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WWE Raw Results: December 16 2019

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The December 16 2019 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1386 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

The New Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins opened the show by making his heel turn official with a promo. After inviting Akam and Rezar, two men who have chosen to be “on the right side of history,” to the ring, Rollins launched into a speech about his rise through WWE.

He said that ever since his debut in NXT, fans have wanted, begged, for Seth Rollins to be the guy. And then the moment he was made the guy, they turned on him. So he’s no longer doing anything for the fans, it’s the Seth Rollins show now, whether they like it or not.

And if any of his fellow Superstars have a problem with it, they will meet consequences.

Rollins finished by apologizing for what he and the Authors of Pain planned to do with their evening.

The Viking Raiders vs. The OC

As their match last night ended with a double count-out, The OC challenged The Viking Raiders to another battle. And before the action got started, Gallows and Anderson couldn’t resist the opportunity to remind Erik and Ivar that they have only lost one match since debuting on Raw – and it was to the Good Brothers.

But the best tag team in the world, Gallows and Anderson, were too confident going into the match, allowing The Viking Raiders to get the early advantage with ease. Gallows eventually fought her way into the match after blocking a dive, tossing Erik into the barricade.

Back from commercial, The OC held control of the match, double-teaming Erik while keeping him as far away from his corner and partner, Ivar, as possible. So when Ivar finally got the hot tag, he wasted no time in flattening both Karl and Luke. The OC and The Raiders traded double-team attacks, ending with Erik and Ivar diving onto Luke and Karl outside of the ring.

After another commercial, The OC were wearing down Ivar, but couldn’t hold him as long as they had Erik, and he broke free with a senton. From here, The Viking Raiders worked together to beat down their opponents, but as they were nearing victory, Luke Gallows pulled Karl Anderson out of the line of fire, causing Ivar to miss a moonsault. This set The OC up perfectly for a Magic Killer, which won them the match.

Winner: The OC

Erick Rowan vs. Billy Bella

Erick Rowan crushed poor Billy Bella, who didn’t learn from the enhancement talent before him and tried to sneak a peek into the cage that hasn’t left Erick’s side.

Winner: Erick Rowan

Put Some Respect on Andrade’s Name

In a backstage interview with Charly, Andrade and Zelina expressed their displeasure for her unmistakable bias toward the Raw newcomer, Humberto Carrillo. And they couldn’t disagree with her more, Andrade is easily ten times the competitor that Humberto could ever hope to be. Which is something they will prove when Andrade gives Humberto a receipt for his stitched up left eye.

Liv Morgan is Almost Here

Liv Morgan is mid-rebrand, and as she’s approaching her in-ring return, she has been given a series of vignettes to get fans excited. It’s not exactly clear who the new Liv Morgan will be, but in this week’s video, it was obvious that her pink hair and blue tongue are a thing of the past. And a new, perhaps more serious, Liv is on the way.

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Lana and Bobby Take It to the Next Level

In celebration of Bobby Lashley’s defeat of Rusev last night at TLC, Lana spent several minutes informing the audience how hot Bobby is. And then after that, she asked Bobby to ask her to marry him – she brought the ring and everything!

Bobby teased saying no, but then got down on one knee and proposed to Rusev’s ex-wife. The wedding is definitely not going to be a disaster.

R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa

Gauntlet Match

After a speech from R-Truth about his goal to be Truth Two Belts and become United States Champion just like his hero John Cena, his opponent, Akira Tozawa, made his way to the ring.

Determined to make his dreams come true, R-Truth tried to take the upper hand with an elbow to Tozawa’s face but Akira’s agility led to him throwing himself into the ring post shortly afterward.

And it was really all over for Truth from there, after a dive from Tozawa to the floor, Akira took the win and advanced in the match.

The moment the match ended, the 24/7 Title rules were reinstated, meaning the usual gaggle of 24/7 pursuers chased Truth out of the arena.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Akira Tozawa vs. Ricochet

Gauntlet Match

Ricochet was up next in the gauntlet match, taking it to Akira Tozawa with a dropkick to the outside. Akira responded with a kick to the head, following up with two dives, but was caught with a dropkick when he went for a third.

Tozawa and Ricochet traded submissions, Ricochet connecting with an enziguri when neither was able to put the other away. After a bit more back and forth, Ricochet hit his Recoil finisher and took the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Ricochet vs. Matt Hardy

Gauntlet Match

Seeing his opportunity to take down a wounded Ricochet, Matt Hardy hit a Side Effect as soon as the match began, but it wasn’t enough. Hardy wasn’t deterred, however, continuing the abuse and gaining multiple near falls, but nothing he did could keep Ricochet down for three.

With a dropkick, Ricochet began to gain momentum, overcoming a second Side Effect attempt and countering a Twist of Fate with a roll-up to advance.

Winner: Ricochet

Ricochet vs. Humberto Carrillo

The polar opposite of Matt Hardy’s in-ring approach, Humberto Carrillo tried to help Ricochet up instead of taking advantage of his weakened state and was rolled up for his troubles.

Carrillo shifted gears after this, hitting Ricochet with a dropkick and a dive to the floor. Humberto wisely focused on Ricochet’s “injured” arm, but Ricochet was the one to score a near fall with a sunset flip.

Zelina Vega came to the stage to innocently watch the action, but it didn’t distract Humberto for long, who took a quick glance before getting back to the match.

After some back and forth, Ricochet sent both Carrillo and himself flying out of the ring with a crossbody, causing the match to come very close to ending in a double count-out.

Carrillo ascended the ropes, looking for an aerial attack, but Ricochet caught up with him, throwing him down in a superplex, following it up with two more suplexes, but Humberto persevered.

Ricochet hung in the match until the very end, but a moonsault from Humberto meant he was the one to move on to face Andrade.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

Humberto Carrillo vs. Andrade

With Zelina providing a distraction on the stage, Andrade attacked Humberto from behind. Poor Humberto didn’t stand a chance; Andrade threw knee strikes before sending Carrillo out of the ring.

Andrade pulled up the mat outside of the ring, DDTing Humberto onto the concrete after flinging him into the barricade. Rey Mysterio sprinted to Humberto’s aid, but there was nothing he could do.

Andrade left without a backward glance as Humberto was stretchered out of the arena.

Seth Rollins Makes a Statement

With Akam and Rezar behind him, Seth Rollins came to the ring to confront Rey Mysterio, revealing their dastardly plans for the evening. After ruthlessly beating Rey down, Seth Rollins threw down the pipe Rey had given Kevin Owens to use against AOP – and then beat Rey down some more.

Seth teased using the steel pipe against Rey Mysterio, but opted for a Curb Stomp instead, because he’s a merciful leader.

Backstage, Seth Rollins explained to Charly that he was clearly a benevolent kingpin because he simply left Rey lying in the ring and not in a hospital bed. But Rey may not be so lucky after their United States Championship Match next week.

Asuka vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Asuka took control of the match as the opening bell rang, throwing strikes and hip attack before Deonna caught her in an armbar. The Empress responded with a submission of her own, but Deonna escaped. The NXT Superstar gained a near fall with a suplex and a flatliner, but it wasn’t enough.

And after a barrage of strikes, Asuka trapped Purrazzo in her Asuka Lock, taking the win.

Winner: Asuka

Becky Lynch is Looking for a Challenge

In a backstage interview regarding her loss in the TLC match against The Kabuki Warriors last night, Becky Lynch admitted that Asuka is easily her biggest competition.

And, as such, it’s only fitting that Asuka be Becky’s next opponent. Not because she wants to defend the Raw Women’s Championship, but because Asuka is the one person she has never been able to beat and she needs to prove to herself that she can.

Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

Randy Orton kicked off the match with an avalanche of strikes to AJ Styles, going for the quick victory with an RKO, but Styles dodged. This didn’t stop Orton from coming back for more, throwing Styles in a suplex and blocking Styles’ attempts at revenge.

The Viper set up for his DDT in the ropes, but AJ caught him with a calf crusher.

Back from commercial, AJ Styles was still working on Orton’s leg, Randy poking AJ in the eye again to break free. Randy connected with a powerslam, and though he couldn’t get the pin with it, the backbreaker that followed gained him a near fall.

AJ Styles tried for a Styles Clash, but Orton went for his DDT in the ropes again, this time successfully. Randy went to follow up with the RKO, but again became trapped in a calf crusher. After breaking the hold, Randy blocked a Phenomenal Forearm with an RKO, taking the win.

Randy Orton’s celebration was cut short with an attack from Gallows and Anderson, but before they could get too far, The Viking Raiders evened the odds. The OC still came out on top, however, standing tall to close the show.

Winner: Randy Orton

Raw Results (December 16 2019)

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