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WWE Raw Preview: October 21 2019

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The October 21 2019 episode of WWE Raw is taking place later this evening.

The following “quick hits” are advertised to be included in tonight’s show:

1. Seth Rollins Addresses His Actions from Last Week

Last week on Raw, Seth Rollins went “Fiend hunting” in an effort to rid himself of The Fiend’s presence in his life once and for all.

Rollins burst into the Fun House and, of course, instead of finding The Fiend, found Bray Wyatt, who was extremely confused at why Seth Rollins would have a problem with him.

After beating down Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins set fire to the Fun House, literally burning it down.

So tonight, Seth Rollins will address these actions, giving his thoughts not only on this act of destruction but also on his upcoming match against The Fiend on Halloween.

2. The Street Profits Take On The OC

After The OC attacked The Street Profits backstage last week to show Angelo and Montez who the real top tag team of Raw would be going forward, The Street Profits vowed to find a third man so they could get revenge on all three OC members in the ring.

Tonight on Raw, The Street Profits will reveal the identity of this third man and take on The OC in their first-ever match on Raw.

3. Sin Cara Challenges Andrade in In-Ring Return

When Andrade made his main roster debut, he almost instantly entered into a feud with long-time roster member Sin Cara.

Unfortunately, shortly after the rivalry began, Sin Cara was forced to spend a long stretch of time away from the ring due to injury.

Sin Cara has finally recovered and will be wasting no time in picking up where he left off, with a match against Andrade, the now seasoned main roster Superstar.

4. Rey Mysterio Returns to Raw

In the recent WWE Draft, Rey Mysterio was chosen to be a member of the Raw roster and will be making his first appearance on the show since this decision was made.

Rey Mysterio more or less rid himself of the feud with Brock Lesnar when he brought in Cain Velasquez to bring down The Beast on his behalf and is therefore available for some fresh competition, which he will surely discuss tonight.

Check out the top moments from last week’s episode of Raw

How are you feeling about the October 21 2019 episode of WWE Raw? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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