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WWE NXT UK Results: February 6 2019

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The 02/06/19 edition of NXT UK, out of the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, just wrapped up. We’ve got the NXT UK results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #28 of NXT UK by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Mark Andrews vs. Ligero

Andrews and Ligero slowly built up momentum, each trying to take the other down quickly, leading to numerous near falls from both competitors.

Highly familiar with one another, the men struggled for supremacy, neither able to hold the upper hand for long, as they were easily able to counter or evade each other’s attacks.

After a fun back and forth, Andrews successfully landed an inverted hurricanrana, but it only gained him a two count. Desperate for a victory, Andrews launched himself from the top rope but landed on Ligero’s knees. Ligero then hit a C4L, finally keeping his opponent down for a full count of three.

Winner: Ligero

Does The Bruiserweight Fear WALTER?

In a backstage interview with Pete Dunne, we learned that, although WALTER is certainly a formidable competitor, The Bruiserweight is far from afraid of a challenge. When he and WALTER do meet in the ring, The Austrian Anomaly will learn exactly why Dunne is one of the longest reigning champions in history.

Candy Floss vs. Xia Brookside

In the early moments of the match, Candy Floss held Brookside in a lengthy full nelson, then continued to work Xia’s arms long after it was released. Brookside attempted to frustrate her opponent with a wrist lock, refusing to let go, no matter how much Candy fought against her.

Even with her “injured” arm, Xia was able to shift the momentum in her favor and took the win with a bulldog followed by a Brooksey Bomb.

The two women embraced after the match, but the touching moment was broken up by Rhea Ripley, who bulldozed her way through both competitors. With Candy Floss incapacitated at ringside, Ripley had moved on to ragdolling Xia Brookside when Toni Storm ran down to save her.

Unfortunately for Storm, Rhea laid her out as well, then triumphantly stood over the champ in celebration of her savage actions.

Winner: Xia Brookside

“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman vs. Joseph Conners

In a brutal matchup, Hitchman clearly planned to decimate Joseph Conners, and dished out a fair amount of punishment throughout the first half of the match.

After taking control, Conners showed Hitchman what true beat down looks like, barreling toward victory with a powerbomb off the top rope, then sealing the deal with his Don’t Look Down STO.

Winner: Joseph Conners

Ashton Smith vs. Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey, determined to prove Gallus’ dominance over NXT UK, was ruthless in his quest to defeat Ashton Smith.

Giving Smith no opportunity for offense, Coffey added insanity to injury by periodically screaming that NXT UK was “still his” while picking Smith apart.

Smith got a brief flurry of offense, taking his moment while Coffey distracted himself with one of his rants, but Coffey came back with a Best for the Bells Lariat, winning the match.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Mark Coffey vs. WALTER

Attempting to follow in his brother’s footsteps, Mark Coffey did not hesitate to go after WALTER, despite The Austrian Anomaly’s commanding presence.

Mark Coffey did his worst to WALTER, but when it was over, WALTER appeared totally unfazed. An astonished Coffey tried to continue the assault, but WALTER was clearly done allowing his opponent to feel tough.

For the rest of the match, WALTER decimated Coffey. Coffey fought back with everything in his arsenal, but in the end, WALTER overpowered him, taking the victory with a vicious powerbomb.

Winner: WALTER

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