The 05/22/19 edition of WWE NXT UK, out of the Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #44 of NXT UK by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Travis Banks vs. Joseph Conners

Fatal 4-Way Qualifier Match

Travis Banks was straight dealing early on in this one. He landed a ton of kicks to the legs and chest of Joseph Conners in the opening moments of the match, which rocked Conners pretty good.

Conners spilled out to the floor to readjust, and Banks went out to join him, which was a bad idea. From there Conners took over and dropped Banks face-first onto the steel steps.

Banks, not to be outdone, nearly kicked Conners face off with a running punt on the apron. Conners came right back with a slingshot bulldog, and then a sunset flip into the corner, but it wasn’t enough to get the win.

Banks’ Slice of Heaven/Kiwi Crusher (back-to-back) was enough to get the win, however, which means he’s moving on to the no. 1 contendership fatal 4-way.

Winner: Travis Banks

Mark Andrews vs. Noam Dar

In case you forgot, these two had a killer match a few weeks ago that ended up having to be stopped due to injury (that’s kind of important to the story of this match, so don’t forget)…

This one started off with a stalemate, which is always fun. Dar eventually landed a beautiful pump kick outta nowhere, which was the first big blow of the match.

After that kick, Dar went for a suplex, but Andrews countered it into a Stundog Millionaire. He followed that up with a diving senton to the floor, which is where things got interesting…

On the dive, it appeared as though Dar re-injured his knee once again. He slid back into the ring and tried to continue, but couldn’t stand, which led to him telling the ref and Andrews that he couldn’t go any longer.

The ref stood up, as did Andrews, and it looked as though this one was over… until Dar stood up too and leveled Andrews from behind. The crowd loved this spot, as did we, and it was pretty much over from there.

Dar needed one more move, his Nova Roller kick, to get the win via pinfall.

Winner: Noam Dar

WALTER (c) vs. Pete Dunne

WWE UK Championship Match

WALTER’s fingers and wrist were tapped up heavily for this match, which was a fun little pro wrestling thing that popped us.

Dunne quickly took WALTER to the ground via a dragon screw leg sweep to get this one started. The two then spilled out onto the floor, which was bad news for Dunne…

On the floor, Dunne ran at WALTER, but was met with a huge chop, the first of many to come. WALTER landed a few more chops before missing one and chopping the ring post instead. Ouch.

Dunne took that opening to go after WALTER’s hand, and pretty much did so for the rest of the match. The two brawled on the floor for a bit, each of them taking turns breaking up the ref’s 10-count.

Back in the ring, WALTER started to really wear down Dunne using his size advantage. Dunne somehow managed to land a forearm, sending WALTER back down to the mat for the second time in the match.

On the top rope, Dunne tried to lock on a triangle, which WALTER easily countered into a powerbomb, or at least he tried to. It seemed as though Dunne knew that would be WALTER’s plan, and set the whole thing up as a trap because he countered the powerbomb into a hurricanrana, which sent both men crashing to the mat HARD.

Dunne somehow managed to get WALTER up for the Bitter End, but for some reason didn’t go for the pinfall. Instead, he decided to go for another triangle attempt, which brought out Fabian Aichner to the ringside area.

Dunne, and the referee, quickly became distracted by Aichner. This left the backdoor open for Marcel Barthel to slide in with the UK Championship and deck Dunne in the face with it.

WALTER, to ensure that it was all over, powerbombed Dunne before getting the pinfall victory. The trio of Aichner, Barthel, and WALTER stood tall over Dunne to close out the show.

Winner: WALTER