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WWE Raw Results: July 9 2018

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The 07/09/18 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results and our overall thoughts on the show for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1311 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.


Reigns and Lashley Brawl It Out


We kicked off Raw with Bobby Lashley blocking Roman’s way backstage. Lashley challenged The Big Dog to call him out once he got to the ring because he was ready to fight.

Once Roman finished his marathon entrance, he gazed up into the booing crowd and let them quiet down before speaking. When he finally picked up the mic, he announced that he was curious about the legitimacy of Bob’s claims and called him out.

The two men stared each other down until Kurt Angle interrupted, demanding that they save the violence for the pay-per-view. The Raw GM was ignored, of course, and a brawl broke out. Half the Raw men’s division came out to break it up but struggled to keep Lashley and Reigns apart.

In the midst of the scuffle, Finn Bálor forearmed Constable Corbin in the face, which we’re sure will end up being important.


Alexa Bliss and Mickie James vs. Natalya and Nia Jax


Alexa and Nikki put the boots to Nattie for the majority of this bout, keeping her in their corner to prevent Nia from tagging in. Once Jax was in the match, however, they were in trouble.

In a matter of seconds, Nia got the better of Mickie and the victory for her team. In an attempt at payback, Bliss introduced a kendo stick and beat Nia down with it. Jax snatched it away and tried to hit back, but Alexa and Mickie escaped down the ramp before she could.

Post-match, Nia was interviewed backstage, where she said that everything Bliss had said and done to her up to this point was nothing compared to what Jax was going to do to her at Extreme Rules.

Winner: Nia Jax and Natalya


Kevin Owens Backstage


Kevin Owens approached Kurt Angle backstage and presented a doctor’s note stating that he was not medically cleared to compete given the port-a-potty incident from last week. Owens said that although he came to work, he wasn’t taking any chances at another attack and would, therefore, be in the chair right next to Angle for the duration of the show.


Mojo Rawley vs. No Way Jose


Mojo finally accepted the rematch with No Way Jose – and in a show of good faith didn’t even attack any of Jose’s conga liners beforehand.

Jose did his best to withstand the brutal attack from Rawley, but in the end, was taken down by an Alabama Slam.

Winner: Mojo Rawley


Calm Mahal


Seth Rollins encountered a newly gentle Jinder Mahal backstage. Mahal said that Rollins should follow suit instead of burning it down. Rollins faked an agreement before making a break for it.


Seth Rollins / Dolph Ziggler Dueling Promos


Rollins grabbed a mic and told the Boston crowd that he was looking forward to taking on Dolph Ziggler in an ironman match this Sunday, and although the odds were stacked against him with Drew McIntyre, he would still emerge Intercontinental Champion.

At this point, Dolph and Drew had heard enough and came out to give a rebuttal. D & D thought it was cute that Rollins thought he was going to win at Extreme Rules, but he was wrong.

The three of them went back and forth until Rollins asked why McIntyre was following Ziggler around like a lost puppy, then implied that he has intercourse with sheep. Seth crossed the line with this and McIntyre challenged him to a match, which he accepted.


Bo Dallas vs. Matt Hardy


Out in the ring, once again in full Deletors of Worlds cosplay, The B-Team said that they would be the new Raw tag team champions at the other end of Extreme Rules.

The (real) Deletors of Worlds didn’t find the parody very entertaining and asked why they should wait until Sunday when they could fight right then. The lights went out and suddenly Wyatt and Hardy were in the ring, ready to throw down.

Most of the match saw Matt Hardy tossing Dallas around the ring, but he still managed to lose to the Bray Wyatt impersonator. The Deletors of Worlds got the last laugh, however, by beating Axel and Dallas down after the match.

Winner: Bo Dallas


Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan


Looking for retribution for her loss to Ember last week, Liv Morgan threw everything she had at her opponent. Sarah Logan tried to come to the aid of her friend by distracting Ember while Liv attacked, but Ember reversed it and got the victory.

This was a solid match. Ember Moon is insanely talented and Liv Morgan gets better all the time.

Winner: Ember Moon


Bobby Roode and Finn Bálor vs. Constable Corbin and Elias


Before the match, Bobby Roode and Finn Bálor were interviewed by Renee Young. They said that not only did they have both have great hair and abs, they would emerge glorious and victorious at the end of the bout.

In the ring, Elias cut a promo the only way he knows how – in song, guitar in hand. After insulting his opponents and the Bostonians in attendance, he welcomed his partner, Baron Corbin, who sang a haunting rendition of “Itsy Bitsy Bálor” to the audience.

This match was set mainly to further the feud between Corbin and Bálor. Elias and Corbin went after Bálor and Roode with a vengeance, and even though there were a few close calls, Corbin eventually pinned Roode.

Winner: Baron Corbin and Elias


Strowman and Owens in a Cage


Braun Strowman burst into Kurt Angle’s office, scaring the pants off Kevin Owens in the process. Owens demanded that Angle honor his doctor’s note, and he did, for the night, but added a steel cage stipulation to the match between Owens and Strowman at Extreme Rules.


Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre


Earlier in the evening, Kurt Angle laid down the law. With the mounting hostility between Ziggler, McIntyre, and Rollins, Drew would be banned from ringside for the match at Extreme Rules if he lost to Seth tonight.

McIntyre was clearly still angry about the insults lobbed at him earlier and held nothing back, giving no chance for offense from the Architect. Rollins shifted the momentum slightly with a dive onto McIntyre and turned the bout into an even back and forth. The two threw absolutely vicious attacks at each other until Ziggler caused a distraction and cost Rollins the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre


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