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WWE NXT Results: October 9 2019

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The October 9 2019 edition of WWE NXT, out of the Full Sail Arena in Winter Park, Florida, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #528 of WWE NXT by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Drew Gulak (c) vs. Lio Rush

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

Looking to get the early advantage, Lio Rush hot started the match, launching himself at Drew Gulak the second the bell rang. Lio Rush held control of the action momentarily, even gaining a near fall, but was ultimately overpowered by the champ.

After Drew Gulak grounded Rush, he began wearing Rush down with a combination of submissions and strikes. Slowly but surely, Rush began to fight Gulak off, but his efforts were for not, as he was soon floored again by Gulak, who gained a near fall.

Gulak and Rush climbed the ropes, and though Rush thought he had fought Gulak off, Gulak had thrown him from the ropes onto a pile of chairs – and officials before he had a chance to capitalize.

Back in the ring, Lio went right back on the offensive, trading strikes with Gulak until he had the champ worn down enough that he was able to send him into the corner and follow with a brutal shoulder. Lio Rush caught Gulak with a disgusting DDT, but couldn’t keep the champ down.

Drew Gulak trapped Rush in the Gu-Lock, and when Rush escaped the submission, locked Gulak in his own maneuver. Gulak broke free, hitting Rush with his Cyclone Crash and would have won the match here if Rush hadn’t gotten his foot on the rope at the last second.

Miraculously, Lio Rush was able to scrape together enough energy to hit Gulak with a Stunner followed immediately by his Final Hour frog splash to became the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

General Manager William Regal appeared to crown the new champ, but Drew Gulak broke up the ceremony, ripping the title away from Rush. Gulak stared Rush down but handed the title over in the end, silently congratulating Rush for his hard-fought victory.

Winner: Lio Rush

Rhea Ripley vs. Aliyah

Rhea Ripley absolutely wrecked Aliyah, who never got so much as a sliver of offense. Ripley rag-dolled Aliyah around the ring for a minute or two, essentially just prolonging the finish for fun, until she smashed Aliyah to the mat with a spinning reverse cloverleaf slam, winning the match.

The final bell had barely rung and Rhea Ripley had a microphone in hand, announcing that she was coming for Shayna Baszler and the NXT Women’s Championship.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Breezango vs. The Forgotten Sons

This match was supposed to be Breezango vs. Ever-Rise, but Jaxson Ryker and The Forgotten Sons had other plans. Jaxson Ryker appeared on the stage while Ever-Rise’s music played, carrying both members’ limp bodies and laying them on the ground to demonstrate to Breeze and Fandango what awaited them once the bell rang.

And they made good on this promise, double-teaming Tyler Breeze shortly after the start of the match. Breeze finally broke free and tagged in Fandango, who had slightly better luck.

Fandango took control over Wesley Blake with a falcon arrow, giving Breeze the ring once Blake was laid out, Blake attempted a comeback by launching Breeze into the ring post, but Breezango quickly regrouped, slamming Blake with a Photo Bomb.

Jaxson Ryker brought Breezango’s momentum to a screeching halt, however, throwing Breeze into the steel steps, allowing his fellow Forgotten Sons to hit Fandango with the Lost and Damned finisher, winning the match.

Winner: The Forgotten Sons

BOA vs. Cameron Grimes

The moment the match began, Killian Dain came charging down the ramp, causing a distraction and allowing Cameron Grimes to take the win after mere seconds with a double stomp.

To make matters worse for BOA, Cameron Grimes slid out of the way before Dain made it to them, but BOA was not as lucky, as Dain hurled him into the announce table after slamming him in the ring.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Damian Priest Has a Message for Pete Dunne

Equipped with what is probably the perfect voice for promos, Damian Priest explained his attack on Pete Dunne last week on NXT.

He said that he wants the name Damian Priest to live forever, and he will go through whoever he needs to in order to make that happen. And really, what better way to make a name for yourself than defeating the record-breaking former NXT UK Champion?

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Roderick Strong vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Rather than going straight for strikes, Strong and Scott started the match with a test of strength, each doing their best to ground the other. Roderick Strong came out on top of this interaction, but got a little too cocky, mocking Scott rather than capitalizing on the momentum and earned a dropkick to the face.

From here, Scott kept a firm grasp on the upper hand, wearing Strong down with a modified shooting star press, following it up with another dropkick. Roderick Strong evened the odds with his signature vicious strikes and finally dropped Scott with a backbreaker.

Every time Scott attempted to rebuild momentum, Roderick Strong viciously knocked him down again. Strong did his best to cave Scott’s chest with a knee strike, which gained him a few more moments of control, but when Scott came back with a series of strikes of his own, topping it off with an elbow drop, a superkick, and a DDT from the top rope, it looked like he might defeat the champ.

Strong kicked out of the pin, but the rest of the Undisputed Era could see that Strong was losing his grip on the match, and inched their way toward the ring from the stage. Swerve threw a flatliner as UE loomed closer, keeping an eye on the threat but never relenting on his opponent.

Swerve connected with a double stomp, but instead of attempting a pin, allowed himself to take his eyes off the ball for a split second to look at the other UE members and it cost him.

Roderick Strong slammed Swerve with an End of Heartache and locked in a Strong Hold, taking the victory over one of his toughest competitors yet.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Did Somebody Say ‘Dream’?

Taking the opportunity to brag about himself and his teammates, Adam Cole grabbed a mic, probably ill-advisedly running down Finn Bálor and Tommaso Ciampa, but once Velveteen Dream’s name came out of his mouth, he found he had gone too far.

Hearing his name from the Undisputed Era, Velveteen Dream appeared on the screen, snapping his fingers, causing the arena to go black, and when the lights came back on, The Dream was high above the crowd. Velveteen challenged Roderick Strong to a match in two weeks’ time, claiming that Roderick Strong just didn’t measure up.

Daddy’s Home

With Undisputed Era still in the ring infuriated by Velveteen’s words, Tommaso Ciampa’s music hit. Adam Cole and his cohorts made a run for it, but Ciampa merely walked to the ring, seated himself in a steel chair, and spoke three words – Goldie, Daddy’s home.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley was hoping for an interview with Tommaso Ciampa regarding his return and the message he sent to Adam Cole, but she was stopped by Angel Garza wanting a piece of the spotlight.

Garza then made an even larger mistake. When he was overlooked by Kelley, he followed her down the hallway, addressing Ciampa himself – who promptly destroyed him with a punch to the face before admitting that he had no idea what Garza actually said.

Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai

Bianca Belair wasted no time showing off her impressive power, dropping Dakota Kai before attempting her squat taunt with Kai on her shoulders. Kai was having none of it, however, and broke free, throwing strikes in an effort to show Belair that she couldn’t be so easily overpowered, but before she could really drive the message home, Belair was in control once again.

Dakota Kai gained a near fall via roll-up, which only angered Belair further, and her offense became even more aggressive.

Back from commercial, Kai connected with a kick to Belair’s face, throwing a few more before Belair had a chance to regain her footing. After her series of kicks, Kai added an exclamation point with a running kick in the corner.

Bianca Belair was using all of her strength to simply survive at this point, Dakota Kai gaining multiple near falls. Belair hit a standing shooting star press, but even this wasn’t enough to put Kai away.

Bianca set up for a powerbomb, which Kai countered with a roll-up, throwing kick after kick when The EST broke free. Gathering every ounce of energy she had left, Bianca Belair dropped Dakota Kai with her K.O.D., keeping Kai down for good.

To celebrate her victory, Bianca Belair demanded a match with Shayna Baszler, claiming that she had a much better claim to a shot at the champ than Rhea Ripley.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Pete Dunne Responds to The Archer of Infamy

Pete Dunne responded to Damian Priest’s earlier threat in a video package of his own. Dunne listed his accolades and why he was the wrong person to pick if Priest wanted to win. Especially because he won’t be able to fire an arrow with broken fingers.

Kushida vs. WALTER

As expected, WALTER calmly, casually overpowered Kushida right from the start, gracefully tossing him around the ring before patting him on the head. This disrespect was more than Kushida was willing to put up with, and after flattening WALTER, Kushida returned the favor.

Back from commercial, Kushida continued to gain momentum, but fumbled a top rope attack, allowing WALTER to level him with a massive kick to the chest. Kushida came back with a string of forearms, but WALTER struck him down with a chop.

WALTER lifted Kushida for a powerbomb, but as Kushida was in the air, he transitioned it into a DDT, grounding WALTER. With a tomahawk chop and a dropkick, Kushida appeared to be successfully wearing WALTER down, but a sunset powerbomb attempt from the apron failed, giving WALTER the opportunity to stomp on Kushida’s face.

The two traded strikes on the apron until Kushida used WALTER’s own momentum against him, sending him flying into the ring post. This dazed WALTER enough for Kushida to connect with a DDT off the apron.

The match nearly ended in double countout, but both competitors sprung back in at the last second. Kushida struggled to lock in his Hoverboard Lock but WALTER overpowered him, trapping him in a sleeper hold.

Kushida escaped the first and the second, coming back with another submission and rolling WALTER up when he attempted to break free. WALTER threw everything he had at Kushida, but no matter what he did, Kushida persevered.

After launching WALTER from the top rope, Kushida again attempted a Hoverboard Lock, and it looked like WALTER might tap, but he managed to get a foot on the rope, breaking the hold.

Kushida fired off kicks to a rattled WALTER’s face, but with a shotgun dropkick, WALTER demolished Kushida, following it with a powerbomb, and still Kushida kicked out. Kushida fought tooth and nail to stay in the match, but a Burning Lariat from WALTER after everything else he had been through was simply too much, and Kushida suffered his first loss since debuting in NXT.

Winner: WALTER

NXT Results (October 9 2019)

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