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WWE SmackDown Live Results: May 28 2019

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The 05/28/19 edition of WWE SmackDown Live, out of the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1032 of SmackDown Live by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Big O Opens the Show

Kevin Owens opened the show, and after a video package played showing the rise and fall of the relationship between himself and The New Day, he said that the only thing that would make him feel better after being forced to look at the crowd was beating Kofi Kingston in their upcoming match.

He then mentioned that he didn’t attack Big E, and he didn’t know who did (the second person attacked with a mysterious someone to blame), but it didn’t matter because he didn’t exactly feel bad that Big E was attacked either.

Kevin said he was going to soften Kofi Kingston up for Dolph Ziggler, but when Dolph beats Kofi, Kevin will be right there to take the championship.

Kofi Kingston came to the ring, saying he knew Kevin Owens was a liar, and he would avenge Big E and prove why he was WWE Champion by beating Kevin.

Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens

This match started immediately after the conversation between Kevin and Kofi was over, Kevin Owens taking the upper hand early in the match, beating Kofi down before throwing him to the floor.

Back in the ring, Kevin Owens continued the assault on the WWE Champion, Kingston struggling due to multiple vicious attacks over the past couple weeks. Kofi Kingston began to turn the tables with a series of strikes, adding an exclamation point with a dive to the floor on top of Owens.

Kofi went for a crossbody from the ropes, but Kevin shoved him out of the ring while he was mid-jump. The moment Kofi was back in the ring, Kevin cannonballed him in the corner, then stomped on his chest.

Owens again catapulted Kofi from the ring, then jumped on top of him from the apron, but hurt himself in the process. Kofi very nearly lost by count-out, but jumped back in the ring at the last second, where he was met by a frog splash from Kevin Owens.

Owens went for another top rope attack but was stopped by Kofi Kingston, who climbed the ropes after him, attempting a superplex. Owens stopped him with a headbutt, then hit a Swanton, but it wasn’t enough to keep the champ down. Miraculously, Kofi gathered enough strength to throw a Trouble in Paradise, connecting with the side of Kevin Owens’ head and winning the match.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Daniel Bryan and Rowan: Dual Planet’s Champions

In an interview with Kayla Braxton, Daniel Bryan said that SmackDown Live’s Tag Team Division was a joke. And not a funny joke, a cringey one. Daniel and Rowan were not only the greatest tag team champions of all time, they dedicated their lives to saving the planet.

Because when the rest of America were eating Wiggles the pig and Wilbur the cow on Memorial Day, Rowan and Bryan were abstaining from eating Earth’s creatures. Daniel was very sure that he and Rowan were the eptiome of tag team wrestling, but Kayla said there were a few teams on the brand that did not agree.

One of these being Heavy Machinery, who came out to join Bryan and Rowan in the ring. They said they were ready to get down to business and were making their business the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships.

Daniel Bryan agreed to the match – just not in the fracking state of Oklahoma. And he and Rowan left an angry Heavy Machinery in the ring.

Fire & Desire Fire Up Ember Moon

Backstage, Ember Moon was minding her own business reading a copy of Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde when she was approached by Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, carrying the magazines bearing Mandy on the cover.

They spoiled Ember’s book, threw all the magazines at her so she could “learn how to be a star,” and then stalked off.

Mandy Rose vs. Carmella

Mandy Rose got the early advantage in this match…or so she thought. She threw Carmella into the corner but got a little too cocky, showing off her magazine, and Carmella returned the favor, kicking the magazine out of Mandy’s hand before tackling her.

Mandy Rose came back quickly, however, hitting Carmella with a running knee and going for the pin, but Carmella kicked out. Carmella began to gain momentum, but was distracted by Sonya Deville on the apron long enough that Mandy Rose grabbed her from behind, winning the match via roll-up.

Winner: Mandy Rose

R-Truth Plays Capture the Championship with the SmackDown Roster

Without Carmella to help him, R-Truth was left to fend for himself, hiding from the mass amount of Superstars after his 24/7 Championship. Luckily, there was a conveniently-placed photo booth backstage where he was able to take cover while the horde ran past.

Leaving the booth, he ran right into Drake Maverick and his fliers, but ran off before Drake could attempt a pin.

He’s Waiting…

Aleister Black sat in his mysterious dark room and gave another cryptic speech. He said that he knew everyone was waiting for him to give the name of the man he would be challenging next, but they were waiting in vain, as he would stay right where he was until someone came forward to face him.

Shane McMahon Appreciation Day

Surrounded by his main lackeys, Elias and Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon showed his own highlight video before declaring that he was going to make Roman Reigns regret ever getting mixed up with Shane O’Mac and his crew.

Elias was in the middle of singing a Shane appreciation song when R-Truth and Drake Maverick ran to the ring from the crowd, closely followed by a referee. R-Truth successfully defended his 24/7 Championship in about 2 seconds, but didn’t take into account that he was surrounded by enemies.

Elias, Drew, and Shane mugged R-Truth and took his 24/7 Championship, Elias becoming the official new champion. Bending the rules in his buddy’s favor, Shane O’Mac suspended any further defenses of the 24/7 Title until after the main event (Roman Reigns and R-Truth vs. Elias and Drew McIntyre) was over.

Lacey Evans vs. Bayley

After having a nice tea party with Charlotte Flair, Lacey Evans took on SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Bayley while Charlotte watched from the announce table.

Bayley and Lacey started things off with a test of strength, each doing their best to take control of the action. They were locked in as stalemate until Lacey viciously threw Bayley down to the mat. Bayley came back with a roll-up, attempting to end the match, but Lacey escaped.

After an elbow drop from the top rope to Bayley’s midsection, Bayley rolled out of the ring in need of a breather. Charlotte stood over the champion and appeared to consider involving herself in the match but thought better of it, allowing Bayley to get back in the ring.

Lacey continued to dominate until Bayley came back with a series of strikes followed by a crossbody, but it only got her a two count. Lacey trampled Bayley in the corner, then went for the pin, but Bayley kicked out.

With a punch to the chest from Bayley, Lacey began to lose control, and when Bayley followed it up with a massive dropkick and a clothesline, things weren’t looking good for the Classy Lady.

Before capitalizing on her momentum, Bayley stopped by the announce table to attack Charlotte, who distracted the referee when she tried to come in the ring after the champ. Lacey caught Bayley in a roll-up, the preoccupied referee missed it, and Bayley was able to escape, reversing the roll-up back on Lacey and winning the match.

Bayley left with her championship, but apparently Lacey and Charlotte’s friendship isn’t all that strong yet, because Lacey attacked Charlotte for costing her the match. Charlotte overpowered Lacey, however, laying her out with a barefoot big boot as Bayley grinned from the safety of the stage.

Winner: Bayley

Roman Reigns and R-Truth vs. Elias and Drew McIntyre

With Roman Reigns already in the ring, Elias and Drew McIntyre attacked his partner, R-Truth, from behind as he made his entrance. Roman Reigns saved R-Truth and put the boots to Elias and McIntyre, but Shane McMahon distracted him, allowing his cronies to take the lead.

Roman came back with a Samoan Drop on Elias, and they both tagged out, giving the ring to Drew McIntyre and R-Truth. McIntyre rag dolled an already worn out R-Truth, enlisting the help of Elias every now and then before he and Elias full-on double teamed the former 24/7 Champion.

Roman Reigns eventually got the hot tag, charging into the match to decimate Elias, knocking Drew McIntyre off the apron twice to prevent any interference.

Elias tried to roll out of the ring, but Roman chased after him, dodging an attack from Shane O’Mac along the way. Shane came back a second time, but Roman again stopped him, dodging a Claymore from Drew McIntyre, sending Drew flying into an announce table.

Back in the ring, Roman Reigns speared Elias to win the match. And once Elias’ friends had left him behind, Reigns speared him one more time to give R-Truth back his 24/7 Championship.

Winner: Roman Reigns and R-Truth

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