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WWE SmackDown Live Results: September 18 2018

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The 09/18/18 edition of WWE SmackDown Live, out of the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown Live results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #996 of WWE SmackDown Live by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Miz TV Goes Wrong


The Miz kicked off the show with a big announcement: he will face Daniel Bryan in a match at Super Show-Down in Australia, the winner of which will earn a WWE Championship opportunity.

He then moved on to his guest for the evening, his wife Maryse. He asked how she managed to be the most amazing human on Earth and defeat Brie Bella. They agreed that Brie’s heart wasn’t in wrestling or her marriage to Daniel Bryan. Maryse announced that she would be retiring from SmackDown temporarily to take care of her new baby. The crowd seemed pleased at the idea, so Miz declared he would teach them a lesson by beating up Daniel Bryan.

Bryan came to put the boots to Miz, not because he called Bryan out, but because he talked trash about Brie. During the scuffle, Bryan accidentally knocked Miz into Maryse, “hurting” her so badly that they brought out a stretcher.

As Bryan tried to apologize, Miz attacked him, revealing that the injury was faked. Miz fell into Maryse again, but Bryan didn’t feel so bad about it this time and led a Yes chant while the It Couple was escorted away by officials.


Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro


The New Day met The Bar in the ring, Xavier Woods and Big E dressed ready to explore the Australian wilderness, complete with Australian accents (which wasn’t offensive because they got the approval of the IIconics beforehand). The Bar has a shot at the SmackDown Tag Championships at The Super Showdown, but for tonight, Kofi Kingston took Cesaro on solo.

Cesaro threw everything he had at Kingston, holding the upper hand for a solid portion of the bout. Kingston came back and nearly finished him with a dive to the floor followed by an SOS, but once Cesaro hit the Neutralizer, it was all over.

Winner: Cesaro


The Viper is Unhinged


Randy Orton was shown in the production truck, forcing the crew member to show him the images from his match against Jeff Hardy while he explained how they made him feel. Gripping the poor man’s head in his hands, Orton said that the pain he inflicted on Hardy was nothing compared to what he had planned for his next victim.


AJ Styles Interview


In a backstage interview, AJ Styles said that he would be facing Joe one more time at the Super Show-Down, this time with an added no disqualification stipulation. But as sure as he was that it was going to be a battle, it wasn’t his focus for the evening. The most pressing matter was his match against Andrade “Cien” Almas later in the show.


Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Rusev

United States Championship Match


Prior to the match, Rusev Day was shown backstage in yet another argument. Rusev and Lana blamed Aiden for Rusev’s loss at Hell in a Cell and banned him from Rusev’s match against Nakamura. English snapped, unleashing his sorrows on a random official backstage, insulting Rusev and Lana in the process.

Unfortunately, Lana heard every word and promised to pass the message along to her husband. She ran to tell Rusev the bad news, but he quickly shut her down, saying he was too focused on the United States Championship to listen and even asked Aiden to assist in his usual entrance.

Aiden English was especially supportive during the match, clearly feeling guilty about the things he said, going as far as to grab a mic and start a Rusev Day chant at one point. The extra encouragement did Rusev well, and he kept Nakamura on the defensive for much of the match. Nakamura finally picked up some momentum, but just when it looked as though he had Rusev right where he wanted him, Rusev hit a massive Machka Kick. He very well could have become the new United States Champion but was distracted once again by English, costing him the match.

Before Rusev and Lana could even process what had happened, English attacked Rusev. Lana screamed at English to leave and, after mocking Rusev Day, he did, leaving Rusev laid out in the ring.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


AJ Styles vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas


Andrade Almas came prepared for a fight and attacked Styles the moment he stepped in the ring, not bothering to wait for the bell. Caught off-guard, it was several moments before AJ Styles got his feet back under him. When he did, however, he reminded Almas why he is the WWE Champion and brought it to El Idolo. Things got even more interesting here as neither man pulled any punches, wearing each other down to the point of “exhaustion” with a fantastic back and forth match.

The action was so heated, in fact, that Zelina Vega stayed out of it (for the most part; she still yelled from ringside, but never actually interfered). We could have watched these two all night, but it had to end eventually. The Champion hit a lightning fast Styles Clash on Almas and pinned him for the win. If you missed this match, we highly recommend going back to catch it; it’s well worth the watch.

Immediately following the finish, Samoa Joe appeared and beat Styles down. Joe escaped into the crowd before Styles could fight back, but Styles meant what he said about focus and simply let him leave.

Winner: AJ Styles


Billie Kay vs. Asuka


Asuka and Naomi will challenge The IIconics at The Super Showdown, and we got a preview tonight in the form of Billie vs. Asuka. Billie held her own against Asuka…for a moment or two. But once Asuka cinched in the Asuka Lock, it wasn’t long before she tapped out.

Winner: Asuka


The New Champ is Here


SmackDown GM Paige invited newly crowned Women’s Champion Becky Lynch to join her in the ring. Paige unveiled the title complete with Lynch’s very own custom side plates. Becky said she would be getting what she deserved from now on and thanked Paige for the celebration, but said there was one thing missing: Charlotte Flair.

Despite Paige’s displeasure, Charlotte came to the ring. She said she wasn’t there to fight, she wanted to congratulate Becky face to face. But now that Becky had made sure they were no longer friends, she had no problem destroying Lynch during their match at Super Show-Down. Lynch said she would allow Flair to put the title around her waist but changed her mind when Charlotte refused. She would settle for Charlotte calling her queen instead.

This led to a brawl in which Becky pummeled Charlotte then left her lying in the ring as she walked away with her championship.


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