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WWE Raw Results: September 16 2019

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The September 16 2019 edition of WWE Raw, out of Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1373 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Seth Rollins Addresses The Fiend

Seth Rollins opened the show to discuss the events of last night’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view. He detailed both of his title matches before going into what he really wanted to talk about – The Fiend’s attack to close the show. He said that he would be facing The Fiend inside the cell at Hell in a Cell next month, but just as he was about to go into further detail, Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen.

Bray said he was so glad Seth Rollins was okay after what The Fiend did to him, which Rollins struggled to understand. As usual, Ramblin’ Rabbit popped up from the floor, telling Seth that he didn’t know what he was getting into, The Fiend was sick, he needed to run. Bray Wyatt obviously wasn’t having this and shooed Rabbit away before telling Seth that friends can always forgive other friends, but The Fiend never forgets.

The mention of his alter ego brought out the darker side of Bray, who stared Rollins down menacingly for a few moments before happily telling him he’d see him in hell, ending the segment – except that the graphics that were shown afterward (while the Firefly Fun House theme played) were upsidedown.

The Monster Is Angry

Angry after a double defeat last night, Braun Strowman made his way to the ring, promising that anyone who happened to be there when he arrived would get those hands.

As luck would have it, both sets of tag champions, The Revival and Dolph Ziggler/Robert Roode, were in the ring. And get those hands, they did. Braun Strowman chased all four men away, smashing into anyone he could reach.

The OC (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, & Luke Gallows) vs. Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders

Cedric Alexander promised to get revenge on AJ Styles for the savage beating he and The OC laid on him at Clash of Champions, and waste no time in doing so. And tonight, he showed just how serious he was about this by coming to the ring with The Viking Raiders to take on his tormentors.

As expected, Erik and Ivar helped Cedric Alexander take The OC down a peg (or twelve), to start the match, nearly defeating Karl Anderson with double team maneuvers, but he managed to continue.

But The OC are no strangers to a challenge and made a comeback by teaming up to wear down Erik, who suffered quite a beating before making it back to his corner to tag in Ivar. Ivar had much better luck against The OC, but things went downhill quickly for their team once Cedric Alexander tagged in.

Karl Anderson and AJ Styles double-teamed Alexander, who soon lost to a Phenomenal Forearm when he simply couldn’t fight off both competitors at once. Post-match, The OC attempted another beatdown on Alexander, but this time, The Viking Raiders were there to even the odds, and after a dive from Ivar, everyone but Styles and Alexander was taken out.

Cedric Alexander did his best to keep Styles at bay, but with a Styles Clash from the middle rope, Styles kept him down once again.

Winner: The OC

Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable

King of the Ring Finals

Knowing that he was at a size disadvantage, Chad Gable charged straight for Baron Corbin, who wisely backed into the ropes, forcing Gable to back off momentarily. Which was exactly what Corbin wanted, as the slowing of Gable’s momentum allowed him the in he needed to overpower his opponent.

And it was all Baron Corbin from here, who almost won by countout after launching Gable into the time keeper’s area and then with a disgusting lariat, and when Chad Gable still didn’t stay down, he continued to batter his competition, promising the crowd that the crown would be on his head before long.

Baron became so confident that he almost allowed himself to fall victim to Gable’s ankle lock, but Gable didn’t stop there. After Baron had returned to his feet, Gable dodged his attack, sending Corbin into the ring post and laying him out, which Gable took advantage of with a missile dropkick.

Corbin again regained momentum, rag dolling Chad Gable around the ringside area, which eventually backfired, as Chad unexpectedly rolled into the ring, using Corbin’s own speed against him to send him flying into the steel steps.

Gable smashed Corbin’s ankle into the ring post, but caught a Deep Six when he tried to follow up with another attack. Chad Gable hit multiple german suplexes before trapping Corbin in a brutal ankle lock, and almost won the match there, but Corbin made it to the ropes just before tapping out.

Before Chad Gable had a chance to renew his attempts to bring down Baron, The Lone Wolf hit his End of Days finisher and became King of the Ring.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Mike Kanellis vs. Ricochet

During Maria Kanellis’ gender reveal, hosted by The Street Profits, Maria announced that she was having a boy… and it was Ricochet’s! Mike Kanellis obviously was extremely upset by this news, and, despite Ricochet insisting that Maria was lying, smacked Ricochet in the face, demanding that they settle things in the ring right then.

Ricochet reluctantly followed Mike to the ring, not wanting to fight this poor man for no reason, but ultimately had no choice, and after a short match, took the win with the Recoil.

Mike Kanellis sobbed in the ring under the weight of all the misfortunes he had suffered thanks to his wife, and Ricochet shook his head as he walked away, knowing that there was nothing he could do to convince Mike that he was wrong.

Winner: Ricochet

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Rusev vs. Mike Kanellis

To make matters worse for the already downtrodden Mike Kanellis, his wife came to the stage to berate him. She said she was lying, Ricochet wasn’t the father, she was trying to motivate him. But she would tell him the truth. The real father was – and Rusev made his entrance!

Mike said he didn’t have the emotional or physical energy for another match, so if Rusev was the father, he really didn’t care at this point. But Rusev didn’t want to hear it, flinging Mike Kanellis around ringside before tapping him out with his Accolade submission.

Winner: Rusev

Kane’s Still Got It

In celebration of retaining his 24/7 Championship last night at Clash of Champions, R-Truth and Carmella took a tour of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Tennessee, where they were met by Knox County Mayor, Glenn Jacobs, known as Kane in a former life.

Kane sneakily separated Truth from Carmella, showing him the Neyland Stadium and introducing him to a police officer, who was actually a referee. R-Truth turned to run but accidentally ran into a pole, knocking himself out. This made it very easy for Kane to take the 24/7 Championship for himself, which had clearly been his goal all along.

Later, Truth stealthily rode on top of President Kane’s limousine, taking the 24/7 Title back from Kane as he stepped out of the vehicle. Kane snatched Truth by the throat, preparing for a chokeslam, but Truth talked him down by reminding the Mayor that he would have no time to be both the leader of Knox County and 24/7 Champion, and Kane opted to enjoy the rest of Raw with Truth instead.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cesaro

Despite being unprepared for the match, as he was in business casual rather than his usual gear, Cesaro came close to taking the win before he even had his shirt off.

And the Swiss Cyborg continued to dominate until Rey Mysterio came back with a 619 to Cesaro’s spine followed by a tornado DDT off the apron. Back from commercial, Cesaro was back in control, using his power advantage to keep Mysterio grounded.

Mysterio hit Cesaro with a crossbody, who caught him in midair, but before Cesaro could do anything else, Mysterio slammed him down to the mat, following up with a kick to the face and another DDT.

But this wasn’t enough to keep Cesaro down, who came back with a kick to the face of his own. Rey Mysterio tried for another 619, but Cesaro caught him, throwing him down into a knee. Cesaro mockingly went for a Three Amigos, which Rey Mysterio stopped midway. Mysterio climbed the ropes for a frog splash, was caught by Cesaro, but still took the win with a Mysterio Express.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

AOP Return

In one of the coolest AOP segments of all time, Akam and Rezar were shown in suits in a dark room. They spoke about their coming return to the ring after a long hiatus due to injury but did it in their native languages, which is always a good decision.

Performers are able to show so much more personality when they aren’t forced to speak English, a language they may not be fully confident in.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection

In an effort to make their way back into the Women’s Tag Team Championship picture, Bayley and Sasha Banks took on Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, hoping that a victory over the champs would lead to a future title match.

But Bayley and Sasha came into the match a little too confident, and this disregard for their opponents allowed Alexa Bliss to quickly take the upper hand over Bayley.

Sasha Banks tried to assist her friend at ringside but was taken out by Bliss as well, and after Bayley was thrown back into the ring, Nikki and Alexa continued the beatdown.

Bayley eventually managed to bring Nikki Cross over to her corner, where she and Sasha Banks double-teamed the champ. Alexa Bliss tried to relieve her partner but was jerked off the apron by Bayley, who pummeled her outside of the ring while Sasha Banks took down Nikki inside.

Back from commercial, Alexa Bliss had been taken to the backstage area after suffering an “injury” at the hands of Bayley, and Bayley was in the ring abusing her tag partner, Nikki Cross, who was now in a 2-on-1 battle.

But watching her best friend be treated so viciously only increased Nikki’s desire to defeat Boss ‘n’ Hug, and she destroyed both Bayley and Sasha Banks. Nikki Cross hit Bayley with a DDT immediately followed by her swinging neckbreaker, and would have won the match, had Sasha not broken the pin.

Banks took over from there, connecting with a backstabber and trapping Nikki in a Banks Statement, winning the match. Sasha was about to cause more damage with a steel chair when Becky Lynch ran in to make the save, armed with her own chair.

Bayley and Sasha faced Becky, each with chairs, and even though Becky seemed unfazed by these unfavorable odds, Charlotte Flair decided to join the party, kicking Bayley in the face before beating her down with her own steel chair.

Becky Lynch got the better of Sasha Banks, and stood tall in the ring next to The Queen while Bayley and Sasha cowered on the floor.

Backstage, Sasha Banks angrily challenged Becky Lynch to a rematch at Hell in a Cell, which Becky soon accepted, but upped the ante by suggesting that their match be inside the cell.

Winner: Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection

Lacey Evans vs. Dana Brooke

Lacey Evans was completely unconcerned with Dana Brooke as she made her way down the ramp and into the ring – and was pretty much instantly made to regret this, as Dana Brooke laid into her with an intensity neither Lacey nor the audience expected.

But once Lacey got her feet back under her, it was all over for Dana, and after a quick comeback, laid Dana out with a Woman’s Right. And she could have taken the win then, but instead decided to make a statement by locking in a Sharpshooter, shouting out Natalya while she did it.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Seth Rollins vs. Robert Roode

In somewhat of a Clash of Champions rematch, Seth Rollins took on Robert Roode, half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, while the other half, Dolph Ziggler, cheered him on from ringside. Seth Rollins’ former partner, Braun Strowman, wanted nothing to do with him.

Rollins and Strowman went back and forth for a few minutes, Dolph Ziggler doing his best to prevent Rollins from gaining too much steam, which Rollins was able to overcome for a solid portion of the match, but eventually gave Roode an opportunity to take the upper hand.

Back from commercial, Roode connected with a backbreaker, thinking this had won him the match, but Seth Rollins kicked out of the pin. Rollins rolled out, hoping to take a moment to catch his breath, but was forced to fight off Ziggler instead, which he did with a superkick before jumping back in the ring to refocus on Roode.

Seth Rollins got a much-needed breather after a Falcon Arrow but worked to follow up as quickly as possible to prevent Roode from regaining his strength. He wasn’t fast enough, however, and Roode followed him to the top rope.

Rollins slid out from under Roode, throwing him down before hitting his Curb Stomp, and would have won the match, but Dolph Ziggler interfered, causing a disqualification. As Ziggler was attacking Rollins, things would only get worse for The Kingslayer, because The OC joined in, hitting Seth with a Magic Killer.

In a 5-on-1 attack, The OC, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode all took turns beating Rollins down until Kane made his entrance! Kane chokeslammed everyone in sight (except Rollins, of course), then prepared for his signature pyro spot.

And then the lights slowly went out around the Demon. Bray Wyatt had been hinting at an attack all night, claiming that his “wall of friends” had room for another and had apparently chosen his prey.

The Fiend took Kane down with a Mandible Claw before turning his attention on Seth Rollins, who looked absolutely terrified as he tried to escape, but was so badly beaten that all he could do was back into the corner of the ring. As Rollins shrunk into the corner, The Fiend crawled nearer and nearer until he was centimeters from Rollins’ face, but only gave Rollins a sinister stare.

Winner: Seth Rollins (via disqualification)

WWE Raw Results (September 16 2019)

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