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WWE SmackDown Live Results: February 27 2018

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John Cena Suuuuuucks


The show started off with John Cena coming to the ring, continuing his campaign for a WrestleMania match. He said he wanted in on the Fatal 5-Way at Fastlane, at which point Shane McMahon danced his way from the stage to Cena’s side.

Shane told Cena that his request would put him directly in the title picture, and reminded the audience that if he won the match and went on to win at Mania, he would become 17-time World Champion, breaking the record. He was about to continue, most likely to say that this opportunity would be unfair, Daniel Bryan’s music hit and he came out to contradict McMahon (as usual).

Bryan said that Cena would, in fact, get a chance at entering the Fatal 5-Way, but he would have to earn it by going up against AJ Styles later in the evening.


Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin



Sami Zayn danced to the ring (a lot of dancing in the first 30 minutes of this show), those moves never get old. Kevin Owens sat at the announce table for his friend’s match, so shenanigans were sure to ensue.

During the match, we saw Daniel and Shane backstage, where Shane pointed out this exact point and expressed concern toward the decision.

This was a decent match, but the real fun (and really, the focus) was Owens’ commentary. He roasted Corbin, Graves, pretty much anyone who was brought up except Zayn and DB.

Dolph Ziggler came out of nowhere, jumped the barricade behind the announce table, kicked Owens in the back of the head, and ninja rolled away. This distracted Zayn just long enough for Corbin to get the pin via the End of Days, but it was Ziggler who walked away on top, as he attacked Corbin before heading up the ramp.

After the match, we saw McMahon and Bryan backstage again, where DB said he was heading home, leaving Shane to manage the rest of the show solo.

Winner: Baron Corbin (but actually Dolph Ziggler)


Naomi vs. Ruby Riott


Although this was a singles match, The Riott Squad, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch were at ringside, as usual. It’s 100% to get all 6 women on screen but also makes sense storyline-wise, as neither team trusts the other not to get involved.

To get a seventh woman on screen, they randomly cut to Carmella backstage answering fan questions on her phone.

Back to the match, there was some even back and forth, but I can’t say this was a stellar showing from either woman. It was pretty awkward from start to finish.

Winner: Ruby Riott


Breezango Tupac/Biggie Ad


Breeze and Fandango met up with Josh Duhamel backstage, where they insulted each other’s shows while advertising the Tupac/Biggie Smalls special coming up after SmackDown.

Breezango told Duhamel they solved the case and Big E and The New Day appeared on screen with their pancakes. Big E, Biggie.. *Anchorman voice* we are laughing.

This was entertaining enough, I’m not sure The New Day or Breezango are capable of being boring, but the constant advertising for the Tupac/Biggie show was getting old at this point.


Tag Team Face Off


The New Day cut a pre-match promo about going to WrestleMania as Tag Champs. When The Usos had heard enough, they came out to give their counter-promo. They said that while The New Day has been goofing off with their pancakes and Booty-Os, The Usos have been working hard.

This angered Big E, who dropped every ounce of humor and listed off the accolades The New Day have accumulated over the last few years while getting in The Usos’ faces.

Just as things were about to get physical, The Bludgeon Brothers came to the ring to remind both teams who the real threat is in the tag division and The New Day and The Usos quietly made their exit.


Bobby Roode Interview


Bobby Roode was interviewed by Renee Young about his upcoming title match against Randy Orton. He said he was excited about it, but of course, had to bring up the “superstars top 10 list” again. Because we’re still talking about that.

Randy Orton walked in the interview and said that it was never about the list, it has always been about the United States Championship, and that Roode just happened to be the guy he had to beat to get it.


Aiden English vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


This match was set by Shane McMahon a little earlier in the show after Rusev and English confronted him about the lack of good Rusev Days. Good for Aiden for getting a chance to wrestle Nakamura.

Rusev Day was going sour yet again, so Rusev decided to help his friend by kicking Nakamura in the head. It wasn’t enough to earn English the victory, however, as The King of Strongstyle got the pin with a Kinshasa before having a staredown with John Cena.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


John Cena vs. AJ Styles


It seemed like this match was about to start hot, as the smack talk began before the bell rang, but Cena and Styles took their time, sizing each other up and soaking in the crowd before getting down to business.

Styles and Cena hit each other with everything they had, with several big spots and near falls. At one point, the match spilled out of the ring and Cena ran headlong into the steel stairs. Styles got out of the ring to put Cena back in and was put through the announce table with an AA.

Styles barely made the 10 count to get back in the ring, but got another AA for his trouble, costing him the match. At this rate, the match at Fastlane is going to be a Fatal 17-Way. I also really don’t appreciate the constant teasing of WWE taking away Styles/Nakamura at Mania, but that’s beside the point.

The moment the final bell rang, Owens, Zayn, and Corbin ran down the ramp to attack John Cena. Ziggler came to join the party and began laying the smackdown on everyone until getting an AA from Cena to close the show.

Winner: John Cena


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