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WWE Raw Preview: August 5 2019

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The August 5 2019 episode of WWE Raw is taking place later this evening.

The following “quick hits” are advertised to be included in tonight’s show:

1. Did Brock Lesnar Succeed in Injuring The Beastslayer?

Last week on Raw, Brock Lesnar did his damnedest to destroy Seth Rollins ahead of their Universal Championship Match at Summerslam. Tonight, we will find out if The Beastslayer is up for the match, as Summerslam is only a few days away.

Unfortunately for Seth Rollins, if he decides to make this announcement in person, he will almost certainly come face to face with The Beast once again, as Brock Lesnar has assured the WWE Universe that he will be lurking in the shadows on Raw just in case he feels the urge to wreck Rollins one more time before Sunday.

2. Who Tried to Topple The Big Dog?

After Rollins was viciously assaulted by Brock Lesnar, his former Shield brother, Roman Reigns, also suffered an attack…or did he?

As Reigns made his way through the backstage area to speak with Kayla Braxton about his plans for Summerslam, a lighting rig was pushed (or fell) on top of him. Now, WWE has claimed that this was a result of a forklift malfunction, but neither the WWE Universe nor Reigns are convinced.

Roman Reigns is unquestionably a top guy in WWE, and with that position comes a massive target on his back at all times, even though he isn’t currently a championship holder. Tonight, we may just discover that someone purposefully knocked the rig over and simply made it look like an accident.

3. Becky Lynch and Natalya: The Next Chapter

The feud between Becky Lynch and Natalya has become steadily more savage as Summerslam has grown closer, Becky Lynch interrupting Natalya’s training session, attacking both The Queen of Harts and her trainer, Fitt Finlay, to which Natalya responded by locking The Man in a sharpshooter last week on Raw.

A submission match at Summerslam seems likely, but an official challenge hasn’t been issued by either woman – yet.

4. The OC Celebrate Their Gold

The OC wasted no time in getting the party started when The Good Brothers defeated The Usos and The Revival last week on Raw. And now that The OC is fully draped in gold, with AJ Styles the United States Champion and Gallows and Anderson as Raw Tag Team Champions, the celebration will surely continue tonight.

However, The OC made no friends on their way to the top, and have an entire list of Superstars anxious to get revenge on the cold-hearted trio, so the chances of their party being derailed are quite high.

5. Maria Kanellis’ Championship Reign Rolls On

Poor Mike Kanellis can’t seem to catch a break. He finally scored a win when he broke out of a 24/7 title dog pile, becoming a champion for the very first time, but it still wasn’t enough for his pregnant wife, Maria.

Moments after becoming 24/7 Champion, Maria forced her husband to relinquish the title to her, making her the first pregnant champion in WWE history. So far, Maria has been extremely confident that no one would dare attack a pregnant woman, but this over-confidence may be her downfall in the end.

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