Top Pop

High-Flying Meets the No Fly Zone


Matches like this one are why it kills me that the guys on 205 Live don’t get the love they so clearly deserve. There is so much talent on the purple squad. Mustafa Ali is a high flyer and Drew Gulak is a mock-politician who carries a sign reading, “No Fly Zone”. Wrestling is weird. But these two took this somewhat cheesy storyline and made it exciting by tearing the house down with their 2-out-of-3 falls match this week. 205 Live is full of flips and dives, which are always fun to watch, but Gulak proves that he doesn’t need to climb the ropes to be entertaining, as his mat-based style is just as impressive. Mustafa Ali eventually took the victory with the 054, settling the dispute between high-flying and technical wrestling.


The Women Win Wednesday


What an awesome match between two of the top ladies of the yellow brand. Ember needed something to build her up on her way to Asuka, and this was a great matchup, making both women look like stars. Ruby Riot has only been in NXT for 4 short months, but her in-ring ability, combined with the upbeat energy she brings to the show, has already made her one of my favorite women on the roster. Ember Moon is going to be the one to take down The Empress of Tomorrow, and I think it’s an excellent decision. She was the first one to come along that seemed to be on Asuka’s skill level, and although I’ll be sad to see the streak end, it’s time for a new champion and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the women’s division.


Lorcan and Burch Bleed for NXT


This match was a testament to how loaded the NXT brand really is. Even guys who don’t get a ton of screen time, like Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, can absolutely tear it up in the ring. In fact, I can’t recall a time where either of these men delivered anything less than an excellent performance on a WWE show. A little bit of color every now and then doesn’t hurt either. They’re fantastic on their own, but these guys work so well together, it could be cool if they joined forces. Petition for baby-face-bald-guy tag team, anyone?


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