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WWE SmackDown Live Results: August 13 2019

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The August 13 2019 edition of SmackDown Live, out of the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown Live results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1043 of SmackDown by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

KO Opens the Show

Kevin Owens came to the ring to kick off the August 13 2019 edition of SmackDown Live, first reminiscing with the audience about how great it was to pummel Shane McMahon at Summerslam with Owens’ entire family there to watch.

And now that Shane McMahon is out of his life, he can move on to the next goal – become King of the Ring. But as he was listing the Kings who came before him, Shane O’Mac’s music hit.

A disgusted Kevin Owens asked what reason Shane could possibly have for interrupting him, now that he’s been defeated. Shane said it was obvious, Kevin low-blowed him while the referee’s back was turned to get the win, and was, therefore, a cheater.

Shane then brought up Kevin beating Elias down during the match, and since Elias was wearing a referee’s jersey at the time, there had to be repercussions. In the form of Owens being fined $100,000. Owens put up a fight, but Shane’s decision was final; all Kevin could do was walk off angrily.

Backstage, Kevin Owens confronted Shane again, but when threatened with a lawsuit, threw a chair at a TV instead of Shane’s face.

Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon

Though she was defeated by Bayley at Summerslam, Ember Moon wasn’t prepared to walk away from competition and challenged the second highest woman on the SmackDown Women’s totem pole, Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte made the mistake of underestimating her opponent at the start, allowing Ember Moon to take the upper hand. The Queen rolled out of the ring to compose herself while the referee ensured that Moon didn’t go after her. The second the ref stepped away, Ember launched toward Charlotte in a dive. The first time, Charlotte stopped her halfway through the ropes, but the second attempt was successful.

However, things went downhill quickly once Ember was out of the ring, Charlotte using her size advantage to toss Ember Moon around ringside. Back in the ring, Ember almost had a comeback but was laid out once again by Charlotte, who was growing tired of Ember’s attempts to defeat her.

Charlotte trapped Ember in a lengthy boston crab, which Ember escaped and responded to with a takedown. Moon had The Queen shaken at this point, and took advantage of the situation by firing off a series of strikes, but it only won her a two-count.

Ember prepared for the Eclipse, and when Charlotte yanked her from the top rope, she threw Charlotte into the ring post, then superkicked her, which earned her another near fall. But with a big boot and a Figure Eight, Charlotte Flair took the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Bryan and Rowan Clear the Air

Roman Reigns has suffered multiple violent attacks recently, and when Samoa Joe’s name was cleared, Reigns went to Buddy Murphy, who had been spotted at the scene, to get answers.

Murphy pointed the finger at Rowan, but as he was being brutally attacked at the time, Bryan and Rowan were able to claim that he was simply being coerced. In reality, they had nothing to do with it.

The WWE Universe was less than convinced, but Bryan and Rowan said that they could prove that it wasn’t them, and they would do so before the night was over.

Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy requested this match less than politely because Roman Reigns caught him off guard in the locker room trying to find the answer to who had been making attempts at his life.

Murphy smacked Roman Reigns in the face early on in the match, enraging The Big Dog, but that extra emotion didn’t necessarily help him, as Buddy was actually able to hold the upper hand. That is until Roman launched him into an announce table, if only to give himself a moment to get his breath back.

When Roman had gotten himself together, he went back at Buddy again, who again best Roman with a knee strike off the steel steps. Back from commercial, Buddy had Roman by the throat in the corner, but Roman finally came back with a massive powerbomb, keeping Murphy down for a moment or two but not for good.

From here, Roman Reigns rapidly gained momentum, throwing strike after strike before hitting a big boot and powering up for the Superman Punch, but Murphy caught him in midair, throwing him shoulder-first into the ropes and attempting a pin. Roman kicked out, then left the ring, so Murphy dove to floor directly on top of him.

With a Meteora, Buddy Murphy got another near fall, but Roman persevered. Roman rocked Murphy with a punch to the face, then followed up with a Superman Punch, this time connecting, but it didn’t keep Murphy down.

Reigns tried for a third Superman Punch, connected with a knee strike from Murphy, then a brainbuster, but Roman had just as much resolve as Buddy, and continued on.

He knocked Murphy from the top rope with a nasty punch, then hit a spear once he was back in the ring, and at long last, Murphy stayed down for three.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens

As punishment for his actions at Summerslam, Shane McMahon assigned Kevin Owens a match against The Samoan Destroyer, Samoa Joe, who promised to remind Kevin that the only badass on SmackDown Live was him. And at the last minute, Elias was made special guest enforcer, just like at Summerslam.

Looking to end the match early, Kevin Owens charged directly at Joe the moment the bell rang, kicking him in the head. Owens hit a clothesline, then ran towards Joe to capitalize with his running knees, but Joe rolled out of the ring, avoiding the attack.

Kevin started to follow him but was distracted by Elias, giving Joe the edge he needed to take control. Back in the ring, Kevin connected with a senton, but couldn’t keep Joe down, so he upped his game and hit a Swanton, but still, Joe kicked out.

Kevin went for a Stunner, which Joe countered with a Coquina Clutch. Owens broke free and got in a pop-up powerbomb. This would have won him the match if Elias hadn’t pulled the referee from the ring during the pin. While Kevin was distracted, Joe grabbed him from behind and pinned him. Elias fast counted while he was down, making Samoa Joe the winner.

Winner: Samoa Joe

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Bryan and Rowan Get “The Truth”

Poor Buddy Murphy can’t catch a break. Minutes after his match with Roman Reigns, he was confronted in the locker room by Daniel Bryan and Rowan, who beat him down even worse than Roman did last week when he refused to say that he lied to The Big Dog.

Bryan screamed at Buddy Murphy while Rowan clobbered him until he said the words “I lied.” But Bryan hates liars, so Buddy took a bit more abuse for straying from the truth.

The New Day vs. The Revival and Randy Orton

With Kofi Kingston by their side, Big E and Xavier Woods took on The Revival, who said they ruined the SmackDown Live Tag Division with all of their jokes.

But before the match began, before The Revival had even made their entrance, Randy Orton came to the stage. He told Kofi Kingston that he took the easy way out of their match at Summerslam, and what’s worse, he did it in front of his wife and children.

To get back at Kofi Kingston for “running away” at Summerslam, Randy inserted himself in the match, making it a 6-man.

Orton considered starting the match off against Kofi Kingston but decided to give the ring to Scott Dawson instead, who was quickly dragged into the New Day’s corner and beaten down.

Dawson made his way back to his corner, tagging in Dash Wilder when he did, and though The Revival did their best to double team a now active Xavier Woods, Woods managed to hold them off – at least at first.

With their impeccable teamwork, Dawson and Dash eventually wore Woods down, “injuring” his left arm before serving him up to The Viper, who hurled him into one of the announce tables.

Back from commercial, Scott Dawson had Xavier Woods back in the ring, still focusing all of his attention on Woods’ left arm. When Woods made his escape, Big E came in full steam ahead, running everyone off except Dash Wilder.

Big E nearly defeated Dash, but Dawson came in to make the save. Kofi Kingston tagged in, also almost taking Dash down, but Randy Orton interfered. Kofi tagged Xavier Woods before diving to the floor, taking Orton out.

Woods tried his best against Dash and Dawson, but with his arm so badly injured, there was only so much he could do, enabling The Revival to hit the Shatter Machine and take the win.

Post-match, The Revival began to beat down Woods even more, so Kofi Kingston lept in with a Trouble in Paradise, which laid them out, but Randy Orton was back on his feet by this point. The Viper hit Kofi Kingston with an RKO first, then Xavier Woods, and last, Big E. And then a second to Kofi Kingston for good measure.

Winner: The Revival and Randy Orton

Roman Reigns Confronts Bryan and Rowan

Roman Reigns went looking for Daniel Bryan and Rowan, finding them in the locker room where they had just assaulted Buddy Murphy. Bryan and Rowan demanded an apology from Roman and felt especially deserving of one since he apologized to Samoa Joe when he found out Joe wasn’t involved in the attacks.

Roman wasn’t convinced and appeared to consider attacking Bryan and Rowan, but to prevent any potential injury to themselves, Bryan revealed that he and Rowan had done some investigating. And they had found out who was behind the attacks, but Roman would have to wait until next week to find out.

August 13 2019 SmackDown Live Results

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