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WWE SmackDown Live Results: November 13 2018

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The 11/13/18 edition of WWE SmackDown Live, out of the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown Live results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1004 of WWE SmackDown Live by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Survivor Series Begins to Shift


To our dismay, the show started with the announcement that Becky Lynch would not be cleared to compete against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series this Sunday.

The show must go on, however, and AJ Styles came to the ring to promote his upcoming match against Brock Lesnar. He vowed to defeat Lesnar but hadn’t quite finished the sentence when Paul Heyman appeared unexpectedly to offer his input. To provoke Styles, Heyman said that not only was Daniel Bryan a better performer than Styles, but also a more suitable opponent for his client, Brock Lesnar.

Bryan joined Styles in the ring and wasn’t sure why he was being brought up in the feud between Lesnar and Styles. He apparently wasn’t happy about it, as he assured Styles he would receive a punch to the face if Styles said his name again. Styles said Daniel’s name again, so Bryan attacked him, causing a brawl to break out while officials attempted to pull them apart.

Backstage, Bryan was shown in a shouting match with Shane McMahon. Styles ran onto the scene, trying to finish what they started in the ring. Shane set a match between Styles and Bryan for the WWE Championship so the two could settle things once and for all.


Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Jeff Hardy


This was a fun match with a somewhat disappointing finish. It took every move in his arsenal, but Jeff Hardy ultimately defeated Almas with a Swanton Bomb. Not that we don’t love Jeff Hardy, it just feels like Andrade Almas is more than deserving of a push.

Apparently Miz was impressed with the match results, as he officially replaced Daniel Bryan with Jeff Hardy on the men’s Survivor Series team. Furthermore, he requested a match between himself and Rey Mysterio, who would also be kicked off the team if Miz defeated him.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


Shinsuke Nakamura is Heartbroken


In a backstage interview, Shinsuke Nakamura admitted being heartbroken that Seth Rollins was more concerned with Dean Ambrose than him. Especially since Nakamura had been eating, breathing, and sleeping with Seth Rollins in mind. And because Rollins had no regard for Shinsuke’s heart, he would have no regard for Rollins’ face at Survivor Series.


The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio


Determined to rid his team of any of Daniel Bryan’s picks, The Miz gave Mysterio everything he had. Unfortunately for Miz, he came close but wasn’t able to get his way. Rey Mysterio emerged victorious, keeping his spot on the Survivor Series team in the process.

Post-match, Randy Orton attempted to ambush Mysterio, but Rey managed to escape the attack. The Miz was not so lucky and received an RKO outta nowhere just for being there.

Winner: The Miz


The Man Addresses the Audience


SmackDown General Manager, Paige, came to the ring first, then invited each of the women who participated in yesterday’s invasion of Raw to join her. The champ, Becky Lynch, was welcomed last and we were told she would be picking her replacement for Survivor Series personally.

Sporting a gnarly black eye, The Man expressed her disappointment in not being cleared to face Ronda Rousey due to a severe concussion and “broken face.” She then looked each woman in the eye before choosing Charlotte Flair to stand in for her this Sunday. Becky made Charlotte promise to make Rousey tap, gave her a surprisingly long hug, and left The Queen to soak in the spotlight.

In an interview backstage, Charlotte reaffirmed her promise to bring Ronda Rousey down for her (maybe?) friend, Becky Lynch.


The New Day vs. The Bar and The Big Show


With The Bar’s new member, The Big Show, participating in the match, all three members of The New Day were able to get in on the action as well.

As always, The New Day put on an entertaining show, but The Big Show proved to be too much for them to overcome, as he scored the victory for his team by pinning Kofi Kingston with a massive knockout punch.

Winner: The Bar and The Big Show


The Blue Squad is Revealed


The Usos revealed their picks by passing out t-shirts to the rest of the Survivor Series SmackDown tag team while firing up each group for the battle against the red squad on Sunday. On the team will be The Usos, SAnitY, The Colóns, and The Club (as well as their first pick, The New Day).


AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan

WWE Championship Match


Styles and Bryan clearly meant business, working at a blistering pace. Neither man showed his opponent a shred of mercy, each viciously attacking the other in their quest to become/remain champion.

Despite his best efforts, Daniel Bryan was met blow for blow by AJ Styles. Then, when the referee wasn’t looking, Bryan did the unthinkable – he cheated. Hitting Styles with a low blow, Bryan finally got the upper hand, allowing him to take the victory. To make matters worse, Bryan continued the beatdown of Styles after the bell. Bryan may have won the championship, but at the cost of his nearly spotless good guy reputation.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


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