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WWE Raw Results: April 30 2018

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The 04/30/18 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results and our overall thoughts on the show for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #1301 of WWE Raw by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.


Roman Reigns Addresses the Audience


After a Greatest Royal Rumble video package, Roman Reigns moseyed down to the ring to complain about his unjust loss to Brock Lesnar. He said that he was the rightful victor and would gladly say so to Lesnar’s face, were he in the arena for the evening. Because of Lesnar’s absence, he turned his attention to Samoa Joe, who then appeared on the tron. Joe took the opportunity to remind everyone that he was going to put the Big Dog to sleep this Sunday at Backlash.

Before Roman could retaliate, Jinder Mahal came out to put his two cents in. He reminded Roman that he lost to Brock at the Rumble and claimed he would also lose to Joe at Backlash, but before that would be brought down by the Maharaja. Tonight.

There weren’t enough people giving Roman their opinions, so Sami Zayn made his entrance to a tumultuous ovation from a hometown crowd. After taking a few moments to soak up the adoration from his fans, he announced that he would be the one taking on Reigns this evening.

In true Kevin Owens fashion, he couldn’t let Sami get all of the attention from their shared hometown, so he came out as well. He said that he had no doubt his friend could beat Roman, but that he also knew what the fans really wanted to see: Reigns vs. Owens.

As all three of them couldn’t go one-on-one with the Big Dog, Owens proposed a popularity contest to decide who would face him. The crowd voted Owens, but Reigns took the matter into his own hands and punched him in the face, causing a brawl to break out.

Jinder, Sami, and Kevin were taking turns kicking Roman in the face when Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman came to join the party, at which point Braun obviously had to destroy all the bad guys at once by throwing Sunil Singh on top of them.

After the segment, a 6-man tag match was announced: Owens, Zayn, and Mahal vs. Strowman, Lashley, and Reigns.


Elias vs. Bobby Roode


Elias, fully equipped with guitar and kimono, sat on his stool in the ring and discussed the Rumble with the Montreal crowd, during which he specifically named Bobby Roode, who was the one to eliminate him. After his speech, he attempted to put on a concert featuring a song about Roode being a stupid idiot but was interrupted by Roode’s glorious entrance.

These two got a surprising amount of time for this match, even though the majority of it took place during commercial breaks. After a violent bout, Elias threw Bobby face first into a turnbuckle, which left him struggling to breathe. As he was unable to continue due to injury, the referee was forced to stop the match and declare a no contest.


Authors of Pain vs. Jean-Paul & Francois


Good for Jean-Paul and Francois for getting a mini backstage segment and their own entrance just to be bulldozed by AOP in less than five minutes.

After they were done squashing their opponents, Akam and Rezar cut a short promo about putting the hammer down on the Raw tag division.

Winner: Authors of Pain


Seth Rollins is a Fighting Champion


After his stunning victory over Finn Balor for the IC Championship in Saudi Arabia, Seth Rollins came to the ring to chat about his recent accomplishments. He highlighted his many successful title defenses over the last few weeks and the audience loved every second of it. As he deserved, Rollins allowed the crowd to shower him with love for quite a while before moving forward with his speech.

Before he could get too far, however, Finn Balor came to confront him in his signature cheerful manner. He said that they were tied win for win at this point, and it was time to settle the score. Again, the crowd was consulted on the matter and it was voted unanimously that the two should have a match.

Balor and Rollins had barely agreed on the decision when The Miztourage approached them once again to offer an alliance. They said that they realized discussing with Balor and Rollins separately was a mistake, and they had decided they should form a group of four instead.

Their proposal was once again denied, which they did not take as well as they had previously. The Miztourage attacked Balor and Rollins, who easily put them in their place. We thought there would be a respectful celebration, but instead, Finn reminded Seth that he should never let his guard down and laid him out.


Sasha Banks vs. Ruby Riott


The Boss was shown backstage being interview by Charlie, who asked for an update regarding her relationship with Bayley, as The Riott Squad would be accompanying Ruby to the ring. Sasha said that she hadn’t heard from the huggable one, but wasn’t concerned about the numbers game.

As expected, Sasha and Ruby had a good match, but it wasn’t long before Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan got involved. Banks was certainly at a disadvantage and had a hard time overcoming the odds. She had Riott in the Banks Statement at one point, but The Squad distracted the referee and assisted their teammate. Sasha still wasn’t ready to give up, but the three on one advantage was too much for her in the end.

Winner: Ruby Riott


Moment of Bliss


Alexa appeared for another episode of Moment of Bliss, this time telling the story of her traumatic Disney World experience. She said that Nia ridiculed her for her small stature, requesting kids’ menus at restaurants and height checks at rides.

This doesn’t seem to be the most popular thing Bliss has ever been a part of, but we think it’s great. Taking her actual bullying and flipping it on her ex-best friend is exactly what the Alexa Bliss character would and should do.


Titus O’Neill Takes a Tumble


Renee interviewed Titus O’Neill regarding his epic fall at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Titus took it like a champ and laughed it off. Baron Corbin was not so gentlemanly, however, and crashed the interview to tell Titus he was stupid for falling in the first place and Renee was wasting her time with him.


The Deletors of Worlds


Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt were shown being weird backstage, as usual. They declared themselves the Deletors of Worlds, said they could not be contained, etc. We’re pretty sure they were saying that they were the ones to beat in the tag division in their own wonderful way.


6-Man Tag Match

Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, & Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, & Jinder Mahal


The match started with the bad guys taking turns taunting Reigns until finally, he and Zayn laid hands on each other. This wasn’t as fun as it probably could have been, but they built up some steam and drew the audience back in toward the end.

Braun Strowman stayed at ringside for 99% of the match, but once he came in, it was over. He made quick work of the opposition, shifting the momentum in favor of his team. He allowed Reigns to get a few shots in before tagging back in to pin Kevin Owens after a running powerslam.

Winner: Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, & Bobby Lashley


No Way Jose vs. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin came out first, microphone in hand, and told everyone that he was here to put an end to the nonsense. No Way Jose was a huge joke and he was going to stop the laughter. This didn’t seem to faze Jose, who came out with his usual conga line and cut no time off his pre-match dance moves.

Corbin was busy slamming Jose into the ring post when Titus Worldwide made their way to the ring to make more jokes. Jose got the win when Corbin became distracted by all the shenanigans, allowing himself to be pinned. Titus Worldwide and Jose celebrated by laughing their way back up the ramp.

Winner: No Way Jose


Natalya vs. Mickie James


With Ronda Rousey at her side, Natalya took on Mickie James, accompanied by Alexa Bliss. After a fairly short match, Alexa attempted to help Mickie but was chased away by Ronda, allowing Natalya to get the pin. As Alexa continued to back away from the action, and Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax came out from behind her. The segment closed with Nia standing tall in the ring with Rousey and Natalya.

Winner: Natalya


Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler Promo


Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler cut a promo backstage advising the Raw tag division to run while they still can because D&D are coming and will take down anyone who dares to stand in their way.


Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins


This episode had slowly gone downhill since the last time Balor and Rollins were in the ring, so it was up to them to close the show with a bang. Seth Rollins made it clear very early that he was not going to give up his championship easily, leaving Balor little room for offense. Finn fired back by cutting off a dive from Rollins, stealing his momentum.

These two know each other well and had an answer for everything the other tried to throw at them. After a fast-paced, high-intensity bout, finally winning back the explosive Montreal crowd, Seth Rollins retained his title with the Curb Stomp.

Winner: Seth Rollins


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