Saturday, March 25, 2023

WWE Shifting Focus Toward New Stars

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As we head into tonight’s WWE Network pay-per-view special, WWE Backlash, I can’t help but notice that Vince McMahon and creative seem to be paying more attention to their new toys.

It took some time, but thanks to Triple H, WWE finally has the talent needed to rely much less on part-timers and legends to sell tickets.

For instance, Shinsuke Nakamura is making his WWE main roster debut and is featured on all the major advertisements for the event. The way WWE has gone about introducing Nakamura to their mainstream audience, a crowd that isn’t as familiar with The King of Strong Style’s work, has been nothing short of spectacular.

Nakamura has rightfully been presented as a star; it’s very obvious that WWE has big things in store for him in the near future.

Tyler Breeze, someone who I think has a bright future in WWE, is competing as a member of the team ‘Breezango’ for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships. Breeze was excellent during his NXT days, and I feel like he can pick up right where he left off if given more opportunities to do so.

Kevin Owens and AJ Styles are facing off for the United States Championship in what is no doubt a contender for match of the night. These Superstars are arguably two of the most talented performers in the world, and it’s exciting to see the United States Championship become relevant again.


Other matches on the card, such as Sami Zayn versus Baron Corbin and Luke Harper versus Eric Rowan, also show that WWE is making better use of their talented roster than they were a few years ago.

Although Luke Harper and Sami Zayn are both incredibly talented, they are rarely featured in prominent roles. They are in the spotlight tonight, however, and a singles match on a WWE pay-per-view is valued television time.

I have no doubt that both guys will take this opportunity and make the most of it.


Looking ahead to WrestleMania 34, WWE is building the foundation needed to create an epic card that doesn’t rely on multiple part-timers and guys that are past their prime in order to sell out the Superdome in New Orleans.

The Undertaker is no more, John Cena isn’t getting any younger, and Brock Lesnar seems to be on his way out. It’s time for WWE to focus on the future, and I think the people in charge are finally starting to understand that.

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