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WWE Raw Results: June 3 2019

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The 06/03/19 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Frank Erwin Events Center in Austin, Texas, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1358 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Shane McMahon Makes Threats

Roman Reigns opened the show by coming down to the ring, but it wasn’t immediately clear what his intentions were, as Shane McMahon appeared on the stage before he could say or do anything else.

Shane went on a self-aggrandizing speech about how badly he was going to beat Roman Reigns up at Super Showdown on Friday, but Roman disagreed. He said that there was no way Shane could defeat Roman without his friend, Drew McIntyre, and after Roman beats Shane at Super Showdown, he will beat Drew McIntyre at Stomping Grounds.

Drew McIntyre had different ideas, and came to the stage to voice them. He agreed with Shane, saying that he would not only defeat Roman Reigns, he was going to end him.

And he wasn’t going to wait until Stomping Grounds, either. At this, The Revival ambushed The Big Dog, attempting to beat him down, but Reigns was almost immediately saved by his cousins, The Usos.

Roman Reigns and The Usos vs. Drew McIntyre and The Revival

A match broke out from the previous interaction, The Usos and Roman Reigns gaining the early advantage when Jimmy and Jey dove onto Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson.

Back from commercial, Jimmy Uso was focusing on Dash Wilder, but momentarily took his attention away from Dash to deal with Scott Dawson and Drew McIntyre, allowing Dash to take the upper hand.

Drew McIntyre and his team picked Jimmy apart, while Roman and Jey watched helplessly from the apron. Every time they tried to even the odds, the referee was there to stop them.

At some point during another commercial break, Roman Reigns got the hot tag, and was laying out everyone in the ring, but when he went after Shane McMahon at ringside, he was caught with a Claymore Kick to the side of the head.

The Revival hit Jimmy Uso with a Shatter Machine outside of the ring while Drew McIntyre connected with another Claymore, this time on Jey, and won the match.

But the foursome couldn’t just take the victory and leave, Shane instructing The Revival and Drew McIntyre to deliver a Shatter Machine and a Claymore to Roman Reigns, after which his three comrades held The Big Dog up so Shane could floor him with a spear.

Winner: Drew McIntyre and The Revival

MizTV: Seth Rollins

The Miz welcomed Seth Rollins to join him on the set of Miz TV to talk about his scheduled Universal Championship Match against Baron Corbin on Friday, but, that could all change, as Brock Lesnar had promised to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins before then.

The champ didn’t seem all too concerned, assuming that Paul Heyman and his client were bluffing about the Raw cash-in, but if it did happen, Rollins would be relieved, because he could get Brock Lesnar out of the way and only worry about the championship match against Baron Corbin.

But as Seth was giving his speech, Heyman and Lesnar were shown pulling up to the arena, apparently making their way to the ring. Rollins prepared for battle, but The Beast never appeared, so he left the ring frustrated.

Lucha House Party Defeat The Odds

The Lucha House Party came to the ring for a tag match but instead got Lars Sullivan, who obviously wanted to give himself a little extra advantage going into their handicap match at Super Showdown. He got in a few big moves but was eventually (and somewhat unexpectedly) chased away by LHP’s triple dropkick.

Alexa Bliss Helps a Friend

Backstage, The IIconics were giving Nikki Cross a hard time, teasing her about her size and choice of friends when Alexa Bliss came on the scene to defend Nikki. The IIconics quickly became bored of the interaction, leaving Alexa and Nikki alone.

Alexa said that she knew Nikki had recently became close with Becky Lynch, but hoped that they were still friends, suggesting they get coffee together before Nikki’s match against Peyton (for which Alexa offered to be at ringside).

The Man, The Lady, and The Queen

Becky Lynch marched down to the ring to give an overview of the last 6 months of her career, garnering a nice “you deserve it” chant from the crowd. Becky said she had never been more content in her life, but knew she couldn’t stay that way. She had to keep climbing, she couldn’t allow herself to become stagnant. And Lacey Evans causing Becky to lose her SmackDown Live Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank woke her up to that fact.

Lacey Evans sauntered down to join The Man in the ring, saying that she knew Becky beat her at Money in the Bank, but she would be Becky No Belts when she was able to get her hands on Becky again.

Charlotte Flair came down as well, which confused both Becky and Lacey Evans, who reminded her that she had no championships, and even though she had beaten Becky, she still wasn’t champion.

Lacey told Charlotte to go back to SmackDown Live, and when she didn’t move, Lacey “educated her” with a Woman’s Right.

Charlotte Flair vs. Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans paid for her disrespect of The Queen immediately, Charlotte pummeling her so relentlessly, Lacey had to roll out of the ring to catch her breath. And when she was back in, Charlotte picked up right where she left off, Becky Lynch watching the match unfold from ringside.

Back from commercial, Lacey Evans managed to ground The Queen momentarily, but Charlotte came back with chops in the corner. Charlotte got a little too cocky at this point, however, allowing Lacey to gain a near fall.

With a punch to the midsection and a leg sweep, Lacey came close to winning the match again, but took too long following up with an elbow, and Charlotte rolled out of the way.

Charlotte and Lacey attempted crossbodies at the same time, colliding in the middle of the ring, and both struggled to get back to their feet, but in the end, it didn’t matter. Becky Lynch took Charlotte out first, then moved on to Lacey Evans, flattening her then standing tall to close the segment.

Winner: Charlotte Flair (via disqualification)

Rey Mysterio Relinquishes His Championship

Rey Mysterio came to the ring to relinquish his United States Championship due to a separated shoulder, but of course, Samoa Joe couldn’t allow him to have his moment in peace.

Joe demanded that Rey admit that he never defeated him, and was giving up the title not because he was injured, but because it was never his to begin with. Determined to retain his honor, Rey Mysterio admitted no such thing but did give the title to Joe.

This wasn’t enough for Joe, however, who grabbed him when he was halfway out of the ring, locking in a Coquina Clutch and putting an already injured Rey Mysterio to sleep.

A Superfluous Arm Wrestling Competition

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley stood in the middle of the ring for an arm wrestling competition, and after a few angry outbursts, Strowman was able to defeat Lashley. Lashley wasn’t going to take the defeat lying down, however, and threw chalk in The Monster’s face. Strowman was angry, but blinded by the chalk, allowing Lashley to escape from the ring.

Drake Maverick Remains Determined

After a clip of Jinder Mahal defeating R-Truth for the 24/7 Championship on a golf course over the weekend (and promptly losing it back to the now 3 time 24/7 Champion), Carmella was shown backstage searching for Truth.

But while she searched, so did Drake Maverick and EC3, followed by a referee. Unshaven and slightly disheveled, Maverick continued his hunt for the championship, fliers in hand.

Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross

With Alexa Bliss and Billie Cross in their respective corners, Nikki Cross and Peyton Royce fought to prove which of them was the better woman. Nikki Cross tried to take the upper hand when Peyton chose to start things off with a taunt instead of action, but Peyton quickly came back with a much more serious approach.

Peyton put the boots to Nikki Cross, showing a vicious side of herself, even bloodying Nikki’s mouth. Every time Nikki Cross came at Peyton, the tag champion either evaded the attack or responded with even more ferocity.

Nikki began to gain momentum with a series of strikes, gaining a near fall and attempting to follow it up with a crossbody off the top rope, but Peyton rolled out of the way.

Known coffee aficionado Alexa Bliss had a mug of it delivered to her at ringside. For some reason, Peyton Royce found this extremely disrespectful, knocking the coffee out of her hand before Billie Kay pushed her down into it.

But Peyton Royce got too comfortable with her advantage, laughing at Alexa Bliss instead of focusing on the match and lost to Nikki Cross and her neckbreaker.

Post-match, Alexa Bliss jumped in the ring and hit Billie Kay with a brutal dropkick. This aggression didn’t bother Nikki Cross at all, who happily climbed in after her to celebrate.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Seth Rollins Summons The Beast

Sick and tired of The Beast’s games, Seth Rollins came to the ring to demand that he cash-in his briefcase as promised. Brock Lesnar’s music played, but again, The Beast never came.

Instead, Baron Corbin appeared, reminding Seth Rollins that he had retired Kurt Angle, and would be more than happy to retire Seth Rollins as well. Rollins didn’t take this threat well, brawling with Baron Corbin and knocking him from the ring, but just as he had appeared to have taken the Lone Wolf down, Brock Lesnar’s music played again.

Brock Lesnar still didn’t appear, but Baron Corbin snuck up behind while Rollins was distracted, hitting an End of Days and laying out the champ. Brock decided it was finally time, and marched to the ring with Paul Heyman and a referee at his side.

Instead of cashing in immediately, Brock Lesnar got a little payback for WrestleMania, low-blowing Seth Rollins before pounding him repeatedly with a steel chair.

Paul Heyman pleaded with his client to cash-in the briefcase, knowing there would never be a better time (plus, his reputation was on the line, as he was the one who promised a cash-in in the first place), but Lesnar refused, telling his advocate that he would take the championship on Friday.

Lesnar started to leave, but came back for a few more chair shots, smashing Seth over the back with the briefcase for good measure.

Seth Rollins was stretchered away to an ambulance and driven to the hospital.

Firefly Fun House: A Very Special Episode

In a “very special episode” of Firefly Fun House, Bray Wyatt announced that he had something super serious to talk about: exercise!

He showed his friend Huskus The Pigboy (a very disturbing pig puppet with a chocolate stained mouth), and gave him a pep talk about the importance of a healthy mind and body.

A Vince McMahon puppet with horns and demonic eyes burst through the door, preparing to tell Bray and Huskus that they were about to be fired, but Bray cut him off, promising to help Huskus get himself together.

At this, the Fun House melted away, replaced by a hallucinogenic scene of Bray Wyatt exercising using the “muscle man dance” while 80’s electronic music played in the background (occasionally intermingled with disturbing images of The Fiend).

When the dance was over, Bray Wyatt reminded his fireflies that all they needed to do was let him in.

The Game and The Viper Prepare for Battle

In preparation for their match at Super Showdown, Triple H and Randy Orton met up in the ring. After a loud NXT chant that drew a smirk from Triple H died down, he addressed The Viper.

Triple H said that he wasn’t going to waste anyone’s time, he simply came to say that he was going to kick Randy Orton’s ass at Super Showdown.

The two launched into a spirited, increasingly inappropriate, debate about which of them would be the one to defeat the other on Friday, both making it obvious that they had the other’s number.

There was clearly a great amount of respect between them, but that won’t stop either of them from attempting to tear the other apart at Super Showdown.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro

Before you read any further, I need to preface all of this by saying that this was yet another incredible match between Ricochet and Cesaro and simply cannot be captured in writing. Be sure to check this one out for yourself, as these two are in the middle of one hell of a feud.

Ricochet and Cesaro going into this match 1-1 and both looking to gain that best of 3 position, wasted no time in hurtling toward each other. But at this point, they knew each other so well that they both evaded everything the other could throw.

Cesaro took control of the match with a shoulder tackle and a back breaker, and when that didn’t keep the One and Only down, he continued with strikes in the corner.

Flipping around Cesaro as if he were completely weightless, Ricochet managed to throw Cesaro from the ring, following it up with a hurricanrana off the barricade.

Cesaro threw a few strikes, knocking Ricochet down a peg or two, but Ricochet was not disheartened, climbing up to the second rope in a few quick movements and moonsaulting to the floor onto Cesaro.

After a failed sunset flip, Ricochet ran to the corner to take a breather and was chased by Cesaro, but Ricochet dodged, causing Cesaro to hurl himself into the ring post.

Cesaro came back with an uppercut and a superplex, Ricochet rolling out to avoid further punishment. Ricochet flipped backward onto Cesaro’s shoulders, Cesaro transitioning into a swing. With an uppercut on a disoriented Ricochet, Cesaro nearly won the match, but Ricochet kicked out of the pin.

Ricochet flew through the air into a crossbody and the two traded roll-ups, Ricochet ultimately being the one to hold his opponent down for a count of three, winning the match.

Enraged, Cesaro beat Ricochet down mid-celebration, hopping out of the ring to look for a weapon. He pulled a table from beneath the ring and found R-Truth, who had apparently been lying on it most of the night, avoiding his pursuers.

Winner: Ricochet

The 24/7 Championship Runs Wild

Carmella ran down to help her friend, Ricochet making a possibly unintentional assist by knocking Cesaro into the crowd. But before Carmella and Truth could make their escape, the hoard of 24/7 Championship hopefuls spilled from the backstage area, racing toward Truth and his title.

Cedric Alexander dove from the ring, taking out everyone but Drake Maverick, who caught a superkick from Carmella. Truth and Carmella sprinted away, once again narrowly avoiding defeat.

The Undertaker Returns

After performing his epic entrance, The Undertaker cut an excellent promo regarding his match against Goldberg at Super Showdown. He said he didn’t want Goldberg the family man in their first encounter, he wanted the unstoppable, mythical icon.

And Goldberg had better give everything he had in their match, because Undertaker was coming to take his soul.

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