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WWE SmackDown Live Preview: September 24 2019

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The September 24 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown Live is taking place later this evening.

The following “quick hits” are advertised to be included in tonight’s show:

1. Roman Reigns Attempts to Put His and Daniel Bryan’s Differences Aside

In the wake of the vicious attacks launched against both of them at the hands of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, Roman Reigns has decided that it’s high time he and Daniel Bryan bury the hatchet once and for all, as it has become clear that they both have bigger fish to fry.

Daniel Bryan has agreed, but the new Daniel Bryan always has a trick or two up his sleeve, and will no doubt have an agenda if he does agree to mend his relationship with The Big Dog.

2. Exclusive Interview with Kofi Kingston Regarding the Return of Brock Lesnar

The Beast returned to SmackDown Live last week and wasted absolutely no time going after WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. And after he and his advocate Paul Heyman issued a challenge for the first episode of SmackDown Live on Fox, Brock Lesnar decided to give Kofi Kingston a taste of what awaits him in their WWE Championship Match.

Lifting Kofi Kingston above his head, Brock Lesnar threw him in an F5 to make a point. Tonight on SmackDown Live, Kofi Kingston will give his thoughts on this encounter and his upcoming match with The Beast in an exclusive interview.

3. The Queen and The Princess Team Up Against Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection

Charlotte Flair has had just about enough of Sasha Banks and Bayley and their unsportsmanlike behavior and, apparently, so has Carmella, as she unexpectedly saved Charlotte Flair from a 2-on-1 attack last week on SmackDown Live.

Though Charlotte and Carmella have a common goal, they do not have a bond like that between Bayley and Sasha Banks and will have their work cut out for them if they want to come out on top.

4. Shane McMahon Looks to Smooth Things Over with Kevin Owens

Shane McMahon went from dropping a $100,000 fine on Kevin Owens to lifting it to firing him in the span of two weeks. Fed up with the mistreatment, Kevin Owens served Shane with a “record” lawsuit.

After hearing the list of reasons why KO had a strong case against Shane O’Mac, Shane has decided that there are just too many big things happening in the company right now to be dealing with something as silly as a lawsuit, and has invited Kevin Owens to have a conversation with him tonight in an effort to settle things between them.

Check out the top moments from last week’s episode of SmackDown Live

How are you feeling about the September 24 2019 edition of SmackDown Live? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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