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WWE Raw Results: October 7 2019

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The October 7 2019 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1376 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Rusev Snaps

The second the opening video package had come to an end, we saw Baron Corbin and Randy Orton beating Rusev down. And if the night hadn’t started bad enough for the Bulgarian Brute, Bobby Lashley appeared on the big screen and caught his attention.

Bobby was shown in Rusev’s house, climbing into Rusev’s bed before he was joined by Rusev’s wife, Lana, who announced that she was leaving Rusev and taking everything they owned for herself.

Randy Orton and Baron Corbin giggled through this video and paid for their disrespect when Rusev unleashed all of his frustrations on them. Rusev pummeled both Orton and Corbin before destroying part of the set as well and stomping off.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans

Last Woman Standing Match

Before the action got underway, Lacey Evans set a trash can with Natalya’s name on it near the ring (as she had previously promised on twitter) and cut a promo about it being the end of the road for the rivalry between Natalya and herself, and what better way to end it with a “last lady standing” match. Because only one of them was a lady, so it was clear which one of them would be taking the victory.

Despite Lacey’s well-laid plans, Natalya got the early advantage, rag dolling Lacey both in the ring and out before locking in a Sharpshooter to inflict more damage.

However, Lacey came very close to winning when she swung Natalya into the barricade, keeping her down for a count of 7. Lacey briefly considered introducing a foreign object into the match but decided against it – sort of.

Rather than pulling a table from beneath the ring, Lacey simply smashed Natalya’s face into the nearest set of steel steps.

Back from commercial, Lacey was in the middle of flinging Natalya into the announcer’s area, smashing a kendo stick over her back before she could return to her feet. After several kendo strikes, it looked like Nattie was going to lose the match, but stood up at the 9 count – which Lacey Evans responded to by shoving Natalya face-first into the ring post.

Lacey trapped Natalya in an announcer’s chair with a kendo stick, and when Natalya again found the strength to stand, The Southern Belle resumed her kendo strikes.

Time after time, Natalya stood with mere milliseconds to spare, so Lacey demolished her with the garbage can she had brought to the ring. Brawling up the ramp, Lacey threw Natalya into the led board over the stage, then cleared off the announce table, suplexing her opponent on top of it.

Lacey threw Natalya into the set again and again, but in the final moments, Natalya managed to catch Lacey off guard, hurling her into the led board before lifting her into the air and powerbombing her off the stage to win the match.

Winner: Natalya

The Viking Raiders vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

Erik kicked off the action for his team, battling Dolph in a test of strength (which he won) before dropping Ziggler and tagging in Ivar, who joined him in a quick double-team attack.

The Viking Raiders allowed Dolph to tag in Robert Roode, as they were not at all intimidated by either of the tag champs and soon showed that this feeling was valid when they brought Roode down as well.

A bit of over-confidence allowed Robert to come back with a strike of his own on Erik, but this did more damage than good, as it only made Erik respond with even more aggression.

Back from commercial, however, the tag champs had begun wearing Erik down, using double-team tactics to keep him away from his corner and relief from his partner, Ivar.

But when Ivar did finally get the hot tag, he cleaned house, disposing of Ziggler and Roode. He and Erik hit their double-team finisher on Ziggler, but Roode broke up the pin – and instantly paid for it in the form of Ivar tackling him out of the ring.

Roode made it back to the ring before Ivar, and assisted Ziggler in a double-team finisher, but Ivar came in just in time to save his partner. And it wasn’t long before Ziggler fell victim to the Viking Experience, losing the match.

Winner: The Viking Raiders

The Bollywood Boys Pick a Fight

Aleister Black, seated in his darkened room somewhere backstage, once again issued a challenge for someone to pick a fight with him. Then, moments later was shown again, this time without the suit, declaring that he was done waiting. He had accepted the fact that it was possible no one would ever come, so he would be going to the ring for a fight instead.

The Bollywood Boys, Samir and Sunil Singh, thought this the perfect opportunity to show their fighting prowess and waiting in the ring for their challenger.

As expected, Aleister Black wrecked both Samir and Sunil, despite their best efforts to work together to fight him off. After leveling one brother with the Black Mass, he tapped the other out with a new (to WWE) move, the Owari Death Clutch.

Rey Mysterio Explains Himself

In a backstage interview with Charly Caruso, Rey Mysterio revealed that Cain Velasquez is actually his son Dominick’s godfather, and is, therefore, a part of their family.

And that is why Cain attacked Brock Lesnar after his match against Kofi Kingston, to defend his family’s honor. Not to mention, Cain Velasquez is the only man The Beast has ever feared, which only adds to the argument that he was the perfect man for the job.

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AOP Continue Their Story

In their own darkened room backstage, The Authors of Pain continued to tell their story in preparation for returning to the ring. This time, they spoke about being raised with a level of brutality being necessary to survive, unlike everyone else on the roster. And that is why they will take Raw or SmackDown by storm when they move from promos to pain.

The OC vs. Lucha House Party

Kalisto and AJ Styles started the match, and after Kalisto took the upper hand over Styles, he tagged out to Lince Dorado. Styles gave the ring to Karl Anderson, who caught a hurricanrana from Dorado off the top rope.

Lucha House Party had been going strong to this point, but when Gran Metalik tagged in, The OC were able to bring him to their corner for some triple-team offense. AJ Styles and his cohorts wore Metalik down, who eventually returned the favor, dropping all three OC members before Dorado and Kalisto joined him for a synchronized moonsault.

Back from commercial, Karl Anderson was doing his best to turn the tides in favor of his team, hitting Lince Dorado with a spinebuster, but it only earned him a near fall. Lince tagged in Kalisto to catch his breath on the apron, and Kalisto wasted no time firing off a string of hard-hitting moves.

At this point, the match essentially devolved into chaos, everyone involved hitting each other with their signature moves, and it was anyone game until Styles emerged from the confusion with a Phenomenal Forearm and took the win.

This, of course, wasn’t enough for The OC, who beat Lucha House Party down post-match to make a point, AJ Styles dropping Lince from the top rope with a Styles Clash to finish it.

Winner: The OC

Miz TV: Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

Last night at Hell in a Cell, Becky Lynch retained the Raw Women’s Championship in a Hell in a Cell match against Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley to become 10-Time Women’s Champion, claiming the SmackDown Women’s Championship for her own.

Becky and Charlotte joined The Miz in the ring to discuss their respective victories and what it felt like to be on top, but before they could finish their conversation, The Kabuki Warriors appeared on the stage.

Asuka and Kairi cut a promo running down their fellow champs, which was completely clear even though they spoke Japanese the entire time. Becky eventually had enough and made a beeline toward The Empress of Tomorrow, causing a brawl to break out ahead of their match.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors

Champion vs. Champion Showcase Match

All four women went into this match with a little extra fuel behind them, given the hot start during Miz TV. Asuka started things off against The Man and immediately shook the Raw Women’s Champion with a gnarly slap to the face.

Becky responded with a series of strikes, but it wasn’t enough to slow The Empress down, and she launched Becky from the apron with her hip attack before she and Kairi unleashed a flurry of strikes.

Charlotte Flair had a bit more luck against the Warriors, chopping Asuka into submission, connecting with a suplex, then slamming both Asuka and Kairi with her beautiful moonsault to the outside.

But as they demonstrated last night at Hell in a Cell, Asuka and Kairi are no longer afraid to use any means necessary to achieve their desired outcome, so Kairi provided a distraction while Asuka shattered Charlotte’s ribs with a kick.

Back from commercial, Kairi Sane lept from the top rope, but failed in her efforts, as Charlotte Flair caught her in mid-air, slamming her down to the mat. Becky Lynch tagged in and continued to build momentum, even preventing interference from Asuka with a Bexsploder.

The Man had the Dis-Arm-Her locked in on Kairi Sane, but Asuka was just close enough to spit the green mist into Becky’s face, allowing Kairi to take the win for their team.

The Kabuki Warriors had very little time to celebrate, however, (and by “celebrate,” we mean beat up Charlotte) as Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross came to the ring to run them off.

Winner: The Kabuki Warriors

Ricochet vs. Apollo Crews

Eager to make a good impression ahead of the upcoming WWE draft, real-life best friends Ricochet and Apollo Crews went one-on-one in friendly competition.

Their deep knowledge of each other’s strategies and movesets led to a lengthy struggle between the two, as each man had an answer for everything the other could throw. But Ricochet was ultimately the one to pull away, connecting with a standing shooting star press before going for his 630 finisher, but Apollo dodged at the last second.

Apollo responded with a standing moonsault, but Ricochet came right back, hitting his devastating Recoil and winning the match.

Winner: Ricochet

Tyson Fury Wants an Apology

Angry that his love of SmackDown led to him getting hit in the face with a flying Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Fury came to the ring to demand that Braun Strowman apologize, especially since Tyson got kicked out of the arena for jumping the barricade in an attempt to throw hands with The Monster.

Braun Strowman did join him in the ring, but with no intention of apologizing. In fact, Braun said that he was happy Tyson was booted from SmackDown, as he couldn’t believe a fighter of Tyson’s caliber would get so worked up over a little thing like getting hit with a human.

A brawl broke out between Strowman and Fury but before too much damage could be done, a slew of officials flooded the ring. And when that didn’t work, the entire locker room emptied into the arena, forcing the men apart. Both Strowman and Fury continued to fight against the pile of Superstars until Braun Strowman left, promising that Fury would get these hands in a backstage interview.

But then he decided that he wasn’t finished, and sprinted back down to the ring where Tyson was waiting with raised fists, and the two brawled as the show came to a close.

Raw Results: October 7 2019

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