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WWE Raw Results: May 13 2019

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The 05/13/19 edition of WWE Raw, out of The O2 Arena in London, England, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1355 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

MizTV: Roman Reigns

After promoting the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view, The Miz welcomed his guest for the evening, Roman Reigns, to join him in the ring.

The moment Roman made it to his seat, Miz started a conversation about his match against Elias on Sunday. Roman seemed less than worried, as he said Elias is an excellent musician but has done absolutely nothing of merit in the ring.

Miz tried to taunt Roman, as he always does to his MizTV guests, but Roman shut him down. He said he came to talk to the anti-authority Miz who beat Shane McMahon down with a chair, not the Miz who makes snide comments to get a rise out of his guests.

Miz took this to heart, bursting into a speech about beating Shane down at Money in the Bank, promising to make Shane regret ever laying hands on Miz or his family.

Shane McMahon took the mention as an invitation, coming to the stage to remind both Miz and Roman that he was the boss, and therefore commanded a certain amount of respect.

This turned out to be a distraction to allow Bobby Lashley and Elias to attack Miz and Roman from behind. While Roman and Miz were laid out in the ring, Shane announced that they would be competing in a tag match against Lashley and Elias immediately.

Roman Reigns and The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley and Elias

Determined to prove Roman Reigns wrong, Elias started off with an attempt to dominate Miz but was unable to build any momentum, and when Roman Reigns tagged in, slid out of the ring completely.

Bobby Lashley took a turn against The Big Dog, having slightly more luck than Elias, but still falling victim to Reigns’ hard-hitting offense. Miz and Reigns then worked together to wear Lashley down, flattening Elias as well when he tried to intervene.

Miz laid in It Kicks to Lashley and Elias, but Elias rolled out, attacking Miz while the referee looked the other way. This ambush gave Elias and Lashley the advantage they had been looking for, and Elias nearly took the victory with a meteora on Miz, but Reigns broke up the pin.

Roman may have stopped the finish of the match, but couldn’t prevent further damage being inflicted on The Miz by Lashley, Elias, and Shane. With a DDT to Elias, Miz was able to break away from the punishment momentarily, but Lashley tagged in and continued the assault.

Miz was inches from Roman Reigns, desperate to tag out, when Shane McMahon attacked Reigns from behind, causing a disqualification. And the violence didn’t stop there. Shane, Lashley, and Elias did their best to beat down Reigns and Miz, and did a bit of damage, but with a dive, a steel chair, and a few Superman Punches, Reigns and Miz stood tall.

Winner: Roman Reigns and The Miz (via disqualification)

Sami Zayn Wants a Shot at The Monster

As punishment for Braun Strowman’s attack on Sami Zayn last week on Raw, Shane McMahon set a Falls Count Anywhere Match (a suggestion from Sami himself) between Zayn and Strowman. The winner would be in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, meaning if Sami Zayn wins, he will take Braun’s place.

Mojo Rawley vs. Apollo Crews

Early in the match, Apollo Crews “injured” his knee, but insisted he could continue, allowing Mojo Rawley to defeat him easily.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

Nikki Cross Comes Into the Light

Alexa Bliss was shown backstage in a phone conversation with the airport, who had apparently lost the luggage containing all of her gear. Nikki Cross approached, looking somewhat different than usual with styled hair and makeup, and assured Alexa that she could vent all she wanted.

Alexa accepted the offer, listing off everything weighing on her mind before giving Nikki Cross her spot in the women’s Fatal 4-Way later in the evening. Nikki seemed taken aback at first, but grinned to herself once Alexa Bliss had left her standing in the hallway alone.

Contract Signing: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Lacey Evans

Michael Cole hosted the contract signing between Becky Lynch and her two Money in the Bank challengers, Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair. Cole asked Becky if she fully grasped the gravity of the task in front of her: competing in two championship matches in one night.

Becky Two Belts was unfazed, saying she would defeat both Charlotte and Lacey and remain double Women’s Champ. Lacey and Charlotte disagreed, telling Becky that she was in over her head and couldn’t possibly defeat either of them, let alone both of them.

After throwing verbal jabs back and forth, things got a little more physical when a brawl broke out between the three women. Becky Lynch held her own against Lacey and Charlotte, who teamed up against her, but was eventually brought down by a powerbomb through the table.

Baron Corbin vs. Ricochet

Ricochet started off strong against Baron Corbin, moving so fast that it was difficult to keep up with his movements just watching, so Corbin, of course, struggled to return any offense.

Ricochet put an exclamation point on the onslaught with a moonsault to the floor but did damage to himself in the process, which Corbin used to his advantage. Even still, Ricochet continued to attack Corbin, getting multiple near falls, but couldn’t keep Corbin down.

Corbin came back with a Deep Six and thought he had won the match, but Ricochet kicked out. Ricochet went for the 630, which Corbin dodged, hitting Ricochet with a big boot. Frustrated, Ricochet hit a standing shooting star press, and still couldn’t put Corbin away.

In his last attempt to finish Corbin, Ricochet went for an around the world DDT, which Corbin reversed into an End of Days, winning the match.

Post-match, Baron Corbin brought a ladder into the ring, climbing toward the briefcase hanging above, but Ricochet knocked the ladder over, throwing Corbin from the ring and becoming the last man standing, even though he lost the match.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Cesaro Picks a Fight

Rey Mysterio was shown backstage in an interview with Charly Caruso, who asked how he felt about Samoa Joe’s treatment of his son Dominick last week on Raw.

Mysterio was clearly offended, but couldn’t get too far into the discussion because Cesaro decided to cut in. He said it was pretty rude of Mysterio to talk about Samoa Joe behind his back, and pointed out that Dominick looked a lot more like Joe than Rey, implying that Dominick wasn’t actually his son.

Cesaro crossed the line with this comment and Rey Mysterio charged toward him. Cesaro shoved Mysterio away and left the interaction on top, but Mysterio made it clear that he isn’t done with the Swiss Cyborg.

Nikki Cross vs. Natalya vs. Dana Brooke vs. Naomi

With Alexa Bliss at the announce table, her stand-in, Nikki Cross, took on three competitors in the upcoming Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Natalya, Dana Brooke, and Naomi.

Nikki Cross quickly took things to the floor with Natalya, trapping her in the apron and firing strikes off to a defenseless opponent. Cross took the opportunity she had been given a ran with it, doing everything she could to dominate the other three women while Alexa watched with admiration.

Dana Brooke had the most impressive spot, leaping from the top of a ladder she had set up on the floor and landing on her three opponents. Nikki Cross got the last laugh, however, throwing Natalya back in the ring defeating Natalya with a neckbreaker.

After the match, Nikki helped her new friend Alexa Bliss climb the ladder and retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase from above the ring.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Rey Mysterio vs. Cesaro

Rey Mysterio took the upper hand early in this match, still angry at Cesaro for the comments made about his family. Cesaro shifted the momentum in his favor by swinging Rey Mysterio into the barricade twice, tossing him back into the ring for a near fall.

Mysterio continued to out-maneuver Cesaro, however, jumping out of the way when Cesaro attempted to charge him on the apron, sending Cesaro straight into one of the ring posts.

Cesaro came close to victory with a vertical superplex, but Mysterio powered out. Cesaro then set up for the swing, but Mysterio somehow countered it into a DDT.

Mysterio lined up the 619, but Cesaro hit a counter of his own, catching Mysterio and pulling him into a swing followed by an uppercut. He tried to insult Rey by hitting him with a 619, but Rey dodged the attack, responding with a sunset bomb.

Mysterio climbed to the top rope and flung himself toward Cesaro, who caught him with an uppercut. Cesaro went for a neutralizer, but Mysterio escaped, hit a 619, then a successful splash, and won the match.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

The Ball’s in The Usos’ Court

Dash and Dawson cut a pun-filled promo backstage expressing their disgust in The Usos’ actions and promising that their days of humiliating The Revival were over.

Firefly Fright House

Bray Wyatt brought the 4th episode of his Firefly Fun House to the WWE Universe with the promise of showing a darker side of his new persona.

The Fun House host did not disappoint, revealing the secret he has held since the start of the show – the sinister half of him, which appeared to be a demented clown.

This new, terrifying identity has us even more excited about the potential held in Bray Wyatt’s return.

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Sami Zayn made the smart choice to start things off, running from Braun Strowman as long as he could. But he couldn’t run forever, and when Braun caught him, he was ruthless.

Strowman followed Sami Zayn up the steps through the crowd, walking at an ominously slow pace, which backfired, as Zayn smashed a beer into his face.

Sami Zayn made it to the concourse first, hitting Braun Strowman with a trashcan the moment he walked through the doorway. This didn’t have as much of an effect as Zayn had probably hoped, and Strowman continued the destruction of Zayn until Baron Corbin appeared.

Corbin came to Zayn’s aid, sending more trashcans crashing into Strowman before putting him through a table.

Back in the arena, away from the trashcans and tables, Braun Strowman took back control of the match, chasing Sami Zayn into the backstage area where Strowman absolutely brutalized him.

Strowman was busy launching Sami into a metal rolling door when Drew McIntyre intervened, hitting Strowman with a steel chair and urging Sami to pin him, but Strowman kicked out.

In the arena once more, Strowman floored Sami Zayn before piling ladders on top of him. Corbin and McIntyre interfered again, beating Strowman down with every move and weapon they could muster.

Finally, Corbin dragged Sami Zayn’s limp body on top of Braun Strowman, and he and McIntyre held Zayn down, pinning and defeating The Monster.

Obviously, Corbin and McIntyre had decided that Sami Zayn would be a much easier Money in the Bank opponent than Braun Strowman and their plan worked – for them. Post-match, Strowman decimated an already impaired Sami Zayn, all the better for Corbin and McIntyre.

Winner: Sami Zayn

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