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WWE Raw Results: January 6 2020

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The January 6 2020 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1389 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

The Beast Returns

Paul Heyman and his client, Brock Lesnar, opened the show, Lesnar’s WWE Championship in hand. Heyman said that he had been in discussion with his client regarding who was worthy of facing The Beast at the Royal Rumble.

Brock Lesnar said that no one competitor had proven themselves to him, so he would be doing something unprecedented. Heyman announced that not only would Lesnar be entering himself in the Royal Rumble match, but he would be taking the #1 entrant position.

As the commentators were discussing the events, Brock Lesnar shoved past them while Paul Heyman hung back to hear what they had to say.

Andrade (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

United States Championship Match

Rey Mysterio cut a promo before heading to the ring, once again thanking his son Dominick for convincing him to finish his career instead of ducking out early. He said that Andrade wasn’t worthy of representing Latinos in WWE, and Rey would use this fact as fuel to take the title back from him.

In an effort to keep his word, Rey Mysterio got the early advantage, sending Andrade flying out of the ring and gaining a near fall. When it wasn’t enough to put Andrade away, the champ tried to take control but was thrown face-first into the steel steps thanks to a head scissors from Mysterio.

Back in the ring, the two leveled each other with matching dropkicks as Raw went to break.

After the commercial, it was revealed that Andrade had begun to gain momentum during the break, but Rey Mysterio quickly took over, connecting with a springboard senton. Mysterio scored a near fall with a DDT, dodging a double stomp soon after that send Andrade falling to the ground.

Rey Mysterio was ramping up for the win, but just as it appeared to be in his grasp, Zelina Vega intervened, placing Andrade’s foot on the bottom rope to break the pin.

Back from commercial, the match rolled on, Rey Mysterio handing it to Andrade, using his own momentum to send him out of the ring before throwing him into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Mysterio got another near fall, but Andrade persevered. Mysterio threw the champ out yet again, sending him crashing into the ring post on his way off the apron. A leg drop to the back of the head almost won Mysterio the match, but Andrade powered out, responding with a brutal flapjack.

Rey Mysterio would not be defeated, however, smashing Andrade with a 619. Andrade fled to ringside and Rey flew after him, accidentally hitting both Andrade and his manager, Zelina Vega.

Andrade set up for the Hammerlock DDT in the ring, but Rey rolled out of the ring before he could connect to check on Zelina (while Andrade was unconcerned). The moment Rey stepped back into the ring, Andrade hit his DDT, winning the match.

But victory wasn’t enough for Andrade, who ripped Mysterio’s mask from his head, awarding Zelina with the prize as the referee frantically threw himself on Rey to prevent his identity from being revealed.

Winner: Andrade

The Viking Raiders (c) vs. The Street Profits vs. The OC

Raw Tag Team Championship Match

After their high-energy entrance, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins announced that they were going to kick the new year off in style – by becoming the Raw Tag Team Champions.

Determined to retain their championships, despite the odds perhaps being against them, The Viking Raiders took the upper hand early, Erik and Ivar working together to gain a near fall on Karl Anderson.

Angelo Dawkins got in on the action here, catching Karl with a dropkick before handing the ring to Montez for a dropkick of his own. Seeing The Street Profits gaining momentum, Ivar got back in, trading cartwheels with Montez Ford until Gallows and Anderson grew tired of the gymnastics and attacked both men.

Luke Gallows focused his energy on Montez, relentlessly beating him down. Angelo Dawkins made the save, but was quickly shoved away by Karl. Without a partner available, Montez tagged Erik into the match, who took down everyone in his path, including Montez Ford.

A Viking Experience to Ford came milliseconds from winning the match, but Luke and Karl broke it at 2.9999.

Back from commercial, The OC held dominion over the match, wearing Erik down using double team tactics and cutting the ring in half. Ivar eventually got the hot tag and took Karl out before Erik took the ring back for himself.

Angelo Dawkins hurtled toward victory, throwing Ivar out of the way, then launching himself into Erik. With Erik on the ropes, Angelo tagged Montez in, and the two prepared for a double team finisher, but Karl put a stop to it. Karl attempted to take the win for himself, but Ivar saved his partner at the last second.

With The Street Profits incapacitated, Erik and Ivar took the win with their powerbomb/splash double team to retain.

Winner: The Viking Raiders

The Man Stands Tall

The Raw Women’s Champion made her way to the ring and, after a video package summarizing her feud with Asuka, announced that she had a lot of time to think over the holidays. The Man said that she was beginning to doubt herself, maybe she wasn’t as dominant as she thought she was.

Mid-promo, Asuka made her entrance, (presumably) insulting Becky Lynch in Japanese the entire way to the ring. When The Empress finally made it through the ropes, however, she was met with a right hook from Becky, laying her out.

The Man left Asuka lying in the ring as she walked away, glancing back to admire her handiwork.

Erick Rowan vs. Captain Big Eyes

As Rowan made his way through the backstage area toward the ring, he was approached by Mojo Rawley, who politely asked if he could take a peek inside Rowan’s mysterious cage.

Surprisingly, Rowan obliged, but Mojo came to regret his decision, as the moment he looked into the cage, he lept backward in fear, questioning Rowan as to why he would carry such a thing around with him.

Poor Big Eyes didn’t even have a chance to try to look in the cage, as Erick beat him down, handily taking the win, as usual. To make matters worse, Erick forced the Captain to look into the cage, after which he sprinted back up the ramp screaming, his face bleeding.

Winner: Erick Rowan

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Rey Mysterio Gets Revenge

With Zelina Vega by his side, Andrade cut a backstage promo about retaining the championship earlier in the evening. His speech was cut short, however, as Rey Mysterio sprang onto the scene, mounting the champ and raining down strikes before snatching his mask back. After placing it on his head, Rey beat Andrade down some more, all while Zelina Vega screamed in horror at his side.

AJ Styles vs. Akira Tozawa

Clearly upset about being duped by Randy Orton last week, AJ Styles took all of his rage out on Akira Tozawa, who has been on a bit of a hot streak lately but couldn’t hack it against The Phenomenal One.

Styles unloaded on Akira, hitting a Phenomenal Forearm, but refusing to take the win there, opting instead to inflict more damage – and send a message to The Viper as he did. Forgoing the Styles Clash, AJ hit Randy’s rope-hung DDT before taking the win with an RKO.

Winner: AJ Styles

The Marriage is Made Official

The poor officiant suffered twice for this segment. He was first beaten down by officials, and then disrespected by Lana seconds after declaring her marriage to Bobby Lashley official.

Lana said she couldn’t enjoy her wedding like she should be able to because it had been ruined by all of their exes, including Rusev, who just so happened to pop up on the big screen.

Rusev didn’t come empty-handed, either, and after announcing that he was on a solo honeymoon, he showed Lana and Bobby and wedding album he had put together just for them.

Lana became enraged, screaming at Rusev until Bobby told her to shut up. His feud with Rusev is slowly becoming more important than his relationship with Lana. Bobby challenged Rusev to a match next week and Rusev accepted.

Backstage, Liv Morgan interrupted an R-Truth interview to declare that she would be offering ringside services to Rusev next week, as Lana will be in Bobby Lashley’s corner.

Charlotte Flair vs. Sarah Logan

Looking to make a statement at The Queen’s expense, Sarah Logan attacked her before the bell rang, throwing her out of the ring. Charlotte responded by shoving Sarah into the barricade and the two broke into an all-out brawl.

Sarah Logan came out on top, sliding back into the ring to disrespect Charlotte further by destroying her entrance robe. When Charlotte had seen enough, she hit Sarah with a massive spear before flinging her into the barricade.

The women brawled at ringside, officials trying to separate them, until Charlotte fought Sarah off and removed herself and her precious robe from the scene.

Drew McIntyre vs. No Way Jose

No Way Jose made his way to the ring first, conga line following behind him, but Drew McIntyre was not amused by the festivities. After recovering from a kick to the chest, he threw Jose from the ring, climbing out after him and attacking the conga line.

Jose tried to avenge his conga pals, but Drew withstood the attack, firing back with a DDT and a Claymore Kick for the win. To celebrate, Drew McIntyre announced that he was entering the Royal Rumble match. Right after he beat Jose down some more.

Little by little, Drew McIntyre is unveiling a new version of his character, one who plays along with the crowd and shows much more personality – and it’s very clearly working in his favor.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Aleister Black vs. Shelton Benjamin

Knowing the challenge that laid before him, Shelton Benjamin went for a quick win in an effort to catch Aleister off guard, but he failed. Aleister Black came back for a near fall, and from there, Shelton just couldn’t get a foothold.

Black came out on top of a striking exchange, flattening Shelton with a knee strike and a Black Mass, taking the win.

Aleister had little time to celebrate, though, because no sooner had the final bell rung than Buddy Murphy flew into action, attacking Black. Murphy was ruthless, smashing Aleister in the face with a knee strike before hitting a second, this time with the help of a steel chair.

Buddy Murphy then calmly lifted himself onto the barricade and watched as Aleister laid unconscious on the ground, a group of officials running to his aid.

Winner: Aleister Black

Seth Rollins and AOP vs. Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and The Big Show

6-Man Tag Team Match

Early in the evening, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens were in a backstage interview, Kevin informing everyone that Joe was very much an unexpected ally, but the enemy of your enemy is your friend, after all.

What he was unsure about, however, was how they were going to take on both members of AOP and Seth Rollins, but Samoa Joe said he had them covered (assuring his new partner that the third man was not, in fact, Charly Caruso).

Samoa Joe later showed Kevin Owens who their partner was, and he seemed extremely pleased by the news, but the audience was left in the dark.

To add maximum suspense, AOP and Seth Rollins made their entrances first. Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe walked halfway to the ring and then –


Looking fantastic in his return, Big Show took out all three opponents to start the match. Back from commercial, Show, Joe, and KO were maintaining their control of the action, Kevin connecting with a backbreaker on The Messiah of Monday Night.

With the help of Akam and Rezar, Seth took Kevin Owens into their corner, allowing the three to triple-team him, keeping him far away from his teammates. Owens eventually hit a superkick and a clothesline to escape, tagging Show back into the match.

Big Show caught Rollins with a clothesline and Rollins came unhinged, smashing a chair over Show to disqualify himself and his team. Show tried to get revenge, but Akam and Rezar saved their leader before too much damage was done.

Winner: Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and Big Show (via DQ)

WWE Raw Results (January 6 2020)

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