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WWE Royal Rumble 2018: Match Results, Review, and Analysis

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Kickoff Match

Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado vs. TJP, Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak


This match was good, but the building was still 99% empty when the final bell rang, so there was little to no fan response throughout the bout.

At one point, Team Lucha Things hit a triple moonsault to the floor (see the tweet above for the gif) which got a nice reaction from us.

Kalisto got the win for his team via the Salida del Sol. 

Winner: Kalisto, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado 


Kickoff Match

The Club vs. The Revival


The Revival spent the majority of the match picking apart Karl Anderson, specifically his left leg/knee. There were a ton of awesome tag spots that only these guys would think of. Both teams know how to do tag team wrestling right.

Dash Wilder hit a nasty chop block on Karl Anderson’s bad leg to get the win for The Revival.

Winner: The Revival 


Kickoff Match

The United States Championship Open Challenge

Bobby Roode (c) vs. ???


Bobby Roode laid down the challenge, and Mojo Rawley answered it.

Unlike the first two pre-show matchups, this bout wasn’t good, but it was at least quick.

Roode got the win via the Glorious DDT to retain the US title.

Winner: Bobby Roode 


WWE Championship Match

AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


This may have been the best handicap match we’ve ever seen…

Things started off hot, with Owens and Zayn using frequent tags to stay fresh and wear down the champ. They were constantly cutting off half of the ring, even though Styles did not have a partner to tag in, keeping the Phenomenal One on their side of town.

Styles made things as even as possible by aggravating Owen’s bad leg, and disposing Zayn to the outside to get a one-on-one showdown with Owens.

Styles survived and retained when he reversed the pop-up powerbomb with a rollup. Owens may not have been the legal man, so this could lead to something down the line. Stay tuned…

Winner: AJ Styles 


2-out-of-3 Falls Match

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship

The Usos (c) vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin


Gable and Benjamin spent the early part of the match working over Jimmy Uso’s leg, which apparently was the body part to attack tonight.

Unlike most 2-out-of-3 falls matches, the first fall did not happen in the first few minutes of the bout, which was a pleasant change of pace.

The Usos got the first fall via a fury of superkicks on Gable. Soon after, they got the second pinfall to win the match 2-0. Kind of an awkward and abrupt ending to a really good match.

Winner: The Usos 


Men’s Royal Rumble Match


Order of Entrants

  1. Rusev
  2. Finn Bálor
  3. Rhyno
  4. Baron Corbin
  5. Heath Slater
  6. Elias
  7. Andrade “Cien” Almas
  8. Bray Wyatt
  9. Big E
  10. Tye Dillinger Sami Zayn
  11. Sheamus
  12. Xavier Woods
  13. Apollo Crews
  14. Shinsuke Nakamura
  15. Cesaro
  16. Kofi Kingston
  17. Jinder Mahal
  18. Seth Rollins
  19. Matt Hardy
  20. John Cena
  21. The Hurricane
  22. Aiden English
  23. Adam Cole
  24. Randy Orton
  25. Titus O’Neil
  26. The Miz
  27. Rey Mysterio
  28. Roman Reigns
  29. Goldust
  30. Dolph Ziggler

Notable Moments

  • Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attacked Tye Dillinger, and Zayn took his number 10 entrant spot. Owens did not appear to be too happy that Zayn got the spot over him.
  • Kofi Kingston’s annual “avoid being eliminated by being awesome” spot involved him keeping one foot on a plate of pancakes that were on the floor. A little bit of humor is a nice change of pace in a match like this.
  • Surprise entrants included The Hurricane, Rey Mysterio, Andrade “Cien” Almas, Adam Cole, and Dolph Ziggler.
  • The final four consisted of Bálor, Reigns, Cena and Nakamura. Nakamura eliminated Reigns to win the bout and conclude an excellent Rumble match.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura 


Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (c) vs. The Bar


The crowd was dead for this match, which is understandable considering how thrilling the men’s Rumble was.

Jordan was “injured” early on in the bout, which means Rollins had to fight off The Bar by himself for the majority of the contest. Those two are probably going to be feuding sooner rather than later.

The Bar got the W and became Raw Tag Team Champions once again.

Winner: The Bar


Universal Championship Match

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane


Once again, the crowd was still pretty dead from the men’s Rumble match.

Early on, Strowman kneed Lesnar in the head, and Lesnar retaliated with a nasty right hand that legitimately rocked Strowman. Brutal stuff.

Tons of brawling, table spots, and concussions to go around for everyone. The entire match was violent as hell.

Lesnar got the win via the F-5 on Kane.

Winner: Brock Lesnar


Women’s Royal Rumble Match


Order of Entrants

  1. Sasha Banks
  2. Becky Lynch
  3. Sarah Logan
  4. Mandy Rose
  5. Lita
  6. Kairi Sane
  7. Tamina
  8. Dana Brooke
  9. Tori Wilson
  10. Sonya Deville
  11. Liv Morgan
  12. Molly Holly
  13. Lana
  14. Michelle McCool
  15. Ruby Riott
  16. Vickie Guerrero
  17. Carmella
  18. Natalya
  19. Kelly Kelly
  20. Naomi
  21. Jacqueline
  22. Nia Jax
  23. Ember Moon
  24. Beth Phoenix
  25. Asuka
  26. Mickie James
  27. Nikki Bella
  28. Brie Bella
  29. Bayley
  30. Trish Stratus

Notable Moments

  • Sasha Banks was the MVP of the match, staying in the ring a whopping 54:43.
  • Friends turning on friends was the theme of the match. Natalya turned on Beth Phoenix, Nikki Bella turned on Brie Bella, just to name a few.
  • There was a grand total of 13 surprise entrants.
  • Asuka won the match, eliminating Nikki Bella last. Afterwards, Ronda Rousey arrived and interrupted Asuka before she could make her choice as to which champion she was going to face at WrestleMania. The show ended with Rowdy Ronda pointing at the WrestleMania sign.

Winner: Asuka


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