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WWE Raw Results: May 6 2019

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The 05/06/19 edition of WWE Raw, out of the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1354 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

The Wild Card Rule

Vince McMahon kicked off the show, and clearly meant to do so alone, but before he could say much, he was interrupted by Roman Reigns.

The moment Roman made it to the ring, Vince informed him that if he tried anything, the Cincinnati Police were waiting right outside to take care of him. This threat did not faze Roman Reigns whatsoever, who said that he doesn’t take orders from Vince anymore, he takes orders from the WWE Universe. As Vince said himself, the fans are supposed to be the authority now.

Vince said that Roman had to stay on SmackDown Live, because if he did whatever he wanted, no one would respect Vince’s rules any longer, causing anarchy. At this, Daniel Bryan appeared (who is also assigned to SmackDown).

Daniel said that he’s been biding his time since his loss at WrestleMania, but he knew Vince would be on Raw, so he came to have a conversation with The Chairman.

Before he could say exactly what he wanted to talk about, Kofi Kingston joined them in the ring. He told Daniel Bryan that he was attempting to file a complaint with the wrong person, he should be talking to Kofi, who was the WWE Champion.

This sent Daniel Bryan into a rage, and he and Kofi screamed at each other until Vince McMahon cut in with an idea. He proposed a “wild card rule” where 3 members of both Raw and SmackDown Live would be able to roam freely between brands.

Drew McIntyre decided this was his moment to join in, and came down to the ring to berate Roman Reigns. This gave Vince another self-proclaimed “brilliant” idea: Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship in two WrestleMania rematches.

They Don’t Want None

Back from commercial, AJ Styles was in the ring and everyone but Vince McMahon had left. Styles was plainly upset that he was finally getting his chance on Raw and Vince was ruining it by bringing a bunch of people from SmackDown to crowd the roster.

Vince started to say that, under wild card rules, AJ Styles would qualify to go to SmackDown if he wanted to, but Seth Rollins interrupted. Rollins was also upset, but not at Vince, at AJ Styles. Being laid out during their contract signing made him less than happy.

Styles and Rollins were ready to throw down right there, but Vince had other ideas. He declared that AJ Styles and Seth Rollins would team up to face a mystery tag team. Styles and Rollins protested, but Vince McMahon always gets his way.

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles vs. Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin

Though they have recently become bitter enemies, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins put their desire to win above the urge to punch each other in the face. Styles and Rollins worked together to take the upper hand over Lashley and Corbin, successfully pulling away shortly after the match began.

Back from commercial, however, Lashley and Corbin began to gain steam, unafraid of using underhanded tactics to do so. Rollins and Styles came back, but could not get back in the lead. The two teams went back and forth, neither able to put the others away until…

Rollins and Corbin were struggling in the ring when Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm. Baron Corbin dodged the attack, leaving Seth Rollins to be hit by it instead. Not caring to deal with the consequences of his mistake, Styles left Rollins alone in the ring where he was hit with an End of Days, losing the match.

Winner: Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley

Sami Zayn Meets The Monster

Sami Zayn came out for his weekly speech to the WWE Universe. This time, he told them that they constantly complain because it’s “the easy way out.” Zayn was just hitting his stride when Braun Strowman marched down to join him in the ring.

Sami Zayn jumped the barricade, attempting to escape through the crowd, but Braun wasn’t going to let him get away that easily, chasing him back into the ring area, then up the ramp and out of sight.

Shortly after, Braun Strowman was shown chasing Sami Zayn through the backstage area as Zayn threw anything he could reach at Strowman, doing his best to get away. Strowman eventually caught up to him, however, throwing him in a dumpster, which was then picked up by a garbage truck and hauled away.

Lucha House Party vs. Orange, Blue, and Purple Rangers

After dispatching the Blue and Purple Rangers, all three members of Lucha House Party hit both their signature and finishing moves on the Orange Ranger, winning the match.

Winner: Lucha House Party

Ricochet vs. Robert Roode

As Robert Roode is the only competitor to defeat Ricochet since his main roster debut, he was given the opportunity to face Ricochet again. Not only that, but if he won the match, he would take Ricochet’s place in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

With this in mind, Robert Roode wasted no time wearing Ricochet down. Roode gave Ricochet no room for offense until finally, Ricochet landed a moonsault, momentarily turning the tables, but Roode came back with more abuse.

However, Ricochet managed to land a 630 soon after, winning the match and retaining his place in the upcoming ladder match.

Winner: Ricochet

Samoa Joe Wants Revenge

Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick were walking together backstage, discussing Mysterio’s United States Championship match against Samoa Joe at Money in the Bank.

When Rey and Dominick went their separate ways, Dominick was approached by Samoa Joe, who looked as though he would like nothing more than to hit his nemesis’ son, but opted for screaming in his face instead.

Joe said that he was deeply insulted that Dominick disrespected him by running to the stage to lift his father onto his shoulders after defeating Joe last week, but that he would be getting his revenge at Money in the Bank, defeating Mysterio just as quickly as he did at WrestleMania.

Lacey Evans vs. Random Nasty

Before her match against the random nasty who challenged her, Lacey Evans sent personalized invitations to Naomi, Dana Brooke, Natalya, and Alexa Bliss, requesting that they come to ringside for her match.

The four Women’s Money in the Bank competitors accepted their invitations, coming to ringside to watch Lacey Evans squash the random nasty.

Post-match, Lacey Evans bragged of her victory, promising to do the same to Becky Lynch at Money in the Bank. Becky Lynch was going to take the insults lying down, however, and ran down to the ring to attack Evans. Lacey fought back, but when things weren’t going her way, she escaped up the ramp, turning back to smirk at The Man before she disappeared into the backstage area.

Winner: Lacey Evans

The Viking Raiders vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Resolved to continue their winning streak, Hawkins and Ryder started off strong against Erik and Ivar. Despite their best attempts, however, the Raw Tag Team Champions slowly lost control of the action, losing to The Viking Raiders after a rather short match.

Winner: The Viking Raiders

Firefly Fun House

On this episode of Firefly Fun House, Mercy the Buzzard was shown ripping something to shreds, stuffing flying everywhere. Mercy was reluctant to show Bray what he was doing, but Bray eventually discovered that he had decapitated Rambling Rabbit.

Bray simply laughed it off, saying that it’s always okay to express yourself, whether it’s through painting or murdering rabbit puppets.

He then went over to his “fireflies,” a group of young children who sat on a rug nearby looking absolutely miserable, and laughed again as he waved goodbye and said all they had to do was let him in.

Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns

During their exchange earlier in the evening, Drew McIntyre accused Roman Reigns of requesting to be moved to SmackDown Live to get away from him. In this match, he was out to prove to Roman that he should have stayed on Tuesday nights where he belongs.

McIntyre absolutely decimated The Big Dog until Reigns got a suplex, gaining a bit of momentum before he was caught with a big boot from McIntyre on the outside.

Back from commercial, Roman Reigns was going for a Superman Punch but was caught in mid-air by McIntyre, who slammed him with a spinebuster. Reigns dodged a Claymore and the two exchanged strikes, McIntyre putting a stop to the sequence with a headbutt.

From here, the two traded near falls, Roman Reigns going for a second Superman Punch, which McIntyre evaded again, throwing Reigns into the steel steps before launching himself from the top rope, but Reigns at last caught him with a Superman Punch.

Reigns appeared to be about to win the match with a spear when he was attacked by Shane McMahon and Elias, who put the boots to The Big Dog until The Miz chased Shane away with a steel chair.

Roman Reigns was still outnumbered two-to-one, however, and continued to receive a beatdown at the hands of Drew McIntyre.

Backstage, The Miz chased down Shane McMahon, who nearly made it out of the arena unscathed, even though he was stopped briefly by Charly Caruso and a camera crew, attempting to get an interview. He ran all the way to a waiting limousine, but Miz finally caught up to him, nailing him with a steel chair. With a low blow, Shane O’Mac got away from his attacker, leaving Miz laid out in the parking area.

Winner: Roman Reigns (via disqualification)

The Revival vs. The Club

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were in the ring, ready to take on their opponents for the evening, The Club, when The Usos appeared on stage.

The Usos revealed that they had spiked The Revival’s trunks with “Ucey Hot,” a special cream that was activated with sweat. Dawson and Dash rolled and squirmed around the ring until they were given water by The Usos. Which made it worse. Dawson and Dash sprinted backstage, abandoning their match completely.

Lars Sullivan Unleashes on the Conga Line

No Way Jose, accompanied by his conga line, partied his way down to the ring, only to be wrecked by Lars Sullivan. Sullivan threw bodies everywhere as Jose desperately tried to protect his friends, but failed, falling victim to Sullivan’s devastating powerbomb.

Backstage, Vince McMahon was busy explaining the wild card rule to someone over the phone when he was approached by Lars Sullivan, the mere sight of whom made him change the number of Superstars who could float between shows from 3 to 4.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

WWE Championship Match

Before the match, both Superstars gave passionate speeches, each determined to come out on top of their brutal rivalry.

Kofi Kingston was able to get the early advantage, wearing down Daniel Bryan and even getting a near fall, but Bryan kicked out. Bryan began to pull away when he shoved Kofi Kingston off the ropes and out of the ring, the champ tumbling to the floor.

Bryan looked rather smug about this maneuver but perhaps got a little too confident, as Kofi Kingston did not stay down for long.

Back from commercial, Kofi Kingston was launched from the ring yet again, this time landing even rougher than the first, but again, refused to give up. In fact, he flew from the ring again, this time on purpose, diving directly on Daniel Bryan.

Back in the ring, Daniel Bryan trapped Kofi in the Lebell Lock, but Kofi broke the submission by touching the ropes. The two exchanged strikes until Kofi broke away, going for a Trouble in Paradise, but Bryan reversed the attack.

Bryan came close to taking the victory, but the second attempt at a Trouble in Paradise was a success, and won Kofi Kingston the match.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

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