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WWE Raw Results: August 6 2018

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The 08/06/18 edition of WWE Raw, out of the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Raw results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1315 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Is Brock Lesnar Suspended?


Kurt Angle and Constable Baron Corbin opened the show. Angle was about to explain the consequences for Brock Lesnar’s attack on him last week, but Roman Reigns interrupted. Reigns demanded to know the fate of Lesnar, as an indefinite suspension (meaning The Beast would not be forced to defend the Universal Championship at SummerSlam) was unacceptable. Angle assured him that there would indeed be a match, and he would be rooting for Reigns.

The Big Dog said that Lesnar wouldn’t have attacked Kurt if he hadn’t been escorted out by police, as Constable Corbin clearly did not care about his well being. Corbin made excuses as to why he abandoned the GM, but Angle said the answer was simple: he wasn’t a real man. To get back at Corbin, Angle set a match between him and Roman Reigns to take place immediately.


Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin


Although Baron hot-started the match by attacking Roman before the bell, Reigns very nearly took down the Constable with one Superman Punch, but Corbin kicked out at the last second.

Corbin gave Reigns his best shot, but things started to go downhill for him and he tried to retreat back up the ramp. Unfortunately for him, Finn Bálor is not a fan of the Constable and stopped him from escaping, allowing Roman to get the victory by pinfall.

After the match, Bálor got some payback on Corbin, laying in a Coup de Grâce before leaving him lying in the ring.

Winner: Roman Reigns


Crossfit Breezus


Backstage, Kurt Angle promised Seth Rollins that if he found a partner, he would get his wish of a match against both Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Later, Tyler Breeze approached the Kingslayer to volunteer for the position but was outmaneuvered by Roman Reigns.


Bobby Roode vs. Mojo Rawley


After a highly competitive (yet not all that exciting) back-and-forth match, Bobby Roode picked up the win via the Glorious DDT.

Winner: Bobby Roode


WWE Stands For…


Elias came out to give his weekly promotional speech regarding his latest wares, this time being his new documentary. He said they did a decent enough job, but it wasn’t quite up to The Drifter’s standards, so he hired a crew to make a new one himself.

He fired some verbal shots at Bobby Lashley while he was directing his crew, so Lashley came out to confront him. The two argued for a few minutes until Elias pretended to leave, but turned and attacked Lashley instead. The plan backfired and led to Bobby Lashley beating Elias down while The Drifter’s cameramen filmed the whole thing.


Titus O’Neill vs. Rezar


Rezar got the victory over Titus O’Neill with relative ease, settling the score after Apollo Crews’ recent defeat over Akam.

Winner: Rezar


The Kevin Owens Show


Kevin Owens walked to his set and welcomed his guest for the evening, Jinder Mahal. Accompanied by Samir Singh, Mahal spoke to Owens regarding both their recent victories against Braun Strowman and Owens’ new mindset thanks to the teachings of The Maharaja.

Owens thanked Mahal for his newfound peace of mind and said that he was going to win the Universal Championship, but first, he proposed a rematch between Strowman and Mahal. He invited Strowman to join them, but The Monster’s music never hit. Instead, he revealed that he had been beneath them the entire time by flipping the stage with them on it.


Jinder Mahal vs. Braun Strowman


Soon after the match began, Kevin Owens once again attempted to steal the Money in the Bank briefcase from Strowman, and once again cost The Monster the match via count-out.

An enraged Strowman turned his attention to Mahal, but The Maharaja escaped into the crowd before he could suffer the wrath of The Monster.

Winner: Jinder Mahal (via count-out)


The Big Dog is Prepared for The Beast


In an interview with Corey Graves coupled with a very well-done video package, Roman Reigns chronicled his feud with The Beast. It was nothing we haven’t already seen/heard, but WWE never disappoints with their packages.


Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler


While Rollins and Reigns were on their way to take on McIntyre and Ziggler, Kurt Angle and Constable Corbin stopped them to break some bad news. Stephanie McMahon had called and vetoed Reigns’ participation in the tag match. Reigns and Corbin began to argue, but Rollins stopped it saying he would simply have to take on both McIntyre and Ziggler by himself.

Despite the handicap stipulation, The Architect held his own, even getting close to a win, but with the numbers advantage and a heel tactic here and there, Ziggler and McIntyre eventually took him down.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre


The B-Team vs. The Revival


The Revival came with full intentions of destroying The B-Team, but before they could do too much damage, the lights went out. When they came back on, Dawson and Dallas were still in the ring, but their respective partners had disappeared from their corners. In their place stood The Deletors of Worlds, who proceeded to send a message to both The B-Team and The Revival by beating up Dawson and Dallas.


Paul Heyman Interview


A teary-eyed Paul Heyman spoke to Renee Young regarding The Beast attacking his own advocate last week. Heyman said that he was completely caught off guard by the entire thing, as he thought that he and Lesnar would be together forever.

Young asked if there was anyone else he would consider representing, but Heyman appeared almost insulted by the question, saying that his client wasn’t interchangeable, they had a special bond. Even in heartbreak, Heyman continued to stand by Lesnar, telling Renee that Reigns didn’t stand a chance at SummerSlam.


The Riott Squad vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks


Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan put the boots to Bayley throughout the majority of the match. Sasha Banks tagged in and attempted to even the score, but Ruby Riott appeared, assisting her teammates in securing the victory.

Winner: The Riott Squad


Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox


Before the match, Charly Caruso interviewed Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox out in the ring. Bliss made it clear that she was tired of discussing Ronda Rousey, as she wasn’t all the impressive. Alicia Fox reminded everyone that she attacked Rousey last week, not to mention the fact that Fox was the Survivor Series team captain, not Rousey.

Alexa Bliss thanked Alicia for her contributions to the women’s revolution and said that all of the other women in the locker room were thankful as well, except the “overrated rookie” Rousey. Ronda had heard enough and made her entrance alongside her friend, Natalya.

Alicia Fox took her time getting started once the bell had rung, playing mind games with Rousey. Fox seemed to throw Rousey off her game momentarily, but it didn’t take long for Rousey to come back with a vengeance. After beating Alicia, Ronda grabbed a mic to answer some questions. Alexa tried to ambush her from behind, but her plan didn’t pan out and ended with her running from Rousey while Ronda declared that she couldn’t run at SummerSlam and should enjoy having the championship while she still could.

Winner: Ronda Rousey


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