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WWE SmackDown Live Preview: September 3 2019

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The September 3 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown Live is taking place later this evening.

The following “quick hits” are advertised to be included in tonight’s show:

1. King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: Ali vs. Elias

Last night on Raw, the quarter-finals of the King of the Ring tournament began, and will continue tonight on SmackDown Live. Ali made it this far fair and square, defeating Buddy Murphy in what was the best match in the tournament to this point, but Elias, not so much.

In his match against Kevin Owens, Shane McMahon gave Elias more than a bit of a leg up, sneaking in a few shots on Owens before revealing a referee’s uniform under his shirt and taking over the position, fast-counting Elias’ pin of Owens and awarding him the win.

While it’s possible that Shane will interfere a second time, his motives for doing so before were more to trip up Kevin Owens than to help Elias, so Ali has a much higher possibility of advancing than Elias’ previous competition.

2. King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: Chad Gable vs. Andrade

Somewhat like Elias but in a far less blatant manner, Andrade defeated Apollo Crews with a helping hand from his manager, Zelina Vega. And though Chad Gable came out on top of the match against Shelton Benjamin by the skin of his teeth, he did progress to the next round.

Unlike the Elias/Shane McMahon situation, it’s extremely likely that Zelina Vega will lend a hand again, it’s more a question of whether or not Chad Gable will be able to overcome these obstacles.

3. The Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan Saga Continues

Though Daniel Bryan appeared to be caught red-handed in the attacks on Roman Reigns at the end of last week’s episode of SmackDown Live, the Planet’s Champ is still maintaining his innocence.

And because he is insisting that his protector Rowan hatched these plans to take Roman Reigns out all on his own, Daniel Bryan is continuing his demands for an apology from The Big Dog.

But Roman Reigns has always seemed less than convinced, especially when dropping Daniel Bryan with a spear when he came to the ring to discuss the situation with Reigns face-to-face. So the chances of Reigns apologizing to Daniel are quite low.

4. Kofi Kingston Responds to Randy Orton

Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton have been trading brutal attacks for weeks at this point, going back and forth in acts of revenge. But last week on SmackDown Live, Randy Orton took things a step too far, threatening Kofi Kingston’s son, Kai, as he knew where Kofi’s family was staying that night.

Kofi Kingston sprinted to the backstage area where Randy Orton stood, doing his best to bring The Viper down, but Orton got the upper hand, laying Kingston out before officials could separate them.

Tonight, their heated rivalry continues, as Kofi Kingston has planned his response to Orton’s savage behavior.

5. What’s Next for Bayley After Last Night’s Attack?

Last night on Raw, Bayley teamed up with Becky Lynch to take on the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, in the first-ever Women’s Championship Showcase.

Despite their differences, SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Bayley and Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch were able to combine forces and (almost) successfully brought down their fellow champions.

But as they were closing in on the victory, Sasha Banks, who had made her way down to ringside to observe the action, attacked Becky Lynch, causing a disqualification. Bayley had been incapacitated outside of the ring but at this point, came back in, armed with a steel chair.

The Huggable One had a decision to make: help her best friend Sasha Banks in beating down The Man, or saving her fellow horsewoman and current tag partner.

She chose the former, smashing the steel chair over Becky Lynch’s back multiple times while The Boss leered at the destruction behind her.

Bayley’s Clash of Champions match is against Charlotte, but she has now made an enemy out of The Man as well. And tonight, we will discover what lies ahead for the now-former sweetheart of SmackDown Live.

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How are you feeling about the September 3 2019 edition of SmackDown Live? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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