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WWE Raw Results: June 17 2019

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The 06/17/19 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1360 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

The Special Guest Referee Is…

Elias made a special appearance on Raw to announce that Baron Corbin had chosen him as the special guest referee for his Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins at Stomping Grounds.

But Elias barely had time to get in a few insults on Los Angeles before he was attacked by Seth Rollins, steel chair in hand. After the destruction of Elias, Rollins grabbed a mic and said that, after everything he went through with Brock Lesnar, he was done playing games, he was out for blood.

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Cesaro vs. Ricochet vs. Braun Strowman

Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match, Winner Faces Samoa Joe for the United States Championship at Stomping Grounds

Elias still in the ring, The Miz made his way toward it, hitting a Skull Crushing Finale on The Drifter before turning his attention toward an approaching Bobby Lashley, who, instead of laying hands on Miz, speared Elias. Cesaro joined the fray, swinging Elias around and around, and just when Elias had gained his footing, Ricochet’s knees connected with his face. Braun appeared last, and couldn’t resist taking a free shot at Elias as well, and powerslammed him. Elias wasn’t part of the Fatal 5-Way, but certainly had a difficult time getting out of the way after such a brutal beatdown.

The moment the match began, Braun Strowman went to work tearing apart his competition, throwing them each from the ring in turn. Cesaro eventually took back control with an uppercut, lifting Braun in an astounding fireman’s carry before slamming him down. Unfortunately, this would cost him, as Braun got his revenge by eliminating Cesaro.

Cesaro out of the picture, Braun took out Ricochet and Miz, but couldn’t quite manhandle Bobby Lashley, who suplexed him, knocking Miz and Ricochet off the apron as they tried to interfere. With another slam, Braun eliminated Lashley.

With his competition outside of the ring (thanks to him), Braun did his signature run around the ring, knocking Miz and Ricochet down as he went. Braun was just about to eliminate Miz when Bobby Lashley and Cesaro came back to avenge themselves, hitting Braun with their finishers, setting Ricochet up for a 630, then helping him hold The Monster down.

Samoa Joe cackled at ringside as Braun flew into a rage, launching Ricochet over the top rope, taking Bobby Lashley out, then chasing Cesaro up the ramp and violently throwing him into the LED panels on the stage.

Only Miz and Ricochet left, the two wasted no time going after each other, each determined to face Samoa Joe for his United States Championship at Stomping Grounds. Miz nearly lost the match when he tried for a Skull Crushing Finale and Ricochet instead caught him in a roll-up, but was able to escape.

Ricochet and Miz exchanged a series of kicks (Ricochet’s slightly more acrobatic than Miz’s), until Miz trapped Ricochet in a Figure Four. Ricochet was eventually able to reverse the pressure, and Miz flipped back, but Ricochet was close enough to grab the ropes, breaking the hold.

Ricochet struggled to gain momentum due to an “injured” knee, but climbed the ropes and hit Miz with his devastating 630 finisher for the win. Unfortunately, Ricochet’s celebration was cut short, as Samoa Joe attacked him from behind. But Samoa Joe did not account for Ricochet’s resilience, and Ricochet came back with an attack of his own, standing tall in the end.

Winner: Ricochet

The Lady Pushes The Man’s Buttons

The former champ champ now Raw Women’s Champ, Becky Lynch, marched to the ring and demanded Lacey Evans follow her. She said she was tired of Lacey talking behind her back, and the next time she was within striking distance, she would lay her out.

Unintimidated by The Man’s harsh words, Lacey Evans made her way toward Becky, informing her that she did not understand who Lacey was, she wasn’t just a pretty face and nice clothes, as a marine, she had seen things that Becky could never fathom.

Lacey said that Becky wasn’t setting the proper example as champion, and reminded her that she had cost Becky one of her titles at Money in the Bank, but at this point, she was within reach. Becky Lynch snatched her through the ropes, laid her out, then left with her hat. Rude.

The VIP Lounge and Rollins’ Second Attack

Backstage, The Revival strutted toward Shane McMahon’s VIP lounge, fully decked out in yacht-worthy attire. In a different area, Baron Corbin was being interviewed by Charly Caruso. Charly informed us that, after the assault Elias suffered earlier, he was no longer willing to be Baron Corbin’s special guest referee. Baron was unfazed and said that he already had someone else in mind.

His usual arrogant demeanor was swiftly shattered, however, when he was brought to the ground by a chair shot to the back courtesy of Seth Rollins, who made it clear that Baron Corbin and anyone who sided with him were on his hit list.

The Viking Raiders vs. Randy and Russ Taylor

Daniel Bryan and Rowan came to the stage to say that they fully understood why the McMahon family had chosen them to be “wild cards” for Raw, as both Raw and Los Angeles sucked. And The Planet’s Champions were better than the entire city, as well as the entire Raw roster.

As Daniel was finishing his fiery sermon, The Viking Raiders passed by on their way to the ring for their match against Randy and Russ Taylor. After a very quick match in which Erik and Ivar absolutely decimated Randy and Russ, The Viking Raiders took the victory.

The crowd was shown celebrating (or booing, depending on the fan) the match, and R-Truth and Carmella were in their midst, cleverly disguised with wigs and mustaches, but it wasn’t enough to hide them from the horde constantly on Truth’s heels.

Truth slid underneath the ring to evade his pursuers, and when they reached to pull him out, they got Titus O’Neil, who joined in the chase. Carmella and R-Truth fled into the crowd with the gaggle of 24/7 Championship hopefuls ran behind them.

Winner: Viking Raiders

No Honor Among Bandmates

Heath Slater entered Shane O’Mac’s winners’ VIP lounge to remind Shane that he had kids, and money was tight for him, so he wanted a raise. Shane commended his nerve, but denied his request and asked him to leave.

Shane promised Heath free exit, but that is not what he got. Outside of the clubhouse, Heath was talking on the phone with his wife when he was ambushed by Drew McIntyre, who lured him in under the guise of helping him with his finances.

The Revival and Shane ran out, not to save Heath, but to save Drew’s hands so he would be at 100% for his match against Roman Reigns at Stomping Grounds.

The Kevin Owens Show: Baron Corbin

Alongside his best friend Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens came to the ring to conduct this week’s episode of the Kevin Owens Show. Kevin and Sami welcomed their guest for the evening, Baron Corbin, to join them in the ring.

Kevin and Sami immediately began commiserating with Baron on their mutual hatred of Seth Rollins. As Elias had given up his role for Stomping Grounds and neither Kevin Owens nor Sami Zayn were too keen on receiving additional beatdowns from Rollins, they asked who he had chosen as his special guest referee for the match.

Baron divulged that EC3 would be the referee, and he had just stepped onto the stage, all dressed up in his referee outfit, when Seth Rollins attacked him from behind. Baron Corbin again didn’t seem too concerned by this but was more annoyed by the fact that he would have to choose a new referee.

At this point, The New Day came to the stage, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Owens, Zayn, and Corbin were doing their best to banish them to the backstage area. After The New Day talked a little about Kofi’s Steel Cage Match against Dolph Ziggler at Stomping Grounds, Baron Corbin challenged them to a 6-Man Tag Match. The New Day accepted, choosing an unconscious EC3 as the referee.

The Not So Good Brothers

AJ Styles was in the medical center when he was approached by Doctor Anderson and Doctor Gallows, The Club. His old friends were more than ready to clown around but instead received a rude awakening from Styles.

Styles said that they had gotten complacent, and frankly lazy. Gallows and Anderson had given up their quest for victory and had become comfortable in the background. Insulted, The Club declared that they would show Styles just how serious they could be in their match against The Usos later in the evening.

The New Day vs. Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens

2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match

Sadly, EC3 did not regain consciousness in time to referee this match, so another official took the job. Sami Zayn kicked off the action against Xavier Woods, and though he briefly lost control of the match, he was able to steer Woods to his corner, where the New Day member was triple teamed by the opposition.

Baron Corbin stepped in the ring to go one-on-one with Woods and continued the abuse until he was caught with an enziguri from Woods, causing him to retreat back to his corner. Before Xavier Woods could tag out, he was attacked by Kevin Owens, who went for his senton, but Woods was able to get his knees up. Owens left and Sami Zayn took his place, abruptly losing the first fall to Xavier Woods.

Back from commercial, Woods had been able to tag out, and it was Big E trapped in the opposing corner, suffering a triple team attack at the hands of Corbin, Owens, and Zayn.

After fighting off Sami Zayn, Big E rushed to his corner but was caught with a superkick from Owens. Instead of finishing E off himself, Owens tagged in Baron Corbin, who taunted Kofi and Xavier while ruthlessly beating their teammate down.

When Kofi Kingston got the hot tag, however, things went downhill quickly for Baron Corbin. Kofi hit Corbin with a massive kick and a splash from the top rope, but when Kofi was about to get the Trouble in Paradise, he was distracted by Kevin Owens.

Baron used this to his advantage, hitting Kofi with a Deep Six, but got a little overzealous, accidentally attacking Sami Zayn, causing an argument between the teammates and ending with Corbin receiving a superkick from Owens. Sami and Kevin left Baron alone in the ring since he was clearly no friend of theirs, and he was soon hit with a Trouble in Paradise, and lost the match.

Winner: The New Day

Who is More Paranoid, Heyman or Rollins?

A particularly fidgety Paul Heyman came to the ring, paranoid that Seth Rollins was going to attack him next. In an attempt to prevent this, Heyman repeatedly stated that he would not accept the guest referee position, even if Baron offered it to him.

Heyman continued to say that Seth Rollins had proven that he had traded sportsmanship for violence (in slightly more vulgar terms), as he had made the steel chair is weapon of choice, rather than his own hands. But no matter what he did, The Beast would always be waiting around the corner to take his Universal Championship.

Backstage, Baron’s next choice for guest referee was revealed to be Eric Young. But shortly after accepting the job, Young came across Seth Rollins. Rollins assured Eric that he would never do anything to him, as he knew that Eric wouldn’t betray him – but still hammered him with a steel chair once his back was turned.

The Usos vs. The Club

Out to prove themselves the same serious tag team they once were, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson wasted not time hitting The Usos with their best offense, nearly taking the victory by pinning Jey Uso mere moments into the match.

Jey kicked out, but the barrage of attacks continued, Karl Anderson, wearing him down before tagging Gallows back in. They went for the Magic Killer, but Jimmy Uso broke it up. The Usos then hit a double superkick on Luke Gallows, taking the victory. AJ Styles watched in disappointment from a monitor backstage, and will surely have some not nice things to say about their loss.

Winner: The Usos

Roman Reigns Gets His Wish

Roman Reigns came to the ring intent on entertaining the fans – that and getting his revenge on Shane McMahon by beating him up. He invited Shane O’Mac to join him and fight, but Shane appeared on the big screen instead of in the ring, telling Roman that there was no need to be embarrassed by losing to the best in the world.

Roman seemed angered by this, but held it together. That is until Drew McIntyre stepped into the spotlight, telling Roman how he planned to destroy him at Stomping Grounds, which was fine until he brought up Roman’s children.

Drew had clearly stepped over the line with this comment, as Roman Reigns marched straight backstage, took out The Revival when Shane sent them to protect him, then Drew McIntyre in their party room, then chased Shane into the ring and speared him to hell.

Roman told Shane to crawl to the back and tell Drew he was going down at Stomping Grounds before dropping the microphone on Shane’s face and walking away.

The IIconics (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Earlier in the evening, Alexa Bliss continued her mission to turn Nikki Cross against Bayley (presumably to use her as a weapon against her most recent enemy). After revealing that she had scored the two of them a Women’s Tag Team Championship Match against The IIconics, she said that Bayley was still being rude about her online.

Before the match, Bayley was shown backstage with Naomi and Natalya when she was approached by Charly Caruso, who asked if she would like to comment on the recent accusation that she had refused to take a picture with a young fan. Bayley assured her friends that this was a lie, and left to straighten things out with Alexa, but once she was out of earshot, her friends whispered to each other that they weren’t quite convinced.

Bayley came down to the ring, but simply sat down to watch instead of immediately confronting Alexa. Billie and Peyton, of course, spent a few minutes flaunting their championships but were knocked down a peg once the match started, as Alexa Bliss smacked Billie Kay right in the face.

Alexa attempted to follow up with more strikes, but was double teamed by The IIconics. She got a near fall via roll-up, and when that didn’t work, tagged in Nikki Cross. But Nikki didn’t have much more luck, catching double team attacks from Billie and Peyton as well.

After knocking Peyton from the apron, Nikki was alone with Billie Kay, who shoved Alexa Bliss from the opposite apron to even the score. Bayley took this opportunity to confront Alexa, and during all the commotion outside the ring, Nikki lost the match to Billie inside of it.

Backstage after the match, Nikki Cross admitted that Alexa Bliss was right about Bayley all along. Bayley had cost Nikki her dreams tonight, so Nikki would help Alexa cost Bayley hers at Stomping Grounds.

Winner: The IIconics

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt was shown gardening in the Fun House, comparing gardening to the mind, as thoughts also need care and attention to grow. But people lie, planting incorrect and bad ideas into our minds. Which is why he built Firefly Fun House, so that everyone who was “different” could be together, where the fun never ends.

At this point, things got creepy, as they always do. The Fiend flashed in and out of the frame as Bray said that people worship things they fear; therefore, fear equals power.

Various, increasingly disturbing images flickered while the music continuously changed genre, but stayed with the “follow me” theme. Then The Fiend was all we saw, laughing darkly as he held out his hand and said let me in.

Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

Accompanied to the ring by his protector and tag team partner, Rowan, Daniel Bryan came prepared to take on the man who had spent the better part of three hours beating down everyone in his path.

But shortly after the match began, Rollins had the upper hand and Rowan wasn’t having it, causing a disqualification by attacking Rollins. Daniel Bryan began to celebrate, but before long The New Day, The Usos, and The Revival were all sprinting down to the ring to join in.

A massive brawl broke out and because of the number of men involved, the officials struggled to disband it. When they finally did, the match between Bryan and Rollins was restarted, this time strictly one-on-one.

Back to the start, Rollins tried to come with the same dominance he had the first time, but Daniel Bryan now knew what to expect, throwing Rollins out of the ring and into the steel steps before hitting him with multiple running dropkicks. Turning the tables with a clothesline, Rollins began to gain steam with a series of strikes followed by a slingblade, but couldn’t keep Bryan down.

Rollins prepared for a Curb Stomp, but Bryan evaded the attack, attempting to finish the match with a roll-up. As his finisher was unsuccessful, Rollins went for an enziguri, but Bryan again outsmarted him, somehow turning it into a submission then suplexing Rollins out of the ring.

This did not save Seth Rollins whatsoever, though, as Bryan flew after him with a knee. Back in the ring, Bryan climbed to the top rope, but was cut off by a punch from Rollins. The two struggled until Rollins was able to throw Bryan from the ropes in a superplex.

But if Rollins thought this would be the moment he won the match, he was wrong. Bryan clenched him in the LeBell Lock, kicking Rollins in the head when he escaped. The second Rollins got to his feet, Bryan charged toward him, but Rollins caught him, throwing him into the turnbuckles then kicking him in the face, but it didn’t win him the match.

Rollins frog splashed from the ropes right into Bryan’s raised knees. Bryan followed with another LeBell lock, but Rollins escaped, connected with an enziguri, then hit a Curb Stomp and won the match.

As Rollins made his way back up the ramp, he was struck from behind with a steel chair by Baron Corbin. Corbin smirked as he beat Rollins down the ramp until they were in the ring, where he demolished Rollins with an End of Days and held the Universal Championship above his head.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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