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WWE Raw Results: May 20 2019

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The 05/20/19 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Times Union Center in Albany, New York, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1356 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

The Beast and The Briefcase

Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman, opened the show to do a little bragging about The Beast’s surprise victory at Money in the Bank. Heyman laid out some of the conspiracy theories surrounding how Brock’s involvement in the ladder match came to be and denied all of them.

He then reminded, or rather threatened, Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston that Brock Lesnar could cash in on them any time, anywhere, and they should be worried.

Seth Rollins joined The Beast and his advocate in the ring, telling Brock first, that he defeated AJ Styles at Money in the Bank (which Brock laughed off) and second, that he was a better champion than Brock Lesnar ever was, and if Lesnar was really a man, he would cash in on Rollins right then.

Lesnar’s emotions almost got the best of him, but Heyman held him back (with words, of course). However, when Heyman brought Rollins’ girlfriend into the argument, Rollins shoved The Beast.

Before things could get too physical, Kofi Kingston came to the ring and demanded that Brock cash in on him instead. Heyman ridiculed Kingston and Rollins for “auditioning” for a main event match against Brock Lesnar, something that is rather unusual for a briefcase holder.

But Heyman said that he had it on good authority that Rollins and Kingston were already booked for the evening, but not to worry, Lesnar would be biding his time until the perfect cash in moment presented itself.

Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn

Backstage before the match, Sami Zayn pleaded with Bobby Lashley. He begged that Lashley help him against Braun Strowman, especially considering the trauma he went through at Money in the Bank, taken from the ladder match due to being strung up by his ankles in the back. Lashley said no, but patted Zayn on the back and wished him luck.

The moment Strowman began his walk to the ring, Sami Zayn ran for the hills, sprinting all the way to the backstage area. Braun Strowman chased after him, and was momentarily distracted by Bobby Lashley, allowing Zayn to punch him in the face.

This attack did next to nothing to The Monster, however, who, after telling Lashley he would deal with him later, kicked Sami through the backstage area before carrying him back out into the arena.

Back by the ring, there was a glimmer of hope that Sami wouldn’t be completely destroyed, as he managed to dodge Strowman’s attacks, even shoving The Monster into one of the ring posts.

But once the two were in the ring and the bell had rung, Braun Strowman took the victory almost instantly.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Lars Sullivan Speaks…or Does He

Charly Caruso invited Lars Sullivan to join her in the ring for an exclusive interview, her first question being what his goals were in WWE, as so far, he has done nothing but destroy Superstars.

Before he could answer, Lucha House Party surrounded him the ring. All three of them worked together in an attempt to bring down the behemoth, and for a moment it looked as though they might succeed, but Lars picked them apart. Luckily, LHP was able to break away before any irreparable damage had been done.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro

Debuting his catchy new theme song, Cesaro continued his quest to make himself a main event singles star by cutting Ricochet down. Ricochet struggled to gain control of the action, particularly because he was already battered and bruised from the Money in the Bank ladder match last night.

Cesaro threw Ricochet any way he pleased with ease, Ricochet getting very little offense through the match. And with a brutal backbreaker followed by his Neutralizer, Cesaro took the victory.

This was a rough few minutes for Ricochet, but the medical staff did warn him not to compete.

Winner: Cesaro

AJ Styles / Baron Corbin Feud Begins

AJ Styles was in the middle of a backstage interview, giving his thoughts on Seth Rollins’ defeat of him in their Universal Championship Match at Money in the Bank, when Baron Corbin interrupted.

Corbin threw some verbal jabs, then told Styles it was a slap in the face that Styles got a championship match instead of him. Styles disagreed, and reminded him what a real slap in the face was…by literally slapping him in the face.

Shane O’Mac Challenges The Big Dog

Roman Reigns came to the ring, taking further advantage of the wild card rule, but was interrupted by Shane McMahon.

Shane said that he was officially done with The Miz, and would be moving on to bigger and better things. Then threw some convoluted insults at The Big Dog. But Reigns wasn’t in the mood to talk, and told Shane that if he had a problem, he could come to the ring to settle things.

Shane teased a match between Roman Reigns and himself but thought better of it, and welcomed Drew McIntyre to join him on the stage to protect him in case Reigns got any funny ideas. But Shane would be facing Roman Reigns at Super Showdown.

Shane and Drew were walking backstage after the interaction when they were approached by The Miz, who declared that he was in no way finished with Shane McMahon.

The Usos vs. The Revival

In retaliation for The Usos humiliating them with the back shaving video, on top of the Ucey Hot trunks sabotage, The Revival unleashed an all-out assault on The Usos, beating them down before the match even started.

However, after the bell rang, The Usos began to gain steam against Dawson and Dash. Jey Uso nearly defeated Dash with a crossbody off the top rope, but Dash kicked out at the last second, coming back with an attempt at a top rope attack of his own. Jey prevented the move, but it didn’t matter, as Dawson got a blind tag, and helped Dash land a double team maneuver.

Jimmy and Jey got a double superkick on Dawson, but Dash broke up the pin. The Usos took Dash out with a dive to the floor, and Jey went back to work on Dawson. But Dawson grabbed a handful of Jey’s shorts and rolled him up for the win.

Backstage, Alexa Bliss was reprimanding Nikki Cross for her loss at Money in the Bank when The Revival ran onto the scene, boasting about their defeat of The Usos – and sweating/spitting all over Alexa in the process, which thoroughly disgusted Miss Bliss.

Winner: The Revival

Firefly Fun House

In the most bizarre edition of Firefly Fun House yet, the FFH theme music played while the characters were introduced and children were shown playing, but the light-hearted energy quickly devolved into something more sinister.

The music became distorted, the children’s faces warped, and the demonic new Bray Wyatt appeared, whispered “let me in,” and the scene went black.

A Moment of Bliss: Becky Lynch

With her new protege, Nikki Cross, at her side, Alexa Bliss asked her guest for the evening, Becky Lynch, to join her in the ring. She asked what it felt like to lose the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship, but before Becky could answer, The IIconics broke up the interview.

They teased The Man for being “Becky One Belt,” but Becky told them that unless they wanted to make her Becky Three Belts, they should shut their mouths.

Lacey Evans prevented The IIconics’ response, joining her fellow Superstars on the stage to brag that she was the reason Becky lost the SmackDown title to Charlotte Flair. Instead of continuing the argument, Becky Lynch challenged The IIconics and Lacey Evans to match.

The trio reminded Becky that she needed two partners unless she wanted to be woefully outnumbered, and in a shocking turn of events, Nikki Cross abandoned Alexa Bliss to align herself with The Man. However, still needing one more team member, Becky volunteered Alexa, telling her that she simply needed a body to stand on the apron, she wouldn’t actually have to do anything, so Alexa agreed. And brought her coffee with her.

Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross, and Alexa Bliss vs. The IIconics and Lacey Evans

6-Woman Tag Match

Billie Kay started things off against Becky Lynch and was immediately floored, so she tagged out. The same was done to her partner Peyton Royce, but instead of tagging out, Peyton took a beating at the hands of Nikki Cross after Becky was done with her.

Things went downhill for Nikki when Peyton managed to bring her to her team’s corner, allowing both members of IIconics and Lacey Evans to help wear her down. Becky Lynch stood with her hand outstretched in the opposite corner, doing her best to reach her teammate, while Alexa Bliss serenely sipped coffee at ringside.

Things began to shift quickly when Becky Lynch was finally able to tag in, especially because it caused Lacey Evans to abandon ship, leaving The IIconics to be defeated by The Man.

Winner: Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross, and Alexa Bliss

Mick Foley Unveils a New Championship

As promised, Mick Foley made his way to the ring with the shiny new championship slung over his shoulder. He gave a speech about what it means to be a true champion, continuously alluding to the concept of being on your defenses “24/7.”

He then unveiled the title, a gold and green belt with 24/7 emblazoned across the face plate. Mick explained, using different phrasing, that this would essentially be the reincarnation of the beloved Hardcore Championship from the late 90’s.

And the first champion would be crowned right then.

Several Superstars sprinted down to the ring, fighting their way toward the new championship. The inaugural champion became Titus O’Neil – who quickly lost it to Robert Roode, who was soon defeated by R-Truth.

The mayhem has already begun surrounding this title, which can only mean quality entertainment is in our futures.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz

While Shane McMahon watched intently from ringside, his newest crony, Drew McIntyre, took on his old rival, The Miz. McIntyre and Miz each struggled to be the one to gain the early advantage, Drew McIntyre eventually chopping Miz into submission.

Miz came back with some shots to McIntyre’s head, including pulling his legs from the apron so his skull smacked the side of the ring. Miz continued to pull away with a series of kicks, but was soon overpowered by McIntyre, who threw him clear across the ring.

After a knee to McIntyre’s chest, Miz tried to sunset flip him from the apron, and settled for a leg sweep when that proved unsuccessful. McIntyre wasn’t down for long, knocking Miz into the crowd before suplexing him off the barricade to the floor.

Back from commercial, Miz threw a suplex of his own but was too exhausted to make the pin. But with some It Kicks, a few running knees, and a springboard, he gained a near fall.

McIntyre was losing control, Miz clearly closing in on the victory, when Shane McMahon punched him in the face while the referee’s back was turned. Miz persevered, going for a Figure Four, but McIntyre chopped his way free.

Miz hurled himself feet first into Drew McIntyre outside the ring, then threw him into the barricade, but before he could get back in the ring for the pin, Shane McMahon got another cheap shot, allowing Drew McIntyre to hit a Claymore Kick and take the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Samoe Joe Wants His Title Back

In the locker room backstage, Samoa Joe demanded that Rey Mysterio do the honorable thing by handing back his United States Championship. And if he refuses, Joe will simply have to take it from him by force in front of his son.

Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley

No Disqualification Tag Match

Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley wasted no time taking advantage of the No Disqualification stipulation, Corbin attacking Seth Rollins as he made his entrance, Lashley attacking Kofi Kingston when he ran to save his teammate.

Once the match actually began, Kingston and Rollins had a few moments of control before Lashley and Corbin took Rollins out and double teamed Kingston.

Corbin and Lashley threw both Kofi and Seth into the barricade, then chose Seth for their in-ring beatdown, but that wasn’t enough. Corbin launched Rollins into the barricade near the announce tables, piling office chairs on top of him to hold him down.

Back in the ring, Corbin and Lashley had Kofi Kingston on the ropes when they were attacked from behind by Rollins, armed with a steel chair. Kofi Kingston was able to narrowly secure the victory with a Trouble in Paradise on Baron Corbin, but Corbin and Lashley continued the destruction post-match…

Right up until Brock Lesnar’s music hit. Lesnar and Heyman came to the ring, briefcase in hand, but simply circled the ring menacingly before turning back the way he came. However, Heyman promised to reveal who would be on the receiving end of Brock’s cash-in next week.

Winner: Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins

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