The 03/06/19 edition of WWE NXT UK, out of the SkyDome Arena in Coventry, England, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #33 of NXT UK by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Joseph Conners vs. Ligero

Ligero was flying high early on but Conners dumped him on his head to the floor and took over from there.

Conners hit a big lariat and got a two count out of it. He followed that up with a springboard DDT and some sort of modified facebuster, both of which earned him two counts.

Conners absolutely dominated, but Ligero pulled a pinning combination from outta nowhere, which won him the match.

Ligero stuck his hand out post-match in a sign of respect and Conners walked away. Perhaps there’s more to come from these two.

Winner: Ligero

European Union vs. Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker

This was very much a showcase match for the European Union. They got absolutely all of the offense and easily defeated Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker in less than five minutes.

Winner: European Union

Charlie Morgan vs. Nina Samuels

Another showcase match. Nina Samuels got the win rather quickly via pinfall following the Hell to the Knee-na.

Winner: Nina Samuels

Travis Banks vs. Jordan Devlin

Fall Count Anywhere Match

These two followed the Attitude Era main event match formula to a tee and it was awesome. Seriously, check out this match if you missed it, as it’s easily one of the better NXT UK matches that we’ve seen so far.

Travis Banks met Jordan Devlin on the ramp and the match started from there. The two then brawled through the crowd with Banks eventually hitting a big dive from the seats to floor onto Devlin, garnering a huge reaction.

Banks and Devlin brawled their way back to the ringside area, where Devlin grabbed a chair from underneath the ring, but Banks ended up hitting him with it, which always seems to happen.

The two finally got in the ring and Banks lit Devlin up with some big kicks, leading to Devlin rolling back out to the floor. Banks then went for a suicide dive but ran right into that steel chair that Devlin had introduced a few moments earlier. Great stuff.

Devlin took over from here. He stomped away at Banks, hit a big backbreaker, a uranage, and a standing moonsault, all of which culminated in a near fall.

The crowd chanted “your head’s too big for you” at Devlin, which popped us pretty hard.

A Spanish Fly attempt on the apron from Devlin was then blocked by Banks, sending Devlin knee-first into that same chair that was at ringside. Ouch.

We then got a ref bump in a no disqualification match, which sent us right back to 1999. Banks hit his Fisherman Buster, but with no ref, couldn’t score the pinfall.

Devlin hit Banks with a big headbutt (pun intended), then a top rope moonsault, but again only got a near fall out of it.

The two eventaully made their way back to the floor, where Banks did some serious damage to Devlin’s legs on the stairs, which was a nice callback.

After a bit of brawling on the apron, Devlin landed a beautiful Spanish Fly on Banks from the ring apron through the table Banks had set up on the floor earlier in the match. Both men were out, but Devlin was lying on top of Banks, allowing him to get the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jordan Devlin