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WWE Raw Results: November 4 2019

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The November 4 2019 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1380 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Brock Lesnar is on the Hunt for Rey Mysterio

Before the opening video package even played, Triple H was shown rolling up to the arena, leading a fleet of black SUVs into the building, signaling the arrival of the gold squad to Raw.

After “legendary” finished and the inside of the arena was shown, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman made their way to the ring. Paul Heyman said that Raw had traded Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to SmackDown for 2 future picks, but Brock Lesnar had a no-cut contract, and Brock Lesnar does whatever he wants to do.

The reason Brock quit SmackDown to return to the flagship show was to chase down Rey Mysterio, who attacked Brock Lesnar after his match against Cain Velazquez at Crown Jewel.

So The Beast and his advocate were giving Rey Mysterio a chance to be a man and approach them, otherwise, Brock would tear the arena to shreds in search of his target.

Rey Mysterio did not make himself known, so Brock Lesnar, as promised, went on a rampage through the arena, tearing up everything – and everyone – that he could get his hands on.

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Charlotte Flair and Natalya

In an attempt to get one step closer to the Women’s Tag Team Championships, Charlotte Flair and Natalya took on the champs themselves, Asuka and Kairi Sane.

Natalya and Kairi started the match with a battle for dominance, each woman unable to get the better of the other. Eventually, Natalya caught Kairi with a body slam, but it only earned her a one count.

Kairi tagged out to collect herself, giving the ring to Asuka, who entered into a battle of submissions with the Queen of Harts. Unable to bring Asuka down, Natalya tagged Charlotte into the match, who helped her in a double suplex, flattening both Asuka and Kairi.

Back from commercial, Asuka had gained control and had Natalya in a headlock, but Natalya soon came back with a series of strikes. Asuka and Kairi landed a double team attack before gaining a near fall with a dropkick from Sane, forcing Natalya to tag out.

Charlotte Flair attempted to take on both Kabuki Warriors at once, unleashing vicious kicks and chops on her opponents, then slamming Kairi to the mat. Without missing a beat, Charlotte hit Kairi with a Natural Selection which nearly won her the match, but Asuka broke the pin by putting Kairi’s foot on the ropes.

Frustrated, Charlotte smashed into Asuka with a big boot and laid her next to Kairi, flooring them both with a moonsault.

After another break, Kairi is doing her best to keep Natalya from tagging into the match, attacking Charlotte in the corner which earned her a brutal kick to the face.

Natalya and Asuka tagged back in, Natalya strategically knocking Kairi Sane off the apron before focusing in on The Empress, throwing her in a German suplex. Asuka blocked a Sharpshooter attempt with an armbar, but Natalya came back with another.

Kairi Sane was there to break it up, but after fighting her off, Natalya locked in a third Sharpshooter and won the match via submission.

Winner: Natalya and Charlotte Flair

The Beast and His Advocate Harass the Announcers

With the ladies from the previous match still in the ring, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar approached the announce desk to interrogate Dio Maddin, Vic Joseph, and Jerry Lawler regarding the whereabouts of Rey Mysterio.

They started with Jerry Lawler, who repeatedly stated that he had no idea where Rey was, but The Beast and his advocate weren’t having it. Paul Heyman told Jerry that if he didn’t reveal the location of Rey Mysterio, he would unleash The Beast, and the audience would be forced to watch him die on air – again. When Brock started to get physical with The King, however, Dio Maddin stepped up.

Before he had a chance to say or do anything, he was lifted in the air by The Beast, who threw him through his own announce table. As Brock stepped back to admire his handiwork, Rey Mysterio sprinted out from the backstage area, armed with a metal bat, and smashed it over the back of The Beast.

Moments later, Rey Mysterio cut a promo challenging Brock Lesnar to a WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series.

Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric Alexander

The two 205 Live veterans, Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander, know each other extremely well, so it only makes sense that they would start the match with a test of strength, each challenging the other to be the one to overcome him.

Buddy Murphy attempts to take control early, sending Cedric crashing down with a shoulder attack, but Cedric was quick to respond, wrenching the upper hand from Murphy’s grasp – or so he thought.

Murphy responded by jerking Cedric from the ring and tossing him into the barricade before kicking him in the face and launching him into a nearby ring post. Buddy did his best to keep the (fellow) high flyer grounded, but Cedric overpowered him, diving onto Murphy to the outside.

Cedric came close to victory with a flatliner, but a knee followed by a Murphy’s Law from Buddy Murphy, after an already hard-fought battle, was too much for Alexander to overcome and Buddy took the win.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Seth Rollins Doesn’t Know What’s Next – But Triple H Does

Dressed head to toe in black, Seth Rollins came to the ring to discuss losing his Universal Championship to The Fiend at Crown Jewel. He said now that he isn’t a champion, The Fiend was out of his reach on SmackDown, and Brock Lesnar was busy with Rey Mysterio, he wasn’t sure what to do next.

At this, Triple H joined him in the ring, reminding the former champion that every time he “doesn’t know what’s next,” The Game is there to save him, to lead him in the right direction, to make him a champion.

The Undisputed Era appeared through the crowd, stepping onto the apron to make their presence known to Seth Rollins, and Triple H threateningly informed Rollins that he was either with him or against him.

Before Rollins could give his answer, The OC stepped onto the stage, slowly making their way toward the ring. When their intentions became clear, Undisputed Era attempted to make a run for it before AJ Styles and his crew could get their hands on them.

But the rest of the NXT attack squad wasn’t far behind, and a massive brawl broke out between members of NXT such as Undisputed Era, Dominik Dijakovic, and Damian Priest and guys from the Raw roster like The OC and Zack Ryder.

Through it all, Seth Rollins never gave his response or joined one side or the other in the fight. Instead, he waited for it to dissolve before leaving the ring on his own.

After the chaos had subsided, however, Seth Rollins confronted Triple H backstage, saying that if he was coming to NXT, he would be doing so as a top guy. And in order to prove that status, he wanted a match against NXT Champion Adam Cole – tonight. Triple H agreed and the match was set.

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Andrade and Zelina Vega vs. Sin Cara and Carolina

Mixed Tag Team Match

Andrade threw the first blow in this match, looking for a quick victory, but was thwarted by a backdrop from Sin Cara, sending him soaring out of the ring. Before Sin Cara could follow, however, Zelina Vega grabbed his leg, preventing him from diving onto her partner.

But this time, Sin Cara had a partner of his own, and Carolina did what Sin Cara couldn’t, taking Andrade down with a senton to the floor.

Back from commercial, Sin Cara and Andrade were back in the ring, Andrade tried to hit a superplex, but Sin Cara broke free, responding with a sunset flip powerbomb.

This sequence left both men worse for wear and they tagged in Zelina and Carolina. The newcomer, Carolina, bested Zelina with a series of dropkicks and a crossbody. Zelina grabbed her leg in an effort to prevent any further offense, but Carolina was soon leveling her with a facebuster.

Carolina had Zelina beat, which Andrade saw, breaking up the pin just in time before Sin Cara could throw him out of the ring. The luchadora did her best to regain control, but with a spike hurricanrana that sent Carolina face-first into the mat, Zelina took the win.

Winner: Zelina Vega and Andrade

Rusev Challenges “Bob” Lashley

In gear in the middle of the ring, Rusev called out Bob Lashley, saying that he no longer cared about his soon-to-be ex-wife Lana, Bobby could have her if he wanted her, but Rusev wanted Lashley.

But Bobby Lashley wasn’t cleared to compete, as he informed Rusev by coming to the stage on crutches with Lana at his side. Bobby said that he had suffered a groin injury due to his extracurricular activities with Rusev’s wife over the weekend.

Lana and Bobby had a suitable alternative, though, and welcomed Drew McIntyre to represent them in the ring.

Drew charged Rusev the moment the bell rang, throwing a brutal headbutt before laying in more strikes in the corner. Rusev responded with a forearm, pummeling Drew with shoulder strikes and stomps in the opposite corner.

It wasn’t long before Drew McIntyre had regained the upper hand, wearing Rusev down in the ring while Bobby Lashley and Lana grinned at the action from the stage. Enraged by the disrespect, Rusev flung Drew McIntyre to the outside before the break.

Back from commercial, McIntyre was once again in control, connecting with a spinebuster on Rusev for a near fall. Rusev came back with a clothesline, fighting Drew McIntyre off with a few more before hitting a spinning heel kick. The Bulgarian Brute powered up for a Machka Kick but Drew McIntyre had found his feet before he could follow through, the two colliding in the middle of the ring in a dual crossbody seconds later.

Rusev and Drew broke into a striking exchange, which Rusev ended by kicking Drew so hard he flew out of the ring. With Drew winded, Rusev lept out behind him, throwing him into the steel steps. Seeing his advocate losing control of the match inspired Bobby Lashley to sneak attack Rusev, hitting him over the back with his now obviously unnecessary crutch.

In his anger, Rusev began to overpower Bobby Lashley, but Randy Orton landed an RKO outta nowhere to put a stop to his momentum. This, of course, caused a 2-on-1 attack, which Ricochet broke up by attacking both Randy Orton and Bobby Lashley…and, inadvertently, Lana as well.

Winner: Rusev (via disqualification)

The Man Meets The Queen (of Spades)

Becky Lynch was shown backstage in an interview with Charly Caruso regarding her match against Bayley at Survivor Series. Mid-interview, however, Shayna Baszler appeared behind Charly, politely asking for her chair.

From there, Shayna and Becky Lynch somehow managed to have a very calm yet very hostile conversation, where The Queen of Spades laid out exactly what she planned to do to The Man at Survivor Series. Shayna reminded Becky what her friend Ronda Rousey had put her through and advised her that she would find Shayna a much tougher opponent.

The two stood from their chairs, coming nose to nose before Becky informed Shayna that she would find out who the real baddest woman on the planet is in their triple threat match against Bayley at Survivor Series.

The OC vs. The Street Profits and Humberto Carrillo

Before the match, the two teams had a spirited discussion, The OC in the ring and The Street Profits on the stage. And by discussion, we mean Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford, and Humberto Carrillo running down their opponents from afar. The best part of which was Angelo Dawkins informing The OC that mothers love Humberto’s dimples.

As for the match itself, Angelo Dawkins started off strong against AJ Styles, who escaped his clutches with a jab to the throat before tagging in Karl Anderson, who was promptly knocked down with a dropkick.

Feeling confident, Angelo tagged out, giving the ring to Montez Ford, who assisted Dawkins in some double team offense. Unfortunately, AJ Styles is no stranger to underhanded tactics and caused a distraction that gave The OC control of the match.

Montez Ford did his best to fight off Styles, Gallows, and Anderson, but the 3-on-1 attack left him laid out cold.

After a commercial, The OC were still zoned in on Montez Ford, who connected with a blockbuster to Gallows, allowing him to break free and tag Humberto Carrillo into the match. Humberto squared off against the mother lovin’ United States Champ, hitting a moonsault that scored a near fall, but Karl Anderson broke the pin.

This led to a brawl between all 6 men, which Montez Ford ended with a dive onto Anderson and Gallows at ringside. Determined to get the win, AJ Styles lined up his Phenomenal Forearm, but Humberto was prepared and dodged the attack.

Seeing the chances of him coming out of the match on top dwindling by the second, AJ Styles resorted to drastic measures, connecting with a powerbomb that Humberto may have escaped, had Styles not used the ropes to hold the pin and take the victory.

Winner: The OC

The Viking Raiders vs. The East Hampton Polo Boys

The East Hampton Polo Boys may have been the most unequipped of all of The Viking Raiders’ opponents thus far, dressed in somehow even less threatening attire than Mean Street Posse. As such, it was not the least bit surprising to see Erik and Ivar decimate the Boys, taking them down in mere seconds.

Post-match, Erik grabbed a microphone to address their loss at Crown Jewel, congratulating The OC on their Best in the World trophy before Ivar took up a mic of his own, telling Gallows and Anderson that they may have won the battle, but nothing can stop the raid.

Winner: The Viking Raiders

Adam Cole (c) vs. Seth Rollins

As decided earlier in the evening, Seth Rollins challenged Adam Cole for his NXT Championship, determined to step into NXT as the champion or not at all.

Seth Rollins made it clear that he was overlooking his opponent and directly at another NXT Championship run coming into this match, using his early advantage not to attempt a win, but to mock Adam Cole.

But Adam Cole isn’t one to be ignored, and met Rollins strike for strike, forcing Seth to take the match more seriously. Rollins sent Cole out of the ring with a clothesline, following with a dive to the floor. And even though Adam Cole successfully dodged the devastating Curb Stomp, Seth Rollins was quick to follow up, bulldozing Cole by repeatedly throwing him into the barricade.

Back from commercial, Adam Cole gained a near fall, but Rollins soon scored one as well. Rollins went for an aerial attack, which Cole scouted, connecting with a superkick to Rollins in mid-air.

Rollins hit a springboard knee, but his falcon arrow attempt was stopped with a brainbuster, followed by both men crushing each other with clotheslines. Everything Rollins could throw, Cole responded with one of his own, highlighting the similarities between the two Superstars.

Seth Rollins scored one final near fall with a superplex/falcon arrow combo, but was unable to try for a Curb Stomp because –

Sensing their leader was in danger, the remaining three members of the Undisputed Era jumped into the ring and caused a disqualification by attacking Seth Rollins. Several more members of both the Raw and NXT rosters charged the ring, a second brawl breaking out while Triple H gave suggestions for his NXT gang at ringside.

Ricochet thought he had the last laugh with a shooting star press to the floor, but Keith Lee soon followed, flipping over the ropes and into the brawl to close the show.

Winner: Seth Rollins (via disqualification)

Raw Results (November 4 2019)

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