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WWE SmackDown Live Results: May 21 2019

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The 05/21/19 edition of WWE SmackDown Live, out of the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1031 of SmackDown Live by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Big E Return Party

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston opened the show to welcome the third New Day member, Big E, back to the crew after a 6-week absence due to injury. After a pretender tried to pass himself off as the most flexible member of New Day, the real Big E joined them on stage.

All three members of New Day were in the ring celebrating when Kevin Owens interrupted the party, quickly followed by Sami Zayn. Sami was particularly enraged, as he had been out with injury for over 7 months and received no sort of return celebration.

The New Day said Sami Zayn would be getting absolutely nothing, just like Kevin Owens got at Money in the Bank on Sunday. Kevin Owens turned to leave, but Sami Zayn had to have the last word, and went on one of his rants, telling The New Day that he was going to beat them all up in front of their trash fans.

Ali vs. Andrade

Ali and Andrade spent the opening moments of the match struggling for the upper hand, and Ali thought he took it with a clothesline. Unfortunately, Andrade was right there with a poison rana, laying Ali out. Ali tried to come back with a tornado DDT, but Andrade caught him in mid-air with a dropkick.

From there, Andrade continued to pull away, doing his best to rip Ali’s arm out of socket with a submission hold. Ali attempted a second tornado DDT, this time connecting with his opponent. He followed it up with a diving senton to the floor but partially landed on Andrade’s knees, damaging himself in the process.

Andrade came close to victory via count-out after throwing Ali into the barricade, but Ali made it back to the ring at the last second. When Ali refused to stay down, Andrade threw him from the ring again, this time throwing him into the barricade, the ring post, and the time keeper’s area.

With literally a quarter of a second left, Ali flung himself back into the ring, where he was met with running knees from Andrade. Ali persevered once more, and his determination finally paid off. He took Andrade to the mat and rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Ali

24/7 Championship Madness

As promised after last night’s episode of Raw, R-Truth brought the 24/7 Championship to SmackDown Live. But everyone and their brother was on the hunt for Truth, so he was forced to go undercover. Truth was wearing a badly styled blonde wig, but otherwise looked exactly how he normally would, and couldn’t hide from his BFF Carmella.

Luckily, Carmella agreed to help, adjusting his wig and redressing him to better blend in with the ladies.

Carmella vs. Mandy Rose

With Sonya Deville and a cleverly disguised R-Truth in their respective corners, Mandy Rose and Carmella fought it out. Carmella got the early advantage, grounding Mandy Rose with such dominance that Mandy retreated outside the ring.

Carmella dragged Mandy Rose back into the ring, flooring her once again, and taking Sonya Deville out as well when she tried to interfere. It appeared that Carmella was closing in on the win, but apparently, R-Truth’s disguise wasn’t quite enough to hide him, and half of the men’s locker room ran toward the ring. Truth put Carmella on his back and high-tailed it out of the arena with the gaggle of challengers in hot pursuit.

Carmella and R-Truth sprinted through the backstage area of the arena, on their way to the parking lot. Truth was attacked by Jinder Mahal and both members of The B-Team who, luckily, were fighting amongst themselves too heavily to successfully pin the champ, and he broke free, running off into the night.

Winner: N/A

Kofi Kingston vs. Sami Zayn

Right before the match, we learned that Kevin Owens had attacked Big E, re-injuring his already fragile knee. This lit a fire in Kofi Kingston, as Sami Zayn is a well-known Kevin Owens supporter, but it wasn’t enough to take Zayn down.

In the opening moments of the match, Sami Zayn absolutely leveled Kofi Kingston. Kofi was able to come back momentarily with a dropkick, but Sami was quick to respond with superplex to Kingston.

Kofi Kingston went for a Trouble in Paradise, but Sami dodged, attempted to transition into a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Kofi went for a second Trouble in Paradise, this time catching Zayn in the side of the head and winning the match.

Shortly after the final bell, Paul Heyman appeared on the stage, toying with Kofi Kingston with the briefcase in hand. Kofi was so absorbed with watching Heyman that he didn’t notice Dolph Ziggler running up behind him.

Ziggler decimated the champ, beating him down in the ring before ragdolling him on the outside, finishing it off by smashing his head in a steel chair as officials desperately tried to pull him away.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Bayley and Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans

Despite being rivals, Women’s Champions Bayley and Becky Lynch teamed up to take on Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair.

Bayley started things off for her team, and things were going well for her at first, but it wasn’t long before Charlotte and Lacey were using every double team tactic in the book to wear her down, keeping Becky as far away from her as possible.

Bayley threw herself into The Queen, reaching out for Becky Lynch. Charlotte tried to snatch Becky from the apron, but Becky broke free, tagging into the match.

After several hard-hitting maneuvers, Becky Lynch had Charlotte in the Dis-Arm-Her, but became distracted by Lacey Evans, who nailed her with a Women’s Right. In the midst of the chaos, Bayley jumped in, rolled Charlotte up, and took the victory for her team.

Winner: Bayley and Becky Lynch

Dolph Ziggler Gives an Explanation

Dolph Ziggler was approached for a backstage interview regarding his attack on Kofi Kingston, but declined, deciding instead to give an explanation to the WWE Universe.

Ziggler came to the stage and gave an overview of Kofi’s success story, telling the audience that it should have been him every step of the way. He nearly broke into tears as he explained that he was the one who deserved their respect and admiration, not Kofi Kingston.

And at Super Showdown, he was going to take the WWE Championship and prove to everyone that he was the superior Superstar.

Roman Reigns vs. Elias

With Shane McMahon in his corner for the match, Elias felt slightly more confident in his ability to bring The Big Dog down, but Roman Reigns immediately proved that he was mistaken in his confidence, overwhelming him easily.

Shane’s presence proved to be beneficial for The Drifter, as he distracted Reigns long enough for Elias to hit him with a low blow, following it up by launching Reigns into a ring post and taking control from there.

Back from commercial, Roman Reigns was flattening Elias, so Shane McMahon attempted to distract him again, but Roman was prepared this time around, dodging the attack.

Soon after, however, Elias dropped Roman with a powerbomb, gaining a near fall. Reigns came back with a Superman Punch, and would have taken the win there, but Shane McMahon placed Elias’ foot on the ropes, breaking the pin.

Roman Reigns took Shane down before turning his attention back to Elias, but didn’t do enough, as Shane was back on his feet and handing Elias his guitar behind the referee’s back in no time.

Roman blocked the attack with a massive spear and took the win, but the bell had barely rung when Shane McMahon was in the ring, ready to attack him. Roman blocked a second guitar attack, this time with a Superman Punch, but Drew McIntyre charged at him from behind, standing tall with Shane to close the show.

Winner: Roman Reigns

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