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WWE Raw Results: December 17 2018

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The 12/17/18 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1334 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Raw Gets a Fresh Start

As promised, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made an appearance on Raw, and wasted no time doing it. He essentially gave the very same speech he made to introduce the Attitude Era back in 1997, then welcomed his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, her husband, Triple H, and his son, Shane McMahon, to join him.

They each said that, as of today, they were turning over a new leaf, as they were aware that they had been disappointing the fans recently. Triple H said there would be no more authority – the fans were in charge. Additionally, all four of them would have a greater hand in both Raw and SmackDown, ensuring that the fans were receiving exactly what they wanted as often as possible.

They all turned towards each other, having what looked like a touching family moment, but were quickly interrupted by Baron Corbin. He tried to say that the fans didn’t really hate him while getting booed so loudly he couldn’t hear himself speak. When he was finally able to get a word in, he asked that he join the management group, to which Stephanie and Shane said no, but Triple H wanted to give him a chance. He said all Corbin had to do was beat one man, and he would become Permanent Raw GM, and that man was Kurt Angle.

Baron Corbin vs. Kurt Angle

With Heath Slater as guest referee, Baron Corbin went to work defending his position as Raw General Manager. Triple H returned to the stage to let them know that in the confusion, he had forgotten an important aspect – it was a handicap match. 

Chad Gable, Bobby Roode, and Apollo Crews all joined in and the four of them beat up Baron Corbin until Shane McMahon remembered it was supposed to be no disqualification, so they all grabbed chairs (including Heath Slater) and smashed them into Corbin’s back. 

Unsurprisingly, Baron Corbin was unable to overcome the mounting odds and was defeated, losing his spot as Raw GM. The crowd chanted for tables, so Angle and his crew delivered and put Corbin through one to finish things off.

Winner: Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Chad Gable, and Apollo Crews

Finn Bálor vs. Dolph Ziggler

After the unprovoked attack during the TLC pay-per-view, Finn Bálor was eager to give Dolph Ziggler a little payback. Ziggler and Bálor had apparently decided Christmas was going to come early for wrestling fans and pulled out all the stops for this match.

Drew McIntyre attempted to interfere, but was quickly taken out of action by both Ziggler and Bálor. The two went at it for a moment or two longer, then McIntyre struck again, this time successfully. 

McIntyre took out both Ziggler and Bálor, causing a disqualification and leaving both men lying in pain, marching back up the ramp.

Winner: Finn Bálor (via disqualification)

Dean Ambrose Addresses Sacramento

Ambrose came out with his SWAT posse, hopped in the ring, and immediately began running down the audience and Seth Rollins. He said it didn’t matter how anyone felt about him, he was the Intercontinental Champion.

He then demanded that Rollins join him to admit that he was wrong, and when that didn’t work, he offered an open challenge. Not for the title though, simply for the chance to fight one more time. That still didn’t work, so he issued a real open challenge – to anyone NOT named Seth Rollins.

To our surprise (but not disappointment) Tyler Breeze answered the call, selfie stick and all. 

Dean Ambrose vs. Tyler Breeze

Intercontinental Championship Match

Tyler Breeze has gone from 0 to 100 in recent weeks, having a killer match with Ricochet on NXT, then giving the IC champ a run for his money.

This was a fun match, and it’s always good to see Prince Pretty get time in the spotlight. Ambrose won with his untouchable Dirty Deeds but didn’t get much time for celebration, as one of his SWAT members turned out to be Seth Rollins, who jumped in the ring and attacked him. 

Rollins was tackled by the three non-imposter SWAT guys, giving Ambrose just enough time to escape the punishment.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

NXT Call-Ups

Several NXT call-ups were announced during the show. Whether they will be sent to Raw or SmackDown remains to be seen; however, the list is pretty damn impressive:

We have no doubt that all 6 competitors have the ability to do well on the main roster and are excited to see what they accomplish.

Bobby Lashley Mocks The Drifter

Bobby Lashley and his manager, Lio Rush, came to the ring for the sole purpose of taunting Elias. With one of Elias’ guitars in hand, Lashley and Rush mimicked his schtick (though no one seemed too interested in walking with them). Elias wasn’t too happy about it either and appeared behind them to return the favor from last night, hitting Lashley as hard as he could with a guitar.

AOP vs. The B-Team vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Revival

Earlier in the evening, AOP demanded a rematch against Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, which Shane McMahon declined. The SmackDown Commissioner said that there would be no more “rematch clauses”; instead, they would be give an opportunity to earn the chance to face the champs.

He then announced this fatal 4-way, the winners of which would be able to challenge Roode and Gable at a later date. Also, just so we’re all on the same page, Lucha House Rules are no longer a thing, so Gran Metalik sat this one out.

Bo Dallas formed an unlikely alliance with Scott Dawson, working together to throw every other competitor out of the ring. This turned out to be a bad idea for Dallas, as Dawson turned against him and The Revival won the shot against the tag champs fair and square with a Shatter Machine.

Winner: The Revival

Seth Rollins Interview

Backstage, Seth Rollins discussed the events of last night. He said that he knew he let everyone down and was disappointed in himself as well. Baron Corbin tried to get in his face, blaming Rollins for the crowd turning against him, but Rollins wasn’t having it and punched Corbin square in the face.

Ronda Rousey is a Real Champion

Ronda Rousey came to the ring to discuss what it means to be a real champion. She said it’s more than winning matches, it’s about living for the challenge and being the best there is. Rousey suggested a new tradition: post-PPV open challenges. And then welcomed a challenger to join her.

The entire Raw women’s division was shown fighting over who would be the one to fight Ronda, but Stephanie McMahon broke it up. She then asked all of them to come to the stage with her and announced an 8-woman gauntlet match to decide who would face Rousey for the championship. 

8-Woman Gauntlet Match

Bayley vs. Alicia Fox

Bayley and Alicia kicked things off, Fox proving almost immediately that she had no issues using underhanded tactics. Unfortunately for Fox, they didn’t pay off, as she was defeated by Bayley via roll-up.

Winner: Bayley

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

Bayley was given mere seconds to catch her breath, as Dana wanted her as weak as possible in an attempt to increase her chances of winning. Again, Bayley pulled out a last-minute victory, this time with a Bayley-to-Belly suplex.

Winner: Bayley

Bayley vs. Mickie James

Much worse for wear at this point, Bayley struggled a bit harder than she did in the previous two matches. The Huggable One nearly defeated James, but Mickie grabbed the rope and broke the pin. Shortly after, Mickie defeated Bayley with a DDT.

Winner: Mickie James

Mickie James vs. Ember Moon

With the crowd (and us) behind her, Ember Moon came in strong against James. That being said, James brought the aggression right back. Mickie James put up a great fight but was eventually Eclipsed.

Winner: Ember Moon

Ember Moon vs. Natalya

Ember Moon did her best to make quick work of Natalya, but The Queen of Hearts wasn’t going down that easily. Ember went for another Eclipse, which Natalya dodged. Natalya then snagged the victory with a roll-up.

Winner: Natalya

Natalya vs. Ruby Riott

Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan watched from ringside as their fearless leader once again put the boots to Natalya. There were several moments where it appeared that Riott would be the one to move on to the final match, but Natalya was the one to advance after getting the three count with a roll-up.

Winner: Natalya

Natalya vs. Sasha Banks

In her third and final match of the night, Natalya was running on fumes. That did not stop her from giving Sasha Banks everything she had, however, and even though Sasha came close more than once, Natalya won the title opportunity with a Sharp Shooter.

Post-match, Ronda Rousey came to the ring to congratulate her friend on winning the gauntlet. The two ladies hugged it out and walked up the ramp together, despite being opponents in the very near future.

Winner: Natalya

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