The 05/15/19 edition of WWE NXT UK, out of the Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #43 of NXT UK by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Piper Niven vs. Jamie Hayter

For some reason, Jamie Hayter decided that slapping Piper Niven in the face was a good idea. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

Niven responded with a headbutt and running crossbody, which was enough to rock Hayter for good. Niven got the pinfall victory after a corner cannonball and Michinoku Driver.

Winner: Piper Niven

Jordan Devlin vs. Ligero

Fatal-4 Way No. 1 Contendership Match Qualifier

This was without a doubt the best match on the show. These two didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but everything they did do was executed at the highest of levels. And sometimes that’s all it takes.

Ligero got the better of Jordan Devlin early on in the match. He took Devlin out on the floor with a flying crossbody, but on the floor, Devlin gained the advantage by using some questionable tactics.

Devlin went after Ligero’s back early and often. In the ring, he hit his Uranage/standing moonsault combo, but only got a two count out of it. Ligero, not going away easily, fought his way back into the match and landed a pretty sit-out powerbomb, and then a springboard splash, but only got a two count as well.

Ligero went back to the ropes but was tripped by Devlin. Devlin then hit Ligero with the snap Saito Suplex, winning the match and qualifying for the fatal 4-way.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Ilja Dragunov vs. Jack Starz

This was a showcase squash match in favor of Ilja Dragunov, who was making his NXT UK debut here. He won the match with via pinfall following following a nasty-looking Torpedo Moskau.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Xia Brookside vs. Killer Kelly

Killer Kelly and Xia Brookside exchanged in a friendly back-and-forth, mat-heavy wrestling match before Jinny showed up and things ended rather abruptly.

Jinny brought Jazzy Gabert with her, which led to Killer Kelly leaving Brookside in the ring alone to take the beating. Gabert and Jinny, who appear to be a team of sorts now, stood tall to close out the segment.

Winner: Xia Brookside (via disqualification)

Bomber Dave Mastiff vs. Wolfgang

Fatal 4-Way No. 1 Contendership Match Qualifier

This was a short-but-fun hoss fight, a type of match that is far too rare in today’s WWE. Wolfgang was the hometown guy, and much like last week, it was a bit odd hearing a baddie get cheers like this.

The match ended when Wolfgang went for a Swanton Bomb, but missed, and Dave Mastiff followed up quickly with a release German suplex into the corner.

Mastiff then hit a huge corner cannonball splash and got the pinfall victory, advancing to fatal 4-way match no. 1 contendership match.

Gallus, as a unit, attacked Mastiff post-match. The crowd cheered them during the process, bringing back heel Bret Hart in Canada/1997 vibes. Good stuff.

Winner: Dave Mastiff