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WWE SmackDown Live Results: December 11 2018

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The 12/11/18 edition of WWE SmackDown Live, out of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown Live results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1008 of WWE SmackDown Live by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

SmackDown Breaks the Internet

Daniel Bryan kicked off the show with regret – he wanted to personally apologize to all the sheep of the world he offended by comparing them to humankind. He amended his previous statement by calling the audience parasites instead (although parasites are technically living beings as well, so where do we draw the line, Daniel).

Bryan continued to run down the crowd, and the human race in general, until Mustafa Ali interrupted. Ali was looking to challenge the New Daniel Bryan, but Bryan said that the audience neither appreciated nor deserved a match between two competitors of their caliber. Ali continued his campaign for a match until finally, Bryan became enraged over his SUV ownership and slapped him in the face, igniting the violence he was looking for.

This match can be summarized quite easily: Mustafa Ali literally tried to kill himself and Daniel Bryan helped him do it.  That’s not to say Ali was squashed, he got in quite a few killer moves, but if you’ve ever seen Mustafa’s moveset, you know nothing he does is exactly easy on him.

Daniel Bryan got the victory by tap-out via heel hook, then locked in another on the ramp post-match for good measure.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Tag Team Rap Battle

The New Day officiated the rap battle, equipped with signs that described how they felt about each segment. The Bar was at a disadvantage here for obvious reasons and gave an awkward rendition of “Ice, Ice, Baby” to start things off. The Usos came back with something slightly more original in the form of a freestyle diss directed toward Sheamus and Cesaro. 

To finish it off, The Usos attacked The Bar and a brawl broke out between all three teams, with The Bar standing tall with their titles to close things out.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team

The Miz came to the ring holding the child he and Shane McMahon share (the WWE World Cup) and actually begged McMahon to join him.

Shane obliged, but only to make Miz aware that his antics with the trophy were getting creepy. Miz said he was determined to prove that they were the greatest tag team in the world, and announced their opponents for the evening: Las Vegas’ Greatest, Chip and Chad.

Chip and Chad attempted to get the better of Shane, but he quickly turned the tables and put both men down, winning the impromptu match single-handedly.

Winner: The Miz and Shane McMahon

The Viper’s Message

Randy Orton slithered to the ring to brag about his recent cruelty toward Rey Mysterio. He left his guard down a little too long, however, and was ambushed by Mysterio mid-gloat. Orton escaped this time, but the conflict will come to a head this Sunday at TLC.

Jeff Hardy and Rusev vs. Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura

Between the entrances and the action, R-Truth and Carmella cut in for a quick dance break. Samoa Joe took advantage of the distraction by attacking Hardy the moment the dance ended.

Nakamura and Joe continued to build momentum from there, cutting the ring in half and preventing Rusev from tagging in to assist his partner. Rusev eventually got the hot tag and nearly defeated Nakamura, but Joe broke the pin. Nakamura went for the Kinshasa, but was hit with a Machka Kick instead, losing the match for his team.

Winner: Jeff Hardy and Rusev

Shane McShatters Miz’s Heart

Shane McMahon confronted The Miz backstage, telling him that he had gone too far and Shane was at his limit. Miz tried to explain himself and went for a handshake, but Shane simply looked him and walked away, leaving Miz tearful and alone.

AJ Styles Interview


AJ Styles gave his thoughts on his upcoming WWE Championship match against Daniel Bryan. Despite his desperate desire to fight Daniel, he has been holding it together just so there is no chance of Bryan escaping their match at TLC due to “injury.” He may be refraining now, but when Sunday rolls around, Styles will be more than ready for a fight.

Asuka vs. Charlotte

Two members of the first-ever women’s TLC match taking place this Sunday, Asuka and Charlotte got straight to the action, Asuka clearly on a mission to avenge her loss at WrestleMania earlier this year

Charlotte talked a big game before the match, however, vowing to give Asuka and Becky Lynch (who watched from ringside) a preview of what she was going to do to them at TLC, and intended to follow up on that promise.

Both women appeared intent to break the other’s leg, laying in submission after submission with more hard-hitting spots mixed in. Unable to bring down The Empress with her own two hands, Charlotte caused a disqualification by smashing a kendo stick over Asuka’s back.

This led to a brawl around the ring between Asuka, Charlotte, and Becky (The Man couldn’t just walk away from an opportunity like that) with plenty of kendo stick brutality from all three women. Asuka was the last to grab the stick and beat down Charlotte and Becky before standing proudly on the announce desk.

Winner: Asuka (via disqualification)

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