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WWE Raw Results: November 11 2019

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The November 11 2019 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1381 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Becky Lynch came to the ring first, cutting a promo about what it meant to be in Manchester and what she planned for the near future, which was to become Becky Two Belts once again.

Natalya was originally slated as Becky Lynch’s tag team partner, but was not present due to a “family obligation.” Luckily, The Queen was more than happy to step up to the challenge.

Asuka gained the upper hand over Becky Lynch with a barrage of kicks but was forced to tag out after suffering a shoulder tackle from The Man. Kairi Sane took over for her partner and didn’t have much better luck, catching a Bexsploder from Lynch.

Satisfied with her handy work, Becky tagged Charlotte into the match, who flattened Kairi after shrugging off a series of chops. This led to Asuka tagging back in, and though she momentarily trapped Charlotte in a submission, Charlotte soon began to pull away once again.

At this point, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler sauntered into the ringside area, making her presence known but keeping her hands to herself (for the moment).

Back from commercial, Asuka and Kairi are beginning to show dominance, Asuka throwing Charlotte out of the ring where Kairi kicked her for good measure. The Warriors gained two near falls in quick succession, Asuka trapping Charlotte in her octopus stretch when Charlotte kicked out of both.

Charlotte came closer and closer to defeat and, at long last, made it to her corner and her partner. Looking for vengeance for the green mist attack she suffered a few weeks ago, Becky Lynch threw everything she had at The Empress. But just as it appeared Becky was going to take the win, Shayna Baszler caused a distraction.

Shayna Baszler already had a target on her back, however, and was attacked by Bayley. Bazler got the better of the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and in all of the confusion, Asuka managed to snag the win with a roll-up on The Man.

Winner: Kabuki Warriors

The OC Pick Another Fight

Humberto Carrillo was minding his own business backstage when he was approached by The OC, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to mess with him, claiming that he was “messing with the feng shui.”

Ricochet, who had been in the opposite corner of the room arguing in hushed tones with Randy Orton, stepped in to stand up for his friend, but AJ Styles and his squad were unimpressed.

That is until Randy Orton joined in, challenging The OC to a 6-man tag match later in the evening.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sin Cara

This time without his recent partner, Carolina, Sin Cara took on the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre. Sin Cara quickly proved that his recent loses to Andrade did no damage whatsoever to his resolve, as he took it to McIntyre right out of the gate.

Drew McIntyre put a stop to his growing momentum with a headbutt but wasted too much time taunting his opponent, allowing Sin Cara to get back in the fight. Sin Cara launched Drew from the ring with a headscissors, but was caught with a powerbomb when he attempted to follow up. And with a Claymore kick back in the ring, Drew McIntyre took the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Samir and Sunil Singh vs. R-Truth

2-On-1 Handicap 24/7 Championship Match

As Samir refused to face R-Truth by himself, the only way Truth was going to get a shot at the 24/7 Championship was by facing both Samir and Sunil at once. Which actually was a positive, as he has struggled to tell them apart since they worked together to take his title.

Despite the numbers advantage, the Singh brothers rapidly lost their grip on the action. Truth came very close to winning the title, but Samir pulled Sunil to safety. The brothers sprinted toward the backstage area with R-Truth in hot pursuit.

Eventually, they came upon a dark room, where they ran into Erick Rowan, who savagely beat them down. R-Truth caught up to them, but seeing the carnage, he decided to put his well-being above the championship and left.

Seth Rollins vs. WALTER

Microphone in hand, Seth Rollins came to the ring to discuss the events of last week. Specifically, his declaration that he didn’t know what was next, followed by his NXT Championship Match against Adam Cole.

He said that he would be leading Team Raw to victory at Survivor Series, but in the meantime, he planned to hone his skills – against the best the UK had to offer. Rollins demanded that the best come down to fight him, and the NXT UK Champion WALTER, flanked by the remaining three members of Imperium, appeared on the stage.

WALTER caught Rollins off-guard by taking the upper hand the moment the bell rang, tossing Rollins to the mat repeatedly as Seth became increasingly irritated by his inability to gain any steam against the best of the UK.

Rollins finally began to fight his way back but when WALTER dodged his signature suicide dive, the former Universal Champ was knocked down again. When Rollins refused to yield to the NXT UK Champion, the remaining members of Imperium, who had been watching closely at ringside, jumped into the ring and caused a disqualification.

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford ran down to save the Kingslayer, closely followed by Kevin Owens to even out the teams.

Winner: Seth Rollins (via disqualification)

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Seth Rollins, The Street Profits, and Kevin Owens vs. Imperium

8-Man Tag Team Match

As the match between Rollins and WALTER ended in chaos, an 8-man tag match was made official during a commercial break. A well-oiled machine, Imperium got the early advantage with ease, as their opponents had no experience as a unit.

The UK powerhouse dominated Seth Rollins, taking turns ruthlessly beating him down both inside the ring and out until he managed to break away to tag in Kevin Owens.

Owens sprang into the match guns blazing, flattening everyone in sight, but Imperium’s impeccable teamwork came into play again when WALTER broke a pin Owens held on Alexander Wolfe.

Kevin Owens gave the ring to Seth Rollins, who came back in looking for revenge, hitting Alexander Wolfe with a Curb Stomp and taking the win for his team.

Winner: Seth Rollins, Street Profits, and Kevin Owens

Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade

Andrade broke up a brief struggle with a series of strikes to start the match. Cedric Alexander responded with a headscissors and a dropkick, but when he went for a third attack, Andrade was prepared, leveling him with a dropkick of his own.

Alexander began to spiral from here but truly lost control when Zelina Vega interfered in the match, holding his leg to give Andrade the opportunity to smash into him with an elbow before landing his deadly Hammerlock DDT for the victory.

Winner: Andrade

Lana Breaks the News

Rusev’s ex-wife and Bobby Lashley’s current girlfriend Lana came to the ring to give some insight into what has been going on with her lately. She said that she was pregnant with Rusev’s baby, and knew it was Rusev’s from the length of time the doctor informed her she had been pregnant.

Rusev came down to talk to her and was ambushed by Bobby Lashley after having already been physically attacked by Lana, who revealed that she had been lying the whole time and only said it to make a fool of Rusev.

Erick Rowan vs. Guy #4

Erick Rowan made extremely quick work of Guy #4, but the match wasn’t even the focal point of the segment. The focus was on the strange cloth-covered cage that he brought with him to the ring and was shown talking to earlier in the evening.

Vic Joseph was very put-off that Rowan set this creature down next to him, but it was never revealed what the cage contained.

Winner: Erick Rowan

The Viking Raiders vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

Former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews proved their mettle on Raw, challenging none other than the dominating Raw Tag Team Champions, Erik and Ivar, The Viking Raiders.

Somewhat surprisingly, Flash and Mark held their own against the Raiders, hitting impressive moves such as dives to the floor onto Erik and Ivar and even gaining a near fall with their Stundog Millionaire/senton combo.

But Erik and Ivar weren’t about to lose to two members of Team NXT, and came back into the match strong, Erik demolishing both Flash and Mark with a double suplex. And after Ivar hit a suicide dive, The Viking Experience spelled the end for Andrews and Webster.

Winner: The Viking Raiders

The OC vs. Humberto Carrillo, Randy Orton, and Ricochet

As decided earlier in the evening, Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo, and their unlikely third man Randy Orton teamed up to take on The OC in an effort to teach them some respect.

Before long, however, the tension between Ricochet and Randy Orton was already boiling over, Randy tagging himself in after Ricochet had come out on top of an exchange with Karl Anderson.

Having no real issue with Humberto Carrillo, Randy Orton gladly used double team offense with him to beat Karl down. AJ Styles tagged into the match and was taken down by Humberto after a brief back and forth. Looking to capitalize on the momentum, Ricochet took over but was distracted by an altercation with The Viper.

Back from commercial, Humberto Carrillo tagged in, getting the better of Styles for the second time, but The OC weren’t having it. The heels used double-team maneuvers to keep Carrillo in their corner, far away from his teammates.

Upon escaping, Humberto gave Ricochet a stab at the opposing trio, who managed to overcome both AJ Styles and Luke Gallows, but a spinebuster from Karl Anderson stopped him in his tracks.

This led to The OC holding dominion over the match, dodging or powering out of everything the other team could throw. Humberto Carrillo put an end to this with an epic kick and a moonsault.

After missing a second moonsault attempt, Carrillo gave the ring to Randy Orton, who connected with his signature DDT, but Karl Anderson dodged the subsequent RKO, responding with an uppercut.

At this, chaos ensued, all 6 competitors firing off attacks left and right. Randy Orton seemed to consider hitting Ricochet with an RKO but caught Styles at the last second, graciously tagging in Humberto Carrillo to take the win with a moonsault.

Winner: Randy Orton, Humberto Carrillo, and Ricochet

Raw Results (November 11 2019)

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