The 06/19/19 edition of WWE NXT UK, from the Download Festival in Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #48 of NXT UK by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Kassius Ohno vs. Kenny Williams

Kassius Ohno versus Kenny Williams kicked off the show.

Ohno worked on Williams right arm for the majority of the match. He used a ton of holds and maneuvers that were invented by famous British wrestlers, which is good stuff and plays right into his current character quite nicely.

The finish of this one was pretty great. Ohno tied Williams up in the ropes, hit the rolling forearm to the back of his head, and then untied him so he could score the pinfall. A nice little twist on Ohno’s normal finish.

Side note: You could kind of hear the music from the festival in the background during this show, it was terrible intrusive, but still kind of weird. That being said, this came across on television MUCH BETTER than the Axxess tapings in the past did. These folks actually knew and cared about these characters, and reacted well to everything.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

Imperium Speaks

Imperium came out to the ring for a promo segment next.

All four members got a chance to speak, basically saying the same things, with everyone mentioning that the ring was “sacred ground” and they were here to protect the “legacy of the sport.”

WALTER was quite upset about his match with Travis Banks for the WWE UK Championship scheduled for next week. Banks came out towards the end of the segment and told WALTER he needed to bring all he had next week because he was going to do the same.

It’s early, but Imperium has the chance to be one of the best things going in all of WWE. They were fantastic together in the past, and the idea of a group of dudes who care a great deal about wrestling and don’t want anyone making a mockery of it is simple to understand and just works.

Gallus vs. The Hunt

This one started off with all four guys brawling in the middle of the ring, which the live crowd loved. Wild Boar eventually got left in the ring for a while, with both Mark Coffey and Wolfgang tagging in and out, taking turns roughing him up.

Primate did get the hot tag eventually, but it was pretty much over quickly after. Coffey took out Wild Boar at ringside, leaving things 2-on-1, in favor of Gallus.

The numbers were just too much, and Gallus got the win over Primate with a modified double powerslam. All three members of Gallus went for the post-match beatdown but were ran off by Dave Mastiff.

Winner: Gallus

NXT UK Women’s Championship No. 1 Contendership Battle Royal

The main event of the evening was a 12-woman battle royal, with the winner earning the right to face NXT UK Women’s Champion Tony Storm for the title at a later date.

The 12 competitors were:

  • Xia Brookside
  • Isla Dawn
  • Candy Floss
  • Jazzy Gabert
  • Jinny
  • Kanji
  • Killer Kelly
  • Piper Niven
  • Kay Lee Ray
  • Rhea Ripley
  • Rhio
  • Nina Samuels

The final four participants were Xia Brookside, Kay Lee Ray, Piper Niven, and Rhea Ripley. Niven and Ripley went at it in the final moments, with things spilling out to the apron.

This gave Brookside an opening to eliminate both, and she did. Speaking of Brookside, she was the star of the show. On top of Niven and Ripley, she eliminated Jazzy Gabert, too.

Brookside actually thought she won the bout after eliminating Niven and Ripley, but Ray snuck in at the end and tossed her out from behind.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray