Opening Segment

Stephanie and Shane McMahon came to the ring and thanked the WWE Universe for their support over the past 25 years.

They brought out Vince McMahon and gave him a plaque to commemorate the success of Raw, which led to Vince getting upset about how cheap the plaque looked.

He said that he didn’t need anything or anyone to be successful, he did it all on his own. Stone Cold Steve Austin then made his way to the ring, which got the loudest ovation of the night.

Vince said he’s too old for Austin to be beating up on now, but Shane was still in his prime, so Austin stunned Shane O’Mac.

After having a beer and a few hugs with Vince, he finally stunned him, as well as Shane O’Mac again.

The segment closed with a massive Austin beer bash, a very cool way to end the kick off of the show.


8-Woman Tag Team Match

Once again, the entire women’s division was shoved into one match. This was very frustrating for many fans, as it happens quite often.

Sasha Banks got the win for her team via the Bank Statement on Alicia Fox.

After the match, Asuka eliminated everyone from the ring Royal Rumble style and stood tall in front of the crowd at the Barclays Center.

Winner: Sasha Banks


Kurt Angle Backstage Segment

Backstage, Kurt Angle was hanging out with The Coach, as well as various legends from WWE’s past, including The Brooklyn Brawler. The Boogeyman joined the fray and made things weird, which got a laugh out of the live audience.


Undertaker In-Ring Segment

A video package highlighting The Undertaker’s career played, which was very well done.

Following that, Howard Finkel announced The Deadman as he made his dramatic entrance to the ring at the Manhattan Center.

He cut a promo about Raw’s historic run, as well his career, and kind of hinted that he may be retired for good going forward.


APA Backstage Segment

The APA were backstage playing poker when the Million Dollar Man laid down a wad of cash and joined the game. He also did his famous laugh, which was fun to see and hear again.


RAW GM’s Segment

WWE introduced various general managers from Raw’s past, including our personal favorites William Regal and Eric Bischoff.

Sadly, there was no mention of the Anonymous Raw General Manager, which felt like a missed opportunity to add some comedy.

Daniel Bryan came out last but was interrupted by The Miz rather quickly, who made his way to the ring for his match with Roman Reigns.


WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Roman Reigns (c) vs. The Miz

This match was fantastic.

The crowd was hot as hell the entire time, and the false finishes toward the end were spectacular.

The Miz got the win via the Skull Crushing Finale, which he hit after Reigns had run into an exposed turnbuckle in the corner that Miz had tampered with earlier in the match.

Winner: The Miz


APA Backstage Segment 2

The second APA backstage segment of the night.

This one featured an MVP cameo, which was advertised, but still cool to see. Speaking of MVP, I would love to see this segment transition into a full-time role for him going forward.


The Peep Show In-Ring Segment

The Peep Show returned, with Christian’s guests being Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins. Jordan had major heat with the BK crowd, it was nice to see him get some sort of a reaction.

The Bar came down to the ring, and things ended in a skirmish. Rollins looked like he wanted to kill Jordan every single time he looked his way, which was great.


Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment

Alexa Bliss and Charlotte had a brief backstage interaction, which included a Ric Flair appearance and a double “woo” from the Flair family.


APA Backstage Segment 3

Another backstage segment featuring the APA and a random assortment of talent from the past and present. They probably should have only done one or two of these…


Bray Wyatt vs. Matt Hardy

The Manhattan Center finally got some in-ring action, even if the match itself was somewhat short.

Wyatt got the win via The Sister Abigail, which was a tad bit surprising. I expected things to end in a DQ, as Wyatt getting the win clean in the middle of the ring on Raw killed some of the steam that had built up around the feud.

Winner: Bray Wyatt


Female Legends Segment

WWE announced various female performers from years past, including The Bella Twins, Tori Wilson, and Trish Stratus.


Elias Backstage/In-Ring Segment

Elias and Jericho had a brief interaction backstage, which was one of the the highlights of the show. Jericho was very over and wearing his new Alpha t-shirt. We were a little surprised to see him in it on WWE TV, but it was really cool all the same.

Elias then made his way to the ring, did his normal song shtick, but was interrupted by John Cena.

Cena started a physical confrontation with Elias, which led to Cena getting laid out with the guitar.



APA Backstage Segment 4

Another backstage APA segment, although this one did include a famous Ron Simmons “damn” moment.


Mark Henry/Godfather Backstage Segment

Mark Henry and The Godfather reunited backstage, where Mark Henry mistook The Godfather’s wife for one of his hoes. Pimpin’ is dead, I suppose.


Titus Worldwide vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno

The match itself was stopped by the referee, who had lost control at some point during a commercial break.

The Dudley Boyz came out and put Heath Slater through a table via The 3D.


AJ Styles Backstage Segment

AJ Styles cuts a promo with “Mean” Gene Okerlundwhich was a nice little treat.


Degenration X In-Ring Segment


All of the members of The Kliq slowly made their entrances, a real treat for fans who have been following the product for the past 25 years.

The crowd was pretty hot for this segment at times, but there was still a lot of negative energy in the air due to the fact that the fans at the Manhattan Center hadn’t had much to cheer about since the Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt matchup earlier in the evening.

The Bálor Club came out after everyone in the ring hit their signature catchphrases for a “too sweet” party, but the party was pooped on by The Revival, who interrupted things to get their match with The Club started early.


The Club vs. The Revival

The Revival was defeated in quick fashion in an uneventful match. The crowd at the Manhattan Center was pretty restless at this point after not getting any action for quite some time, so that didn’t help matters either.

After the match, the members of The Kliq hit their finishing maneuvers on Dash and Dawson.

Winner: The Club 


Closing Segment


The show closed with a showdown in the middle of the ring between Kane, Braun Strowman, and Brock Lesnar. The legends that were on hand surrounded the ring in an attempt to act as some kind of security force, but failed miserably, as the segment ended in a brawl between the three participants in Sunday’s main event.

Strowman put Lesnar through the announce table to end the show.