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WWE SmackDown Live Results: August 20 2019

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The August 20 2019 edition of SmackDown Live, out of the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown Live results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1044 of SmackDown by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Kofi Kingston is Stoopid

Randy Orton opened the show, cutting a promo in which he found every possible excuse to call Kofi Kingston “stoopid.” But after everything The Viper has put him through, Kofi Kingston didn’t take too kindly to being disrespected, and Trouble in Paradise’d him outta nowhere.

Kofi positioned Randy Orton’s leg in a steel chair, ready to snap it like The Revival snapped Xavier Woods’ last night on Raw, but before he could finish the job, The Revival ran down to make the save.

This allowed Randy Orton to slither from the ring but left The Revival to take the chair shots from Kingston.

Apollo Crews vs. Andrade

King of the Ring Tournament: Round 1

Having seen, and experienced, the underhanded tactics that Andrade and his manager Zelina Vega are willing to utilize to secure Andrade the victory, Crews went for a quick victory, pinning Andrade seconds after the bell, but Andrade kicked out.

And once Andrade had returned to his feet, he responded just as aggressively to Apollo, but Apollo did an excellent job of dodging everything Andrade had to throw at him. That is until Andrade whipped him into a set of steel steps.

From here, Andrade took complete control of the action, rag dolling Apollo at ringside before throwing him back into the ring to continue the beatdown. But when Andrade went for a top rope maneuver, Apollo Crews caught up to him before he could jump. Crews failed to stop him from leaping from the ropes but did catch him in mid-air when he did.

This evened the score, and when Apollo Crews successfully hit his standing shooting star press, it appeared that he would be the one to take the victory, but, as expected, Zelina Vega wasn’t going to let this happen, and caused a distraction, allowing Andrade to hit his hammerlock DDT to get the win and advance in the tournament.

Winner: Andrade

Elias Has a Note

Elias made his way through the backstage area with his 24/7 Championship and his guitar when he saw a man very obviously in disguise. Upon confronting him, Elias found that it was a referee, who pointed him toward a storage container where Drake Maverick was hiding.

Elias opened the container and Maverick lept out, but Elias was prepared, grabbing him by the throat and brandishing a note from Shane McMahon stating that the 24/7 Championship rules had been suspended for the night so Elias could focus on his King of the Ring match against Kevin Owens.

A Moment of Bliss: Charlotte

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross came to the stage to host A Moment of Bliss, welcoming their guest for the evening, Charlotte Flair, who had actually requested to be on the show rather than being invited.

Charlotte immediately launched into an anti-Bayley speech, claiming that Bayley may be the champion, but Charlotte Flair is the face of the entire Women’s Division.

The Queen said she couldn’t wait to bring prestige back to the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship when she beat Bayley at Clash of Champions, a challenge which Bayley accepted – right before knocking Charlotte and her chair to the ground.

Buddy Murphy vs. Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns confronted Buddy Murphy as Murphy prepared for his match in the locker room, suspicious that he had lied about having seen Rowan when Roman was attacked backstage.

Murphy said he was pretty sure he saw Rowan, which didn’t seem to be enough for Reigns, but he decided he was satisfied as long as Buddy wasn’t lying about what he thought he saw – because if he was, he would pay for it.

And “trying to help” Roman is exactly what led to this match, as Bryan and Rowan did not appreciate being accused of these attempts to bring down The Big Dog. Before coming to the ring, they were shown the actual culprit under a sheet, threatening him not to move while they were gone.

Then, with Buddy Murphy standing across the ring, Daniel Bryan again accused him of being a liar, which Murphy apparently took great offense to, as he charged directly at Bryan and kneed him in the face to start the match.

And to Rowan’s shock and dismay (he was watching from ringside, of course), Buddy Murphy continued to gain momentum, hitting Bryan with a barrage of offense that Bryan didn’t anticipate.

Bryan eventually came back with a LeBell Lock, and when Murphy refused to submit, he cranked the former Cruiserweight Champion’s arm back before setting him up in the corner for a dropkick to the face. The (former) Planet’s Champ followed up with more strikes, making sure to scream “liar” in Murphy’s face as he went.

Murphy strung Bryan up in the ropes and kicked him in the face before breaking into a striking exchange. Buddy Murphy came out on top and pinned Bryan, but Bryan had his foot on the ropes.

Seeing the victory slip away from his partner, Rowan tried to cause a distraction but caught a boot to the face for his trouble. Then, after several more strikes to Bryan, Murphy finished off with a Murphy’s Law, pinning Bryan for the three-count and the win.

Buddy Murphy was backstage for his victory interview, but before he could utter a word, Rowan came out of nowhere, bulldozing him over. Daniel Bryan screamed at Rowan to “give Buddy what he deserved,” calling Murphy trash, and telling him he didn’t deserve to be there. This assault probably would have gone further, but several officials ran in to put a stop to it.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

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The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Before the match, The Revival took a moment to tear down The New Day, then tore down their opponents as well, criticizing both for not taking their tag action seriously enough.

But all of the seriousness in the world didn’t protect Dash for the bear hug he suffered at the hands of Big Tucky, and Heavy Machinery took the upper hand at the start.

The Revival came back with a vengeance, double-teaming Tucker at ringside, then in the ring. But when Otis tagged in, things went downhill quickly for Dash and Dawson, as Otis warmed Dash up with a few strikes, then hit his signature Caterpillar.

Otis and Tucky were about to take the win when Dash Wilder caught Tucker from behind and took the win via roll-up.

Winner: The Revival

Miz TV: Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn joined The Miz in the ring for this episode of Miz TV and, true to form, wasted no time in calling the audience parasites and talking about his “purpose,” which was to help his fellow SmackDown Live roster members.

And one of those competitors who enlisted Zayn’s help was ready to come to the ring right then. Shinsuke Nakamura made his way down and Sami Zayn explained to Miz that Shinsuke’s native language was Japanese, so he wouldn’t be speaking for himself, Zayn would be his mouthpiece from here on out.

Miz tried to address Nakamura, who pointed him toward Sami Zayn, distracting The Miz long enough for Shinsuke to attack him. Sami appeared to be checking on Miz after the brutal beating he took but turned out to be setting him up for the Kinshasa.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon Strike a Deal

Earlier in the evening, Kevin Owens approached Shane McMahon to formally request that he rethink the $100,000 fine that Shane had given him last week for putting hands on a WWE official (Elias).

Shane had made up his mind, he would lift the fine, as he has a family too, after all, but made sure Kevin Owens understood that if he ever attacked an official again, he would immediately be fired from WWE.

Kevin Owens vs. Elias

King of the Ring Tournament: Round 1

Fresh for his match against Kevin Owens given that he hadn’t been forced to defend the 24/7 Championship, Elias took Owens down for a pin as soon as the bell rang, but Owens wasn’t going down that easily.

The action spilled to ringside when Elias rolled out of the ring to regain his composure, and it was here that Kevin Owens gained control. Back in the ring, Owens was still taking Elias by storm when Shane McMahon’s music hit.

This distraction was enough for Elias to have gotten the better of Kevin Owens at some point during the commercial, and when Owens escaped the hold he was being held in, he caught a knee to the face, laying him out.

After trading strikes, Kevin Owens came back with a senton and attempted to follow with a powerbomb, but Elias stopped him with a kick. Elias and Owens climbed to the top rope, Owens shoving Elias off before going for the Swanton, but Elias got his knees up.

Kevin Owens was closing in on the victory with a cannonball on the outside when Shane McMahon intervened, pulling his shirt off to reveal a referee’s jersey. Shane took over the match from here, fast counting a pin from Elias and declaring him the winner.

Winner: Elias

The Big Reveal

As promised, Daniel Bryan and Rowan invited Roman Reigns to the tiny room backstage where they held his attacker prisoner. Ripping the cloth off hiding his face, Bryan revealed a Rowan look-alike. No one said a word as Bryan breathed heavily, Rowan and Rowan 2 stared at each other and then Roman, and Roman Reigns looked at all three of them disbelievingly.

SmackDown Live Results (August 20 2019)

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