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WWE SmackDown Live Results: May 29 2018

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The 05/29/18 episode of WWE SmackDown Live just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results and our overall thoughts on the show for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about this episode of WWE SmackDown Live by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.


Samoa Joe is Coming for the Briefcase


Samoa Joe bopped his way to the ring, immediately pulled a ladder from beneath it, set it up, and grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase hanging above. He then cut a killer promo about the symbolism of ladders and his plans for the upcoming pay-per-view while insulting Daniel Bryan. He went a little too far by bringing Daniel’s wife and daughter into the monologue, which angered Bryan enough to bring him to the ring. Things were about to get physical when Big Cass, leaning on a crutch, came out to mock Joe and Daniel.

To everyone’s dismay, he announced that the match between Daniel and Joe wasn’t going to happen; instead, Joe would be taking him on for a spot in the MITB ladder match. He then revealed that he had already been medically cleared and smashed the crutch into Joe, threw Daniel into a ladder, and beat him with the briefcase.

The segment ended with Cass holding the briefcase over his head, grinning at the crowd.


Paige is Bombarded Backstage


The ex-members of Absolution approached Paige and, in what will probably turn out to be a mistake, talked some trash about Asuka. They demanded to know why Asuka was in the MITB ladder match and not them, as Asuka wasn’t all that great. Paige responded by giving Mandy Rose a match against The Empress so she could learn firsthand why Asuka is closer to the title than either of them.

Paige was then interviewed by Renee, who asked about the opening segment and how the SmackDown GM felt about it. She said that she didn’t appreciate Cass or Joe speaking for her, but that she admired the passion all three displayed and set a triple threat match to take place later in the evening.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Tye Dillinger


To demonstrate the rules of the last man standing match (the stipulation of Nakamura vs. Styles at Money in the Bank), Nakamura took on the Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger. Poetic.

This wasn’t quite a squash match, but Dillinger didn’t get in a whole lot of offense either. It was less about the match and more about Nakamura being a snarky a-hole anyway. Shinsuke beat Dillinger and then counted to 10 while he was down, adding insult to injury.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


AJ Styles Interview


Styles was interviewed regarding his upcoming Last Man Standing match against Shinsuke Nakamura. The Champ said that Nakamura had completely lost it somewhere along the way, and clearly thought he had the advantage with the stipulation he chose, but that he wouldn’t be walking away with the title at Money in the Bank.


Lana / Naomi Dance-Off


Lana, accompanied by Aiden and Rusev, and Naomi, accompanied by The Usos, came to the ring to get their dance on. Unsurprisingly, both women are rather talented.

The Ravishing Russian did not take losing well and attacked Naomi. This part was somewhat confusing, as it was never formally announced that Lana lost, but the announcers told us it was why things got physical. Naomi and The Usos ran Lana, Aiden, and Rusev out of the ring to close things out.


The New Day vs. The Bar & The Miz


These guys worked at a blistering pace and the crowd went absolutely nuts for it. Six-man tag matches are often hit or miss, but this was excellent. There were so many hot tags, big spots, and convincing false finishes, it could’ve easily gone either way, but with everyone else laid out outside of the ring, Big E pinned The Miz and got the victory for his team.

This one is definitely worth a watch if you missed it.

Winner: The New Day


The Good Brothers vs. The Bludgeon Brothers


Renee Young interviewed the good brothers, Gallows and Anderson, about their title match against The Bludgeon Brothers at Money in the Bank. They said they weren’t afraid of Harper and Rowan, as they were in the best shape of their careers and ready for anything.

The Bludgeon Brothers then appeared on a screen behind them, informing them that their bodies would be liquefied at MITB, whatever that means. Their gimmick is almost awesome. Almost.


Asuka vs. Mandy Rose


Before the match, Mandy attempted to shift the odds in her favor by recruiting her friend, Sonya Deville, to attack The Empress from behind as she made her way to the ring.

Her strategy worked at first, as she got in quite a bit of offense with little resistance. It didn’t take long for Asuka to regain her strength, however, and she came back with a vengeance, wearing Mandy down before tapping her out with the Asuka Lock.

Carmella, who had been at the announce table watching the action, joined Asuka in the ring to show off her championship, silently goading her potential competition.

Winner: Asuka


Charlotte and Becky Backstage


Charlotte and Becky were shown backstage discussing their plans for the future. Charlotte laid hers out all the way to WrestleMania, but Becky wasn’t too keen on her ideas. They argued over who would be the one to win the Money in the Bank ladder match until Paige broke it up.


Sin Cara Just Wanted a Friend


Sin Cara attempted to make friends with the new addition to SmackDown, Andrade Almas. Zelina intervened and pulled Andrade away, but not before calling Sin Cara a nobody.


Daniel Bryan vs. Samoa Joe vs. Big Cass

Money in the Bank Qualifier


Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan wasted little time in attacking Cass, ganging up on him the moment the bell rang. They were back to every man for himself before long though, each of the three throwing everything they had at the other two.

We would have preferred to see the one-on-one match between Joe and Bryan that we were promised, but this was cool too. Joe and Daniel got all of their moves in, causing the crowd to lose their minds until Joe put Daniel to sleep with the Coquina Clutch. As much as we love Daniel Bryan, the right man won this one.

After Joe had left the ring, Big Cass put a big boot to Bryan’s face, knocking him out once again.

Winner: Samoa Joe


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