The 05/01/19 edition of WWE NXT UK, out of the Brooklyn Pier 12 in Brooklyn, New York, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #41 of NXT UK by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Travis Banks vs. Mansoor

This match was a fun sprint that reminded us a lot of the five-minute bangers that happen on NXT every week. Mansoor gave Travis Banks quite a fight, and the two went back-and-forth at 100 miles per hour for a few short, exciting minutes.

On the apron, Banks nearly punted Mansoor’s head off with a running boot to the face. He followed that up with a running dive to the floor, which was one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Banks seriously might have the best dive in WWE, he’s one of the few people who make this move look good.

Soon after, Banks hit the Slice of Heaven and the Kiwi Crusher back-to-back to get the win.

Winner: Travis Banks

Reina Gonzalez vs. Piper Niven

Reina Gonzalez actually controlled a large portion of this match, for whatever reason. This probably should have been more of a squash in favor of Piper Niven, as Niven is being built up as a credible challenger for the title at the moment, but it wasn’t.

That being said, the match was solid, for what it was. Niven eventually got the win via running crossbody/Michinoku Driver sequence, which looked awesome.

Winner: Piper Niven

Jordan Devlin vs. WALTER

Jordan Devlin’s strategy early on was to stick and move, which was smart. Once WALTER got his hands on Devlin, however, it was bad news for The Irish Ace.

WALTER just absorbed all of Devlin’s chops, forcing Devlin to roll out to the ringside area to regroup. Devlin decided his best move was to pick up the pace and run the ropes, but WALTER leapfrogged over him and connected with a brutal big boot.

WALTER worked on Devlin’s arm via various submission holds and wrist locks, absolutely manhandling the smaller Devlin for a good portion of the match.

Devlin started kicking WALTER’s hamstrings, grounding the bigger man for a brief moment. WALTER’s mouth got busted up pretty good at some point, but he still managed to land a leaping leg drop on Devlin, which was more ass-to-face than leg-to-chest.

WALTER eventually connected with a chop so loud that the crowd exploded with excitement. He then dropped Devlin with a big back body drop, and then a German suplex, but it wasn’t enough to end the match.

Outside the ring, WALTER dropped Devlin back-first on the ring apron, which looked brutal. Back in the ring, Devlin countered a powerbomb attempt into a pinning combination, which WALTER kicked out of.

A NASTY backdrop driver from WALTER wasn’t enough to put away Devlin, either. These two really laid in everything and had a fun, hard-hitting match.

Backdrop drivers from Walter and Devlin were not enough to end the match, but a lariat/powerbomb sequence from WALTER was. Again, this match kicked ass and is definitely worth checking out if you missed it.

Post-match, former WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne came to the ring with a microphone in his hand. He said he wanted a rematch for the title, to which WALTER responded with a nod.

In case you missed it, that match has been taped already (spoiler-free link) and will air on NXT UK TV soon.

Winner: WALTER