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WWE SmackDown Live Results: January 8 2019

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The 01/08/19 edition of WWE SmackDown Live, out of the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown Live results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1012 of WWE SmackDown Live by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

The WWE Universe is FICKLE

Daniel Bryan kicked off the show in the lobby of the arena, berating the members of the WWE Universe in attendance. After he somehow managed to equate being an AJ Styles fan with eating hot dogs, he made his way into the arena to continue the rampage.

Once he got to the ring area, however, he was attacked from behind by R-Truth, who was more than ready for a fight after being savagely beaten by Bryan a couple weeks ago.

Daniel Bryan vs. R-Truth

The attack from R-Truth led to an official match, in which R-Truth was out for revenge and Daniel Bryan was out to…beat him up a second time. This time without the Santa suit.

Although R-Truth didn’t necessarily look weak against Bryan, the WWE Champ beat him rather quickly.

As Bryan made his way back up the ramp, he was ambushed again – this time by AJ Styles. Styles appeared to be getting the better of Bryan, but the two were pulled apart before the brawl could get too far.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Rey Mysterio and Mustafa Ali vs. Andrade Almas and Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe set the tone immediately, disrespecting Mustafa Ali moments after the bell rang. Ali and Mysterio turned the tables with some well-executed teamwork, and a frustrated Joe tagged out.

Andrade Almas had a bit more luck against Mysterio, but again, Mysterio and Ali would not be brought down. Samoa Joe threw Ali into an announce table in an attempt to end things once and for all, but still could not put a stop to the barrage of offense from his opponents.

After an outstanding match between four insanely talented competitors, Andrade Almas stole the win for his team with a hammerlock DDT after catching Rey Mysterio mid-619.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas and Samoa Joe

The World’s Greatest Team

Although The Miz is clearly more excited about the team than Shane, the SmackDown Commissioner is on board – just not to the point that he’s ready to discuss matching white leather outfits.

Rusev Confronts Nakamura

Rusev came to the ring and gave a solemn speech about his wife Lana’s recent injury at the hands of Shinsuke Nakamura. He said that he wasn’t speaking as the Bulgarian Brute or the United States Champion, but as Lana’s husband. Rusev then switched gears and challenged Nakamura in an attempt to avenge his beloved.

Shinsuke Nakamura gave his reply on the big screen, and made it clear that he couldn’t care less about Rusev’s precious wife. Past that, he showed footage to prove that it wasn’t even his fault that Lana was hurt, but Rusev’s.

The Bulgarian Brute marched backstage to find the former president of Nakamerica, but was brutally attacked by Shinsuke shortly after walking through the curtain.

The Bar (c) vs. The Usos

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Match

Having made it back to the top of the mountain, The Bar were not going to give up a shot at their tag titles easily. The Usos certainly brought the intensity, but Sheamus and Cesaro were able to hold them off for a solid portion of the match.

When The Usos finally began to gain momentum, it was all downhill for The Bar. Sheasaro lasted through a few near falls by their fingertips, however, and managed to turn the tables once more in their favor.

The two teams went back and forth, near fall after near fall, until Mandy Rose, dressed in only a towel, derailed the match. She asked Jimmy Uso if he had seen her “tiny” pieces of clothing in his hotel room, which distracted The Usos long enough to cost them the title shot.

Following the match, The Miz came out to challenge Sheamus and Cesaro for the tag team championships. He proposed that they face himself and Shane McMahon at the Royal Rumble, which The Bar accepted – after landing a Brogue Kick to Miz’s face.

Winner: The Bar

Naomi’s Had Enough

Backstage, Naomi attacked Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville for once again putting the moves on with her husband. They had Naomi on the ground when her husband, Jimmy Uso, appeared and saved her from what was about to be a bad situation.

The WWE Champion Forever

On his way out of the arena, Daniel Bryan gave an impassioned speech about his reign as WWE Champion and how small a part his feud with AJ Styles would play in it, as he fully planned to rule the WWE forever.

Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte Flair

With such a grand prize as a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship, at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, no less, it’s no surprise that these women wasted absolutely no time getting down to business.

All three ladies beat the hell out of each other, and for much of the match, it was anyone’s game. After breaking free from a Code of Silence, Charlotte Flair began to pull away from the competition, but it wasn’t long before Carmella took the lead.

From there, any attempt one woman made to pin or submit another was stopped by the third, up until Becky Lynch locked in her Dis-Arm-Her on Carmella, securing her spot in the Royal Rumble match against Asuka.

Post-match, Asuka came to the ring to congratulate shove her title in The Man’s face. The Rumble match between these two is sure to be a show-stopper.

Winner: Becky Lynch

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