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WWE SmackDown Live Results: July 30 2019

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The July 30 2019 edition of SmackDown Live, out of the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE SmackDown Live results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1041 of SmackDown by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

The Kevin Owens Show Begins

Before the show officially started, Shane McMahon announced via telecast that he would not be making an appearance on SmackDown Live because he was focusing on himself for the evening. But he did want to address the match between himself and Kevin Owens at Summerslam, revealing that if Kevin Owens lost the match, he would have to quit WWE.

Kevin Owens then made his way to the ring, first to mockingly commiserate with the audience about the lack of Shane O’Mac, and then to make it clear that he intended to destroy Shane at Summerslam.

Owens started to leave the ring but was stopped by Drew McIntyre, who informed him that he had a match. Against Drew. Right then. And then punched Kevin in the face, threw him out of the ring, and launched him into the announce tables.

Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre

Back from commercial, Kevin Owens had made it back into the ring but was still receiving a beating at the hands of Drew McIntyre. Owens slowly came back with a combination of dodging McIntyre’s attacks and throwing strikes of his own until he eventually got a near fall with a cannonball.

Soon after, Owens pinned McIntyre again, this time with a frog splash but again, McIntyre kicked out. Owens continued to throw everything he had at McIntyre, and though he came close multiple times, Drew overcame pin after pin, including a Swanton and a popup powerbomb.

When the action spilled outside of the ring for the second time, Kevin Owens managed to hit a Stunner on the announce table, following it up with a second back inside, and finally kept McIntyre down for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Ember Moon and Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Before the match, Bayley and Ember Moon had a short discussion backstage where Bayley assured Ember that she was willing to put their differences aside in order to defeat their common enemy. Ember didn’t seem all that sold on the idea but said nothing to dispute it.

Ember and Bayley held the upper hand rather easily at first, as Alexa Bliss started off for her team, but when Nikki Cross tagged in, things went downhill quickly. Nikki and Alexa cornered Bayley, using double team tactics to wear her down.

When Ember got the hot tag, she came in at full speed, overwhelming both of her opponents and even landing an Eclipse on Nikki Cross, but was almost immediately hit with a Twisted Bliss, losing the match.

Post-match, Bayley appeared to be helping Ember Moon back to her feet but turned out to have less than honorable intentions, as she suplexed Moon the moment she had her legs under her. That being said, it’s only fair, as Ember attacked Bayley last time they were in the ring together.

Winner: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Sami Zayn Picks a Fight

Since Aleister Black decimated his original challenger, Cesaro, he’s back to sitting in his dark room awaiting the next opportunity for competition.

In an interview with Kayla Braxton, Sami Zayn revealed that he’s been quietly watching Aleister Black give his sad speeches in his dark room, and has decided to put Black out of his misery by defeating him at Summerslam.

Chances are extremely high that Sami Zayn will come to regret this decision.

The King’s Court

In a special edition of The King’s Court, Jerry Lawler came to the ring and invited his guest for the evening, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, to join him. They reminisced about the good old days and how great Raw Reunion was, even though Trish had to miss it, then Jerry asked if Trish ever thought about getting in the ring one last time.

Trish said no, as much as she loves WWE, she’s a mom now and has other responsibilities. At this, Charlotte Flair made her entrance, reprimanding Jerry Lawler for holding King’s Court without The Queen, then accusing Trish of not wanting to get back in the ring because she knew she couldn’t hack it against today’s women and using “being a mom” as an excuse.

Apparently, Charlotte Flair pressed all the right buttons, because when her speech was over, Trish Stratus agreed to a match against The Queen at Summerslam.

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Firefly Fun House

Instead of the usual Bray Wyatt, Rambling Rabbit opened the Fun House by telling the WWE Universe that he’s Finn Bálor’s biggest fan, and because he loves Finn so much, he felt the need to say that Bálor is making a huge mistake by challenging Bray at Summerslam.

He went on to say that The Fiend had been unleashed and that nobody understood what the Fun House really was, but before he could elaborate, he was yanked out of the frame.

Bray Wyatt stepped in, shrugging off the abrupt ending to Rabbit’s speech and laughing hysterically before suddenly becoming serious. The Fiend flashed on the screen and you heard “let me in”.

Daniel Bryan’s Announcement

Daniel Bryan and Rowan were shown backstage, where they were again given the chance to give Bryan’s “career-altering announcement”. Bryan stood in front of Kayla Braxton for a moment or two, angry as ever, before again deciding against blessing the WWE Universe with his announcement and stalking off.

Finn Bálor vs. Dolph Ziggler

As Dolph Ziggler managed to escape the match with Seth Rollins last night on Raw due to an attack from Brock Lesnar, Finn Bálor took it upon himself to teach Ziggler to respect legends like Shawn Michaels.

This probably didn’t pan out quite as Bálor hoped, as Ziggler was able to keep pace with him for much of the match. If anything, Ziggler was more dominant than Bálor. Finn began to pick up steam with a slingblade, but just a victory seemed to be within reach, the lights flickered and The Fiend appeared in the ring.

When the lights came back on, The Fiend was gone, but Bálor was so bewildered that Ziggler was able to sneak in with a Zigzag, winning the match. Finn Bálor is certainly going to have his work cut out for him at Summerslam.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ali

Determined not to lose to Shinsuke Nakamura a second time (Ali had an opportunity to win the Intercontinental Championship at SmackVille), Ali flung himself toward Nakamura the second the match began.

Not to be outdone, Nakamura came back with just as much fire, going for a Kinshasa, but Ali cut him off with a superkick. Ali tried to hit a 540, which Nakamura dodged, but Ali soon took the victory with a roll-up, visibly frustrating the IC Champ.

Winner: Ali

The Viper Gives a Statement

With an excellent video package (as WWE vignettes always are) behind him, Randy Orton gave an overview of the feud between himself and Kofi Kingston, outlining all of the reasons why he was going to defeat the WWE Champion at Summerslam because he’s simply better than Kofi.

AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston

AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston had some less than friendly champion vs. champion competition to determine who was the better man. With the remaining members of The New Day and The OC at ringside, however, Kofi Kingston struggled to gain momentum, as The OC provided plenty of distraction.

After AJ Styles threw Kofi Kingston into the announcer’s area, he got even further ahead, but Kofi refused to give up, firing back with a DDT and shifting the action in his favor. Styles either dodged or powered through everything Kofi could throw at him, including a Trouble in Paradise, and when Kofi finally had Styles pinned, The OC pulled Styles to safety.

A brawl broke out at ringside, which Kofi broke up with a dive to the outside. Back in the ring, AJ Styles continued to persevere, but when Kofi connected with a Trouble in Paradise, Styles was defeated at last.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Roman Reigns’ Summerslam Challenge

Roman Reigns made his way toward Kayla Braxton’s interview area backstage to reveal what his “Summerslam challenge” would be, but as he approached, Kayla screamed for him to look out, the camera panned back, and a giant lighting rig was falling right on top of him.

Luckily, Roman was able to walk away unscathed but decided to do just that instead of making his announcement given his near-death experience.

SmackDown Live July 30 2019 Results

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