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WWE Raw Results: December 9 2019

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The December 9 2019 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1385 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Rusev and Lana Get Divorced

Jerry Lawler opened the show to mediate Rusev and Lana’s divorce. After Lana came to the ring, Rusev made his entrance, looking like a huge weight had just been lifted off his shoulders.

The divorce “hearing” consisted mainly of Lana screaming at Rusev while Rusev relaxed with his feet up, taking it all in and calmly brushing aside everything she said.

Eventually, Lana signed the papers, but Rusev said he wanted one more thing before they made it official – a match against Bobby Lashley.

Bobby joined them in the ring, claiming that he planned to marry Lana the moment the divorce was finalized, at which Rusev laughed, telling Bobby that he could have her because she’s horrible. And to add injury to insult, Rusev hit Bobby with a Machka Kick before suplexing Bobby through the table in the ring.

Kevin Owens Prepares for Akam and Rezar

After a backstage interview in which Kevin Owens declared that he knew exactly why Akam and Rezar of AOP attacked him last week (because Seth Rollins told them to), he made his way further down the hallway and met Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio offered his help with bringing down the newest behemoths of Raw, and when Owens politely declined, Mysterio amended his offer. He wouldn’t help, per se, but the steel pipe he used to bring down Brock Lesnar might be just what Owens needed.

Owens accepted the steel pipe, continuing on his way until he came upon Mojo Rawley. He asked Mojo if he had seen AOP, to which Mojo replied in Cheshire cat fashion, pointing in every direction instead of giving a clear answer. Kevin did not appreciate the rigmarole and slapped Mojo in the face before walking away.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre

With Matt Hardy already in the ring, Drew McIntyre approached for their match, but he was out for blood before he even stepped in the ring. Drew said some not so nice things about Matt’s children, specifically his newborn son, Bartie.

Enraged, Matt attacked him, raining down strikes before connecting with a Twist of Fate.

Back from commercial, the match had begun, and Drew McIntyre had taken the upper hand, throwing Matt into the steel steps outside of the ring when he went for a second Twist of Fate in an effort to turn the tables.

And with a DDT and a Claymore Kick, Drew McIntyre took the quick win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The Man Rejects The Queen

In the women’s locker room, Charlotte Flair approached Becky Lynch, suggesting that they put their differences aside to take on their common enemy in the Kabuki Warriors.

Becky had other plans, however, informing The Queen that she would be taking on both Asuka and Kairi in a 2-on-1 handicap match because she’s The Man and The Man needs no one.

The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits

Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Erik and Ivar came to the ring to issue an open challenge, as they have yet to face any truly worthy competitors since debuting on Raw. And especially since becoming Raw Tag Team Champions.

None other than their old NXT roster mates, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, answered the call, and the match got underway.

Despite their respect for The Street Profits, The Viking Raiders came to win, Erik charging toward Montez with his double knee attack to start the match. But Montez and Angelo are well-acquainted with Erik and Ivar, and skillfully took control with double team maneuvers.

Using double team tactics to their advantage as well, Ivar prevented his team from losing the match by saving Erik from a pin, tagging in afterward. Following a few cartwheels, Ivar gained a near fall with a kick to Montez, whose teammate, Dawkins, soon evened the score with a slam.

After Ivar took down both Angelo and Montez with an elbow, Erik hit Angelo with a knee strike, setting up for a Viking Experience on Montez for the win.

Winner: The Viking Raiders

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Seth Rollins Wants AOP

Post-match, The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits congratulated each other on a match well done, probably reuniting as friends now that they were no longer opponents, but their conversation was cut short, as Seth Rollins chose this moment to come down to the ring.

Rollins said that he had business to tend to and they could stay or go, he couldn’t care less. When all four men had left the ring, Erik and Ivar shooting Seth a particularly nasty look on their way out, Seth called out AOP, demanding that they respond.

Instead of Akam and Rezar, Seth got Kevin Owens, who made his way to the ring before informing Rollins that he had been looking for AOP all night and had yet to find them.

Coincidentally, Akam and Rezar were shown pulling up to the arena at that very moment.

Sami Zayn Wants Kevin Owens – to Apologize

Steel pipe in hand, Kevin Owens continued his “I know you’re behind all of this” crusade, which Rollins vehemently denied until Rollins got frustrated and left Owens alone to handle AOP alone.

With Rollins out of the way, Akam and Rezar appeared on the big screen, threatening Kevin Owens, but before he could respond, he was faced with Sami Zayn. Zayn, a member of the SmackDown roster, announced that he has a “managerial license” now that allows him to be wherever his clients are.

And his newest client appeared to be Mojo Rawley, as Sami Zayn insisted that Owens apologize to him for slapping him, and therefore insulting him, earlier in the evening.

Owens and Mojo then got into an argument, during which Mojo said that “everyone is tough with a steel pipe,” so Owens threw Mojo the pipe, then Stunnered him, then bashed him with the pipe.

And if you’re wondering where Sami Zayn was during all of this, he wisely ran for the hills.

Aleister Black vs. Akira Tozawa

Ahead of his match against Buddy Murphy this coming Sunday at TLC, Aleister Black took on 205 Live (and Raw) Superstar Akira Tozawa.

Not one to be intimidated, Akira Tozawa gave his best effort, despite the odds being against him. Aleister Black dodged or countered nearly everything Akira could throw at him, which made for some really incredible spots in this match, including one where Tozawa soared between the ropes in a dive and was caught in mid-air with a knee strike.

Akira Tozawa refused to give up, but when a Black Mass knocked him unconscious, he was finally forced to.

Winner: Aleister Black

Humberto Carrillo vs. Andrade

In the midst of an interview regarding his meteoric rise since debuting in WWE, Humberto Carrillo was confronted by Zelina Vega, who took issue with him, but not nearly to the degree that her client apparently did.

Andrade burst onto the scene, screaming, in Spanish, which we are huge fans of, in Humberto’s face that he wanted to fight him esta noche (tonight).

And sure enough, Andrade and Humberto made their entrances after the next commercial.

Andrade brought the same energy to the ring that he had backstage, nailing Humberto with a dropkick the second the bell rang, following up with a backdrop, gaining a near fall. Humberto struggled to get his footing in the match until he was able to throw Andrade from the ring, flying after him with a moonsault.

Back from commercial, Humberto hit another moonsault, this time in the middle of the ring, but it wasn’t enough to put Andrade away. From here, Andrade and Humberto traded near falls until Andrade mistakenly shoved Zelina Vega to the floor from the apron, allowing Humberto to catch him off guard in his confusion, taking the win with a roll-up.

Post-match, Andrade and Zelina launched into a shouting match in the middle of the ring, which could mean trouble for the normally flawless duo.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

Buddy Murphy vs. Zack Ryder

In response to Aleister Black’s impressive performance against Akira Tozawa, Buddy Murphy took on Zack Ryder. Although Buddy Murphy didn’t have quite the dominant-from-start-to-finish match he was probably hoping for, once he overcame Ryder’s initial flurry, it was all Murphy.

After taking out Curt Hawkins, who was there for emotional support for Zack, Buddy hit Ryder with a knee strike and a Murphy’s Law, taking the win.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Kevin Owens was Right All Along

Though Kevin Owens’ hunt for AOP was still unsuccessful, he did find AOP’s vehicle and promptly began smashing it with his steel pipe. As he opened the back of the van, Akam and Rezar attacked him from behind, hitting him with the door of the car.

As Kevin Owens laid on the ground incapacitated, the camera panned back around to the back of the van, where Seth Rollins was revealed to be sitting. He exited the vehicle, slowly removed his jacket, and apologized to Kevin before Curb Stomping him on the concrete.

Now He’s the Bad Guy

After the Kevin Owens beatdown, Seth Rollins came to the stage. Rollins addressed the crowd, informing them that this was their fault. Because no matter what he did, it was never enough. He works as hard as he can and all he ever gets is disrespected.

He went on to say that he honestly wasn’t behind Akam and Rezar’s attacks on Kevin Owens, but since everyone, including Kevin, wanted it to be true so badly, he made it real.

Akam and Rezar stood at his sides for a moment before Seth turned and disappeared into the backstage area.

Becky Lynch vs. The Kabuki Warriors

2-on-1 Handicap Match

Knowing the odds were against her, Becky Lynch wasted no time in going after Asuka. And after she had taken Asuka out, she turned her attention toward Kairi Sane, but Asuka broke up the attack.

Back from commercial, Kairi Sane had made a comeback, wearing down Becky Lynch until Becky got back in the match with a dropkick. From here, The Man took on both Asuka and Kairi at once, taking control despite being at a disadvantage.

After a couple of Bexploders and a DDT to both of her opponents (at once), Becky was briefly caught in an Asuka Lock but broke free. Becky nearly won with a submission, but Kairi saved Asuka before she tapped out.

Asuka gained a near fall for her team with a Shining Wizard, working together with Kairi to gain another when it wasn’t enough. Kairi went for her Insane Elbow finisher, but Becky dodged. Frustrated, Asuka took matters into her own hands, hitting Becky with a steel chair and causing a disqualification.

After pulling a table from beneath the ring, Kairi put Becky through it with an Insane Elbow before bragging about her non-win with Asuka on the stage.

After the match, Asuka and Kairi beat Charlotte down as she was leaving the medical area and a conversation with Becky Lynch.

Asuka and Kairi later challenged Becky and Charlotte to challenge them for a TLC match, and shortly afterward, Becky and Charlotte were shown coming to terms with the fact that they would have to work together.

Winner: Becky Lynch (via disqualification)

The Monday After the Weekend Update

In a parody of Weekend Update with Michael Che and Colin Jost, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins sat in a newsroom, discussing the recent events in WWE in the most non-objective way possible. Some of their topics of discussion included the match between Miz and Bray Wyatt at TLC, the Women’s Tag Team Championship Match, and the size of Baron Corbin.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. AJ Styles

United States Championship Match

AJ Styles determined to regain his championship and Rey Mysterio determined to keep it, both competitors scrambled to get the early advantage, but neither were able to do so.

When Rey Mysterio proved to have an answer for every move AJ had, the remaining members of The OC marched down to ringside to shift the odds in their leader’s favor. With a little help from his friends, AJ Styles threw Rey into the ring post, taking hold of the upper hand.

And back from commercial, AJ Styles was unrelenting, but Rey came back into the match with a series of moves culminating in a sunset flip bomb that send Styles crashing into the barricade. Back in the ring, Mysterio continued to climb toward victory, hitting a headscissor and a senton in quick succession.

Styles tried his best to take control, but Mysterio caught him with an enziguri before preparing for his 619. Unfortunately for Rey, Luke Gallows stepped in to ensure he was unable to connect. Rey got revenge by attacking Karl Anderson, but the distraction was enough to open the door for Styles to gain a near fall with a neckbreaker.

Just as Styles appeared to be closing in on the win with a Styles Clash, Randy Orton slid into the ring, winking at Styles so as not to cause a disqualification before sliding back out again. Rey Mysterio capitalized on the distraction with a roll-up to retain his United States Championship.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Raw Results (December 9 2019)

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