a chair over her back. Bayley and Sasha politely handed the chair back and forth, taking turns bashing The Queen with it, walking away when they felt they had delivered sufficient punishment.

Ali vs. Elias

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals Match

Knowing Ali’s offensive strategy well, Elias worked to ground Ali the moment the match began, and though Ali managed to make a comeback, it was short-lived, as Elias used his size advantage to literally throw Ali around ringside, and into anything he could find.

Back in the ring, Elias continued to grind Ali down, but no matter what he did, Ali came right back for more. And then Ali got some payback, flying out of the ring onto Elias, knocking him straight into the barricade.

After a couple of high-flying maneuvers focused on Elias’ arm, Ali trapped Elias in a cross-face, jerking his arm back while he held the submission. With a massive powerbomb, Elias nearly took the win, but only got a two-count. When Ali kicked out of the pin, Elias transitioned into a submission, but Ali broke free.

Having worn down Ali’s knee, Elias made a target out of it, smashing Ali’s leg into the ring post. Elias tried to dive onto Ali from the top rope, but Ali caught him mid-air with a superkick, climbing the ropes for a 450. Elias rolled out of the way, causing Ali to crash into the mat at full speed.

Elias capitalized on the momentum this built with a Drift Away, keeping Ali down for 3 and advancing in the tournament.

Winner: Elias

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Having had just about enough of Mandy Rose’s sass, Nikki Cross sprung at her the moment the bell rang, raining down strikes on her until Mandy was able to pull Nikki to her corner, where she and Sonya attempted to double-team her.

Unfortunately for Mandy, Nikki Cross cannot be subdued, and after breaking out of their corner, fired off some more strikes before taking both Mandy and Sonya out with a crossbody to the floor.

Back from commercial, Alexa Bliss was laying in strikes on Sonya Deville. She was momentarily overwhelmed by Sonya and Mandy, but Nikki took Mandy out for her, opening her up to hit a DDT on Sonya.

She climbed the ropes to follow up with a Twisted Bliss but took too long watching Mandy and Nikki brawl at ringside, giving Sonya enough time to get her knees up. Alexa landed directly on them, and while she reeled in pain, Mandy jumped back in the ring, hitting a nasty knee strike for the win.

Winner: Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

The Viper Strikes Again

Randy Orton came to the ring and, after recapping their recent encounters, announced that he didn’t feel like waiting until Clash of Champions anymore, so Kofi Kingston should meet him in the ring right then.

New Day’s music hit and Randy Orton stared anxiously at the stage, but Kofi didn’t appear for several moments. When he did, he was being dragged onto the stage by The Revival, pummeling him relentlessly as they went.

They clobbered him all the way to the ring, where Randy Orton was waiting, ready to join in. He stomped on Kofi’s legs and feet repeatedly before demanding Dash and Dawson lift him up so Orton could speak to him face to face.

He said he was going to destroy Kofi at Clash of Champions with an R-K- but before he could finish, Kofi Kingston kicked him in the stomach. Unfazed, Orton and The Revival simply beat him down some more, posed on the ropes, then posed again while standing over Kofi’s limp body.

Andrade vs. Chad Gable

King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match

Poor Chad Gable has been getting picked on for his height by everyone for weeks, including Zelina Vega, who took some time before the bell to tell Chad Gable not to be sad when he lost because there was no shame in losing to the future King.

Fired up by Zelina’s words, Andrade went straight after Gable, trying to get the early advantage. Gable fought him off at first, but lost his grip on the contest when Andrade flung him out of the ring and began rag-dolling him around ringside.

Back from commercial, Chad Gable was working his way back into the competition with a series of strikes, but when he tried to follow up with a superplex, Andrade knocked him down, stomping on his chest while he hung in the ropes.

Andrade hit the Three Amigos, which Chad tried to put a stop to after the second suplex, but Andrade hit the third anyway. Chad got his knees up, blocking the moonsault from Andrade and climbed the ropes, hitting a moonsault of his own, but it wasn’t enough to keep Andrade down.

Chad Gable suplexed Andrade and would have won with that, but Zelina caused a distraction, keeping Andrade in the match. But Gable was determined, snatching Andrade in a roll-up even after catching a brutal elbow to the face that bloodied his mouth.

It turns out all the disrespect Gable’s received recently only powered him onward, because he defeated Andrade and moved on to the semi-finals.

Winner: Chad Gable

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Aleister Black vs. Shelton Benjamin

Tired of waiting around in his dark room for someone to challenge him, Aleister Black made his way to the ring to await a challenger there.

Shelton Benjamin answered the call, and when he came close to catching the Black Mass seconds after the match began, the look on his face made it clear that he was second-guessing his decision.

But Benjamin pulled himself together enough to get in a bit of offense on Black, despite Black connecting with a knee strike early in the match. Benjamin began to think he might have a chance against Black – right up until Black crushed him with the Black Mass, taking the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

24/7 Championship Chaos

Drake Maverick was shown sprinting through the backstage area with his wife, doing his best to avoid the chaos surrounding him, as he held the 24/7 Championship in his hands.

Several Superstars flew at him, and he dodged them left and right, but was finally taken down by Bo Dallas.

Soon after, Drake Maverick won the title back in the ring, but as he made his way up the ramp, he was ambushed by R-Truth, who had been hiding on the King of the Ring set-up, masquerading as a lamp.

R-Truth pinned Maverick and ran off with his precious championship, making him 14-time 24/7 Champion.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. “The Miz”

Shinsuke Nakamura and his newly appointed mouthpiece, Sami Zayn, made their way down to the ring for a match against a local talent, who Zayn named The Miz when he couldn’t be bothered to learn his actual name.

Nakamura decimated this poor man while Sami Zayn gave his (hilarious) commentary at ringside, screaming into the microphone excitedly at his every move.

Unsurprisingly, Shinsuke took the win with his Kinshasa.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Daniel Bryan Comes for His Apology

Despite Rowan seemingly being caught red-handed, Daniel Bryan still maintained his innocence. And because he’s obviously innocent, he still wanted his apology from Roman Reigns. For accusing Bryan of attacking him, for spearing him unprovoked, and for calling him a liar. Because if Daniel Bryan is nothing else, he is honest.

Roman Reigns came to the stage, but didn’t make it very far, as Rowan attacked him from behind, throwing him down the ramp. And then into the steel steps. And then into the ring apron.

And then, in an interesting turn of events, Rowan slung Bryan out of his way, apparently disgusted that Bryan had turned against him. Rowan flattened Reigns with an Iron Claw, then grabbed the microphone!

For the first time in a very long time, Rowan spoke, telling Bryan that he was worse than everyone else, and Rowan was no one’s puppet. Rowan dared Bryan to slap him again.

Bryan did his best to convince Rowan that they were friends, and when that didn’t work, slapped him in the face. So Rowan Iron Clawed him into an announce table. Rowan absolutely obliterated Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, screaming in Roman’s face that he had far worse waiting for him at Clash of Champions to close the show.

SmackDown Live Results (September 3 2019)

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