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WWE SmackDown Live Results: June 26 2018

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The 06/26/18 episode of WWE SmackDown Live just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results and our overall thoughts on the show for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about this episode of WWE SmackDown Live by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.


Miz TV: The Bludgeon Brothers


The show opened with the newest edition of Miz TV. Miz immediately invited his guests, The Bludgeon Brothers, to join him. He asked Harper and Rowan why they interfered in the gauntlet match last week; when they didn’t respond, Miz took the opportunity to make his guess and replayed the events from last week, weaving an elaborate story as to why they would have harsh feelings towards Daniel Bryan.

He overstepped when he assumed that they were auditioning to be the new Miztourage and they started in on him, but Bryan interrupted before they could get too far. Bryan addressed The Bludgeon Brothers directly, announcing that he was not afraid of them, and to prove this, he challenged one of them to a match, which Harper accepted.


Xavier Woods vs. Rusev


After their respective elaborate entrances, Xavier Woods and Rusev got to work. Rusev and Aiden were out to make pancakes illegal on Rusev Day, while Big E and Kofi provided comic relief with a giant speech bubble reading “ouch”.

Fueled by the power of pancakes and positivity, Woods gave this one everything he had, but it wasn’t enough to bring down the Bulgarian Brute. After a hard-fought match, Woods tapped out to the Accolade. Following his victory, Rusev grabbed a mic and dedicated the beatdown to AJ Styles, who he knew was afraid of him, especially after watching the match.

Winner: Rusev


Naomi and Lana GLOW


The cast of GLOW approached an arguing Naomi and Lana backstage. The GLOW ladies said that instead of fighting, Naomi and Lana should team up. They appeared to agree; now all we need is a name for the new team.


United States Championship Open Challenge // 6-Man Tag Match


To everyone’s disappointment, Shinsuke Nakamura wasn’t cleared to compete in the championship match, so Jeff Hardy offered an open challenge instead. Who answered the call but the new SmackDown faction, SAnitY, represented by Eric Young.

If anyone is more off the rails than Jeff Hardy, it’s Eric Young, who worked Hardy’s neck throughout the bout, demanding that the champ give up. In the middle of the action, The Usos attacked Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe, causing Eric Young to give up on his match to help his fellow SAnitY members. Jeff Hardy joined in and with The Usos help, ran SAnitY off.

General Manager, Paige, didn’t like the way it ended and restarted the match as a 6-Man Tag between SAnitY and Jeff Hardy/The Usos.

This was more or less a continuation of the last match, SAnitY dealing damage to all three members of the opposing team. With a series of superkicks, The Usos got the upper hand and Jeff Hardy tagged in to get the win with his Swanton Bomb.

Winner: Jeff Hardy and The Usos


Becky Lynch vs. Sonya Deville


Becky Lynch started off strong, but it wasn’t long before Sonya Deville gained momentum, doing everything she could to put out the straight fire.

Mandy Rose was at ringside and of course, tried to get involved, but it backfired, distracting Sonya instead of Becky, allowing Becky to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her, winning the match. Hopefully, Becky can continue to build the steam she has accumulated the last few weeks.

Winner: Becky Lynch


Vega/Almas Backstage


Zelina Vega and Andrade Almas cut a promo backstage. Zelina said that she understood why they hadn’t had much competition since joining SmackDown; clearly, everyone was afraid of them, as they should be.


James Ellsworth Respects Women


James Ellsworth came to the ring and called out The Empress, Asuka. He said he loved and respected all women – except Asuka. He was fully prepared for a fight, but instead got Paige, who came out to set him straight. She told everyone that Asuka wasn’t there and Ellsworth knew it, which was the only reason he had the testicular fortitude to challenge her.

Paige then set a match between Carmella and Asuka for the Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules – and a match to take place next week between Asuka and Ellsworth.


Harper vs. Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan was out to show everyone that size doesn’t matter. Harper got the majority of the offense, but Bryan never looked particularly overwhelmed, proving his point regardless of the outcome.

There were a few moments where it looked as though Bryan was gaining momentum, but Harper brought him back down every time. After several near-falls, Bryan finally had Harper where he wanted him – trapped in the Yes Lock, but Rowan broke up the hold, causing a disqualification.

The Bludgeons clearly planned to continue the assault on Bryan, but Kane appeared for a Team Hell No reunion, throwing Harper and Rowan from the ring. Without the threat of a bludgeoning, Kane and Bryan embraced in a manly hug.

In the middle of their celebration, Paige announced that The Bludgeon Brothers would be defending their tag titles at Extreme Rules against Team Hell No!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (Via Disqualification)


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